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by Sarah Mcleod on Fisher Wallace
Helped my 23 yr. old son

We were at our wits end when we found the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.Our son had been suffering from depression and anxiety for about 9 months. After the first week of use he started to feel a difference, less anxiety and depression after a month he was a different person. We are so happy with the results and will continue to use when ever needed. Well worth the price!

by Josee Woodward on Fisher Wallace
Pain Relief from NDP Headache

I highly recommend getting this device if you are suffering from headaches. My condition (going on 2 years now) is called NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache) and is THE most treatment resistant form of headache disorder. It starts out of the blue, and the head pain, which can quite severe, never ends. It's 24/7 for years, often forever, as neuros are clueless about the cause or the cure. This device, which I use up to 3 times daily, gives me complete pain relief while worn. My cortisol levels also tested perfectly normal, which is pretty unusual considering the incredible stress of living with NDPH. I do feel that there is a lot of room for improvement in the design though. Kind of a dinosaur looking device considering the design possibilities of our modern world.

by Lee Richards on Fisher Wallace
Decreasing Medication and Improved Sleep

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for three months and I have been able to cut my use of Lexapro and Wellbutrin XL in half. I have used both medications for 20+ years and once I found the right combination of meds, I vowed to sustain the dose for the rest of my life. However, a supportive chiropractor and VA psychiatrist have assisted me with this process and I am hopeful to discontinue both medications in the next three months. Another benefit of the stimulator has been improved sleep and cessation of all sleep aids. I use the stimulator while I meditate 20 minutes twice daily. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I plan to recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to my clients. I am hopeful other people with anxiety, depression and panic attacks will have a similar positive outcomes. I know it was a great investment for my mental health and well being.

by Leslee Stephenson on Fisher Wallace

I am extremely sensitive to antidepressants - have been taking them on and off for years. I have been sleeping little lately, I received this unit 4 days ago. While the sleep benefit has not been felt yet, I am amazed by the relief of symptoms of depression, and anxiety already - I repeat I usually have very quick response with medications, but am sick of side effects of these medications and the hit and miss nature of how they work - This so far has been nothing less then miraculous! Stay tuned!! So thankful

by CSM on Fisher Wallace
Happy customer!

I am writing this review after using the device now for 9 days and I am already sharing the news with others. I have been so happy with the results thus far. I am feeling more like myself: calmer, focused, motivated, more relaxed and less anxious. I am hoping that the results continue to be this good for awhile.

by colleen on Fisher Wallace
life saver

ive battled with mental illness and the side effects from the pharmaceutical companies and I have had better results with the fisher wallace stimulator than any pill. worth every pennygreat product. revolutionary in the treatment of mental illness. thank you for saving my life.

by Robert D Brown on Fisher Wallace
My stimulator works!

I am a somewhat skeptical person and was not sure how the stimulator would work for me. I deal with significant pain and moderate depression. The device helps my medications work so much better. I have had depression and complex pain since 2005. Since starting therapy with the stimulator, I have experienced much better relief than otherwise. I recommend the stimulator for anyone dealing with chronic pain and depression.

by lenny abrams on Fisher Wallace

in an effort to stop taking Xanax, I thought I would give this a try. I was very skeptical. during the first two weeks of using the stimulator I kept cutting back more and more on my Xanax. after two weeks I stopped Xanax totally, which I never thought I could do. Now I find myself dreaming, which is something I have not done in a long time, Which I assume means I am in a deeper sleep. after almost 3 months of using the stimulator i'm totally convinced of its effectiveness. I wonder what I would do if it broke. Anyway that's my story, it works

by Douglas Wild on Fisher Wallace
Dealing With My Depression

I have suffered from clinical depression for most of my adult life. I have been in therapy for more than fifteen years, and I have tried most of the SSRI Anti-Depressant medications on the market, during that time, with marginally positive results; which is to say, that the meds plus therapy seemed to help prevent me from sinking into the depths of the depressive stupors that I had gotten used to. But still there was rarely any sense of real mood elevation. About a year ago I invested in the FW Stimulator and shortly after I began using it I noticed that I was experiencing with much more frequency a muted kind of elation. It wasn't dramatic, but it was noticeable. I've not used the Stimulator the suggested two times a day, but I am impressed that the change which has taken place has continued. My only complaint has to do with replacing the wire leads that run between the sponges and the unit. Mine had gotten caught on the corner of an end table and separated. The FW is a good unit.

by Reid Bohannon on Fisher Wallace
Review of Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I am a proud owner of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I was a huge skeptic of this prduct originally. The very first time I tryed it I had the mind set its a fake medical device. But when I was half way into my frist session I noticed a change in my temperment and stress level. So as still skeptical minded person who thinks its a placebo effect did the full two week trial open minded. It changed my life for the better it helped me with my anxiety and my chronic depression. I will say this I never tryed the pain relief method cause I don't have pain. That being said im a lifer in using this product I bring it every place I go cause it works. If im having a bad day and my anxiety and mood up zap for 20 minutes and it evens you out again. I do think that it should be hand in hand with medication when you get prescribe cause it helps that much. Its a no brainer when it comes to getting it or not getting it.

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