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by Scott Fitch on Fisher Wallace
3 year update

As a six year old, I had a head injury from a bicycle accident. I suffered from Depression and anxiety all my life. However by Forty, I was out of hope and constantly in and out of hospitals. My life was not pleasant and I was always losing jobs. Then I started reading about ECT and how it was the only thing that help people who had head injuries as a child. It also mentioned that as people get around 40, the brain produces less chemicals needed to fight depression. The ECT reboots the brain. This fit my situation perfectly. I felt a lot better with TMS, but I could not afford continuous treatment at that price. I searched for similar technologies and found Fisher Wallace. My Doctor agreed to try it since I showed her the article on brain injury. Ten days after using it twice a day, my depression lifted and Day 11, all of the projects I had left half done, were completed. I have been able to maintain a good life for 3 years now. My family and friends, also said I appeared smarter. Maybe not, but with the depression and anxiety gone, I do think much clearer, and can get projects done. I have been able to do very well at work as well. This device saved my life and as simple as it is, it works.My brain was damaged so the path ways that deliver brain chemicals to different parts of the brain, are restricted. I believe it works because it opens up those pathways and helps deliver those brain chemicals. Makes perfect sense, that it works for me after a childhood brain injury.Thank YouScott

by Timothy G. Cook, MD on Fisher Wallace
Fisher-Wallace Review

I am both a practitioner with 27 years experience and also an army veteran with PTSD, chronic pain syndrome, mild depression and insomnia issues since my most recent deployment ended a year and a half ago. The first night I used the product I was at home still in my work clothes at 9:45 at night. I decided I would use the device for the 20 minutes, take it off, try to do some reading and then try to sleep. The next thing I knew, it was 515 in the morning, light was streaming through my bedroom window, and I was still on my back, still in my work clothes, still with the device on my head. That is how hard I slept, catching up on much-needed sleep. My sleep has been equally profound ever since. Added benefits of listening PTSD and depression symptoms have gradually started to improve as well. So then I started referring patients to the products, and of the five patients who have tried the product, all of them have benefited.

Great Intervention

This product has been excellent for the patients I see in practice, many of whom go on to buy units themselves. I also use it as well - it helps manage anxiety and find it good for sleep maintenance (I have no problems with sleep initiation). It is also great in that it is SAFE. I have had no adverse effects or bad reactions at all, both for me and for patients. Some have better results than others, but it is clearly something to seriously consider when contemplating treatment options.

by Christopher Burke on Fisher Wallace
Solid and no side Effects

I have use this unit myself, and also for patients. I have not had any patients have adverse effects, and some have reported positive results. Some of that may be due to the Hawthorne effect, but nonetheless, it has been effective in helping people deal with low mood and chronic pain issues. I have found it helpful, when used regularly, in dealing with sleep maintenance, although I do not find it particularly helpful with sleep initiation. I also find energy and mood improved when I use it regularly. Also, and importantly, there are no side effects from this treatment.

by Caroline K on Fisher Wallace

I have spent years dealing with depression and anxiety. The fisher wallace stimulator was recommended to me by a friend and I was skeptical at first. I have to say that my experience has been amazing since first trying. I am feeling more and more like myself with less intrusive thoughts. It is nice to block out the 20 minutes 2x a day to relax with the stimulator on as well. Thank you!!

Most effective treatment I have seen to date

I love the Fisher Wallace stimulator. I recommend it to my clients who have suffered severe to moderate depression and/anxiety and it is wonderfully effective. Thank you!

by Carl Peters on Fisher Wallace
Great product!!

I have been using the fisher wallace product for about a month now. I use it on level 4 for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes before bed. I feel it is helping lift my major depression and will continue to use this product as a part of my treatment plan. Thank you fisher wallace for a great product, I wish I found it years ago.

We purchased the Fisher Wallace stimulator for an adult family member who has struggled with depression for most of his life. After the initial two weeks of treatment, he felt that the device kept him from slipping into a depression. He has cut back to using it twice a week and has been feeling well for three months now. We are definitely keeping it!

by anonymous on Fisher Wallace
Helped me with Depression and Hypochondriasis

I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and co-morbid hypochondriasis. It is of the relapsing remitting type and I have taken remeron in the past for the same. This time around, I tried FW and I could notice the difference in a matter of three weeks! I used the device 2 times daily. Initially, I would feel dizzy and lightheaded after using the device. Infact, on the third day, I felt woozy headed throughout the day. I was in two minds but I decided to continue as I spoke to John from the service team who advised me to give it atleast two weeks. I started noticing a marked difference from the third week (on level 2 setting). Its been three months and I have achieved remission! I still use it once or twice a day but not as regularly as before.Pros:1) It works!! I didnt think it would work for me because just like many other patients, I felt that my problem is unique. It has reduced my health anxieties, and depression!2) Great service: Unfortunately my first device stopped working, but the service team sent me a new device within 4 days.3) Very easy to use!Cons:1) A little messy: There's water streaming down your face while you are using this device and it can be quite irritating ( especially if you are working on your desk etc..with important papers lying around)2) You need to keep replacing the sponge.3) It's not cheap

by Angela Mailander on Fisher Wallace
On a roll again

I can’t quite say the Fisher Wallace stimulator saved my life, but who’d call it living when age-related bothers make it harder enjoy it. The Fisher Wallace stimulator has made sleep easier and better, and that has made all the difference. The instructions said I’d have to give it thirty days, but for me, it worked very noticeably the first week. And there was an unexpected effect as well. I’m a writer, but had not been doing much lately due to fatigue. I’m on a roll again.

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