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by Leslye on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace device for insomnia

I have had difficulty sleeping forever but this difficulty developed into insomnia over the past three years. Medications worked, but left me feeling lethargic and drowsy the following day. I have been using the FW device for three months and it has enabled me to develop healthy sleep patterns, to get more sleep, and to be able to return to sleep if I have woken up at night. I am currently under tremendous pressure( an international move) and managing the stress well thanks to the sleep the device has enabled me to get. I highly recommend the device. Use it regularly and follow the directions.

by Leslee Stephenson on Fisher Wallace
Just keeps getting better

I have been using the unit since the 20th of October, 2016 - Sleep has always been an effort, I am now naturally tired by 9 pm and asleep within 10 minutes of lying down. I sleep 7 to 8 hours and awaken feeling truly refreshed. I stress enough the gift this device has given my life. My years long battle with depression is gone. I sleep like a baby. Please do your self a favor and try this unit, I promise you, you will be amazed.


I have been suffering with insomnia for my whole life and have tried ambien, lunesta, melatonin and all the otc sleep aids and nothing helped. After using the Fisher wallace for 20 minutes twice daily I have finally been able to sleep again this product truly is a Miracle and I highly would recommend it to anyone with sleep issues of any kind. You dont realize how important sleep is! It affects every aspect of your life so dont put it off any longer drop the dangerous medications and buy the fisher wallace! I know it seems expensive at first but after you use it for a few months it pays for itself for sure.

by Richard Dewayne Howard on Fisher Wallace
This is a God sent machine

I am a 52 year young bipolar man that believes in God and medication that suffered from bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. This machine has allowed me to feel non suicidal. I am down to 2 lorazapam a day and one antidepressant pritiq a day. I paid full price for my machine but this machine has been worth giving up anything financially to feel this much better. God blessings and love to the creator of this machine and for you all allowing it to be at a reasonable price even tho I had to charge mine it is worth any amount to feel like a human again. To be able to get up and get dressed. To be able to go to stores. To not cry all the time. This is a miracle machine. Love Richard

by Chiquita Bishop on Fisher Wallace
Such relief

I have suffered from depression for all of my adult life so when I saw an advertisement for this, I thought, what can it hurt? I really saw improvement going in to my second week. I caught myself dancing to some music I was hearing on the television!! My anti depressants did not seem to be working as they once did but I can tell a difference. It is a godsend.

by Dan on Fisher Wallace
Truly amazing
Video Review: Very informative

This has been an extraordinary journey. Through the use of homeopathic then medical doctors and RX nothing really helped in fact The RX journey was extensive and a terrible experience. I was very sceptical upon deciding to try this approach, however I experienced positive results in less than a week and continue as of now approximately three months in, I have an amazing positive result from depression. Unfortunately it has been in my family and this remarkable unit, that is not only FDA cleared but used by medical doctors and endorsed by hundreds of wwll known psychiatrists. I hope if you try this you fall into the 70% of people who have had recovered from this terrible affliction

by Tom Lawson on Fisher Wallace
Absolutely Worth It

In the spring of 2014, after a good deal of research, I decided to spend the money to purchase the Fisher-Wallace CES. To say I was skeptical is an understatement. I am an academic (history professor) and claims of amazing cures coming from running electricity through some part of your body seemed crazy, at best. Maybe even dangerous. But, the research confronted me with undeniable scientifically sound evidence that the Fisher-Wallace device was not only entirely safe, but that it really did exactly what it was promoted to do. After years (actually, decades) on medications ranging from Zoloft to Wellbutrin for periods of debilitating depression, I discovered something about as close to a miracle-cure as I ever expected to find. Keep in mind, though, the effects are subtle. And, it also doesn't have even a hint of the feeling you might have after taking a medication. For those reasons, the initial feeling is, "I don't think it's doing anything. But, hey, I did have a pretty good day. Probably just a coincidence." The "side effects" (read them) are so few and the risk is so minimal (try reading the potential risks on any of the medications you're taking if you want to see a real contrast), that I'd encourage anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even bi-polar issues to give this a try. The truth is that, ironically, it employs your brain's own natural actions and reactions. In that sense, it is less intrusive than taking medications to try and alter the brain's chemistry or actions. This spring will mark three years and I have recommended the Fisher-Wallace CES device to many I know who suffer from depression. I make it a habit not to endorse products - even if I use them. This is the exception because this product is life changing - maybe I'd call it life liberating.

by Jim Stahlman on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

Over eight years and a half dozen antidepressants later I tried this device and I feel 100% normal. I'm on my fifth week with this device and it has been an absolute Godsend! Read thru all the reviews and you will get more tips on using this device. Best tip from me, if you're sensitive to medications stick with two lights. If you use four lights it can make you feel jittery/anxious. I'm on two and I feel great! If you're desperate this is the best move you'll make!

by Donna Anderson on Fisher Wallace
Great for depression. Hard to use for pain in my situation.

I purchased this product primarily for severe neuropathic pain in my fingers, hands and arms and also for depression. YOU MUST TRY THIS FOR DEPRESSION!! I have suffered with depression for my entire adult life. I have never tried any other drug, therapy, treatment, device, procedure that has produced an effect like this! I saw results after 1-2 treatments. I use it periodically for varying lengths of time. IT ALWAYS WORKS. It is DEFINITELY worth a try - you have nothing to lose! Regarding pain, for me, it has been a different story. It turns out it is very difficult to attach the electrodes to my fingers. I have been unable to use the stimulator effectively. Although disappointed regarding pain results, I feel I have been rewarded with the effect the stimulator had on my depression. Thank you so much. Don't hesitate to try - do it!

by Amy on Fisher Wallace

The stimulator has helped a fair amount. I also like that I can attach it to my knees for pain. It's very easy to travel with as it can be put through the x-Ray.

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