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by Rachel on Fisher Wallace
Getting a good nights sleep

I bought the FW stimulator over a year ago and didn't have enough time to do two sessions per day. Now this summer I have been using it going on 3 weeks and have actually begun to feel sleepy again on my own without the aid of sleeping pills. Looking forward to being without meds with the use of this device.

by Lisa Roderick on Fisher Wallace
Our Miracle

I can't say enough about this wonderful device. I use it for insomnia. My son uses it for depression/anxiety. He was unable to work due to his bipolar and social anxiety. He is now once again able to work full time and is med free! He even received a promotion. But best of all, he is happy again, and I am sleeping.

by LaDonna Hohlstein on Fisher Wallace

I have been using the FWS for about ten months. I have mood disorder, anxiety/insomnia. It has helped my mood disorder/ anxiety considerably. I have been able to lower my medication more than half. I struggle a lot with insomnia, however have not used stimulator as directed. I will try to use the stimulator 20min twice a day to see if I can make some progress. I would definitely recommend the FWS to those who want to lessen using medications.

by Elizabeth Miller on Fisher Wallace
Depression and Anxiety

I had been on medication for over 15 years. I could not function without it. I then had TMS which helped me get off medication but I found after my treatments were over my depression and anxiety was returning. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for more TMS treatments my doctor suggested this device that I could use in my home when I needed it. I LOVE IT!!! It feels so good to not take medication and still be able to function. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

by Barbara Engelhardt on Fisher Wallace
thanks for a good night of sleep

I am 75 years old, and in very good health. I began a few months ago sleeping only 2 to 4 hours a night. I was dragging through the day, and realized this lack of sleep was beginning to affect my over all health. Tried all the natural remedies, no result. Resorted to prescription remedies, no help. I had read about the Fisher Wallace, and began using it. Within a week I began to notice a difference. Now I am sleeping 6 to 7 hours a night, and feeling great! Thanks Fisher Wallace.

by Anonymous on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about a month and a half now, twice daily. It is extremely user friendly and easy to operate. The staff is also great- readily available and quickly answers any questions you may have. I am starting to feel the insomnia improving, as well as mood. It is hard to tell if it is the Fisher Wallace Stimulator or medication I am on, but I am going to keep at it because it is so easy to use and preferable to medication! I especially like that it can be clipped to your clothes, allowing you to move about.

by Dee Heglie on Fisher Wallace

This treatment has saved my sanity. In addition, my teen uses it for her anxiety with good results and no need for medication. Well done!

by Neal Ann Werner on Fisher Wallace
It's a Miracle Device!

This device has so made me feel amazing! Filled with anxiety and experiencing depression for so long I now am anxiety and depression-free. It's a miracle! I have my life back. I am spreading the word!

by George Scripture on Fisher Wallace
Therapeutic Tool

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I have a wife that suffers from depression. When she consistently uses the Fisher Wallace device, she notices that she feels better. The key is to be consistent. I have also recommended the device to my clients that are experiencing depression and do not want to take medication. I have also used it on a pain in my back. It also worked to lessen the my back pain.

by Judith Shuman on Fisher Wallace
The Dark Cloud is Gone!

The dark cloud of panic, anxiety, depression and insomnia is gone from my life!For the past 17 years I have attempted to find a way to manage my neuro-chemical imbalance with medication, therapy, supplements, meditation, prayer, tapping and exercise just to name a few. Nothing provided the relief, peace and balance I desperately needed. Anxiety, worry and restlessness made it almost impossible for me concentrate or to sit for more than 30 min. I constantly had the feeling that I needed to get up, walk around and move just to keep breathing.Then I saw the ad for the Fisher Wallace Stimulator in the corner of a webpage. I must admit I was skeptical when I placed my order but with the money back guarantee, what did I have to lose?I am thrilled with my response to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. The anxiety, worry and panic that kept me on edge are 95% improved. Even when I get an anxious feeling I am able to take charge of my thoughts and turn away from the fear that would normally grip me. I feel better about myself and it's much easier see the glass half full. I've been using the device twice daily for 3 months. The changes were subtle with exception of improving my sleep. After using the device for 2 days my sleep improved dramatically.I am doing so well that I am slowly tapering off my antidepressant / anxiety medication with no problems. In the past, trying to come off my meds would elicit "are you off your meds" remarks from my staff!I highly recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to anyone seeking a proven method for successfully treating anxiety, panic and depression. I am grateful to have my life back again!Sincerely,Judith Shuman, RNPS- When my device arrived at my office my staff got quite a laugh at the "stimulator" I had ordered. When they saw the electrodes and sponges that needed to be wet, they reminded me of the movie "The Green Mile" and what happened to "Eduard Delacroix" when the sponge was not wet!! We now call my Fisher Wallace stimulator my "green mile" machine!

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