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by Patty on Fisher Wallace
Great help

I had awful problems with insomnia for years and when I started using the cranial stimulator, I began seeing improvement within the week - I have been using it now for over a year and am greatly pleased.

by Pat on Fisher Wallace
Great results!

I bought this product a few years ago for someone else but ended up using it myself for sleep issues. I was able to fall asleep easily but could not sleep through the night. I was often awake several times throughout the night or wide awake at 3:00 a.m. unable to go back to sleep. I began using the Fisher Wallace device consistently for 20 minutes a night before bed and now I often sleep through the whole night. If I do wake up it is only for a few minutes and I usually am able to go back to sleep quickly. I recently recommended it to a friend for mental health and sleep and her neurologist agreed that she should give it a try. Great product! Great results and no side effects!

by Sarah Nedeau on Fisher Wallace

I'm going to try to make a very long story short. Suffered a bad stroke at work and was fired from my job while still undergoing brain surgery in the ICU. My 35+ year as a paralegal ended. Deep depression, memory loss, inability to focus, no concentration, PBA, financial destruction, etc., etc. I wanted to drive off a cliff. This device is nothing short of miraculous. Now all I want to do is stand on the cliff and shout out to the world what this FW cranial stimulator has done for me. I am no longer merely existing, I am living!!!!!!! Please, for those who are sad and hopeless for whatever reason, get a FW device!

by Michele on Fisher Wallace
Answer to my prayers

I was hit head-on  2010. It ended my career at age 47. I suffered from neck and back injuries that have only gotten worse. Along with the loss of my job and fighting in court for a settlement that wasn’t enough to cover my income through retirement age let alone cover any of my medical bills… I went into depression, I suffer from social anxiety now and insomnia has become one of my latest symptoms I’ve had surgeries, nerve blocks I’ve been on every kind of neuropathy medication and opioids, the list goes on and on this wonderful device is allowing me to go back to only using holistic supplements for the generalized aches and pains of fibromyalgia. My migraine medication by law, I can only get nine pills per month and I have six migraines a month, some lasting for days. this truly has been an answer to my prayers !! The changes maybe so subtle that you don’t even realize it… After using it for a month I would suggest going a few days without and you will be able to feel the difference!

by Pamela Quina on Fisher Wallace
Very pleased

I have the FWS and I use it for major depressive disorder. I’ve had it for almost 2 years. I also take medications for depression. I believe my depression started when my mother died and I was 21 years old. I also lost a brother age 19 and a brother age 41. Then my husband died unexpectedly and suddenly at age 54. All too young to be dying. It takes a toll on your mind and body. When I got the FWSI used it for 20 minutes twice a day as indicated. It took about 2 weeks before I noticed a significant difference. I felt happy and more entergetic. If you aren’t sure if it is working for you after 2-3 weeks you can stop using it and see how you feel without it. That will give you an indication if it is working for you. If it doesn’t help you you can return it at 30 days and get your money back. All the dealings I have had with the company have been positive and helpful. Good luck and I hope it makes a difference in your life. You need to get a prescription from your doctor for it. Your insurance may reimburse you or you can file it on your income long form for medical.

Works for more than just depression

I have schizoaffective disorder; I suffer from depression and auditory hallucinations. I obtained the Fisher Wallace Stimulator primarily as a way to treat my depression. I have found it helpful not only for my depression, but also for my auditory hallucinations. I have been applying the stimulator 2-3 times daily for the past 2 weeks and have experienced an improvement in my affect and a reduction in the frequency and intensity of my auditory hallucinations.Thus, I now have three useful approaches for my auditory hallucinations: Anti-psychotic medications, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, and the Fisher-Wallace Stimulator. I find this very encouraging to have an extra tool for the management of my illness.Thank you

by Cindy on Fisher Wallace
This works people!

I admit that I looked at this device for over a year before I decided to commit to a purchase. For me it wasn’t in my budget but I decided I couldn’t stand this depression for one more year of my life. Depression has consumed me since the age of 14. Winters are the hardest for me. I have been using this device faithfully -2xs a day for about 6 weeks. I cannot believe how much better I’m feeling. People that know me well have commented on it as well. I’m now down to using it once a day and will most likely try less and see how I do. It may not work for everyone but it sure is working for me! I’m super happy I made the decision to try this. I’m so glad I decided that I was worth it. I deserve freedom from depressionand fisher Wallace has given me just that! Thank you!!❤ Ps- also I suffer with bad anxiety and driving was always an issue. I’ve been driving 3 hours back and forth to visit my daughter and I’m not stressed. Yay

A great help
Video Review: none

I want to go on record to say how much the Fisher Wallace Stimulater has helped me with my mild-to-moderate depression. It has made me feel more positive and more mentally alert. The bonus of using it daily is it also has helped me sleep better. I have fewer wake-ups etc. as well. I would recommend this device to anyone that has not yet heard of this type of therapy.

by Melissa W on Fisher Wallace
It works

I ordered this with skepticism because i am one of those people where nothing works for me. I have suffered with dysthymia most of my life with a couple of major depressive episodes along with a life full of pit in your stomach anxiety on a daily basis. I tried several meds but none worked. My children have suffered with depression as well and i first used the FWS when my child was suffering with suicidal thoughts and i was strugglumg to cope with severe anxiety. I used it faithfully for 4 to 5 weeks twice a day, eventually on the highest setting and determined that it did not work for me. However i noticed in the weeks following that in actuality i was coping better. Suddenly i could not remember the last time i had the pit in the stomach anxiety nor the last time i would describe myself as depressed. A year later i would say i am 95 percent cured of my anxiety and depression. I wouldnt go as far as saying i am super happy or anything but i am functioning well and would no longer label myself as depressed. I have not felt the need to use the device again. I would say for me it was a gradual realization and not something immediate for me but it definitely worked.

by Sirous M Jafari on Fisher Wallace
Getting Treatment with no Medication, Works!

My daughter has used your device for a while and I am seeing a major difference She has tried few medication, with major side effects. She got to the point that she refused to go on meds. She was diagnosed with bipolar just this year. She is able to focus better. The results are Great. Thank you Fisher Wallace!

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