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A great help
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I want to go on record to say how much the Fisher Wallace Stimulater has helped me with my mild-to-moderate depression. It has made me feel more positive and more mentally alert. The bonus of using it daily is it also has helped me sleep better. I have fewer wake-ups etc. as well. I would recommend this device to anyone that has not yet heard of this type of therapy.

by Melissa W on Fisher Wallace
It works

I ordered this with skepticism because i am one of those people where nothing works for me. I have suffered with dysthymia most of my life with a couple of major depressive episodes along with a life full of pit in your stomach anxiety on a daily basis. I tried several meds but none worked. My children have suffered with depression as well and i first used the FWS when my child was suffering with suicidal thoughts and i was strugglumg to cope with severe anxiety. I used it faithfully for 4 to 5 weeks twice a day, eventually on the highest setting and determined that it did not work for me. However i noticed in the weeks following that in actuality i was coping better. Suddenly i could not remember the last time i had the pit in the stomach anxiety nor the last time i would describe myself as depressed. A year later i would say i am 95 percent cured of my anxiety and depression. I wouldnt go as far as saying i am super happy or anything but i am functioning well and would no longer label myself as depressed. I have not felt the need to use the device again. I would say for me it was a gradual realization and not something immediate for me but it definitely worked.

by Sirous M Jafari on Fisher Wallace
Getting Treatment with no Medication, Works!

My daughter has used your device for a while and I am seeing a major difference She has tried few medication, with major side effects. She got to the point that she refused to go on meds. She was diagnosed with bipolar just this year. She is able to focus better. The results are Great. Thank you Fisher Wallace!

Fisher wallace stimulator

I bought the stimulator for my daughter who has suffered from anxiety and depression for years. She uses it regularly and for the first time we are seeing smiles on her face. She seems more upbeat and able to tackle life. Thank you.

by S. Evans on Fisher Wallace
My son uses this device regularly and symptoms have improved

Hi, my son started experiencing symptoms of anxiety and insomnia last year. Our research for natural and effective solutions led us to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. He has been using the device regularly and we have noticed a steady improvement in these symptoms. He now goes sleep easily and sleeps through the night. It's not the only healing modality we are leveraging toward our son's healing, but we do consider the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to be a valuable and effective tool.Moreover, we consider our purchase of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to be a great long-term investment for our entire family as research indicates that it is effective in treating multiple conditions including chronic pain so we feel that we have a healing tool in our arsenal that can benefit our family for many years to come.

by Christine Petersen-Grosse on Fisher Wallace
Pleasantly Surprised!

I was not sure if this treatment would work for me as I have multiple conditions. I received it and began using it and within 2 weeks, I began noticing that I was not only being lifted out of my depression, but I was sleeping better, my headaches were better, and I could concentrate better! As I continue to use it, my symptoms ate getting better and better. I am so thankful that I found this device! It is the one thing that has lifted my depression better than any antidepressant I have ever tried! Thank you for making this device available to me.

by Bruce W. on Fisher Wallace

I have only had this device a short while, but can tell that it is working. I have not yet reached the 'milestone' yet of using it twice a day for 20 minutes for a few weeks, but will be 'there' soon! The key is that it is providing some relief at this time.

by Scott Fitch on Fisher Wallace
3 year update

As a six year old, I had a head injury from a bicycle accident. I suffered from Depression and anxiety all my life. However by Forty, I was out of hope and constantly in and out of hospitals. My life was not pleasant and I was always losing jobs. Then I started reading about ECT and how it was the only thing that help people who had head injuries as a child. It also mentioned that as people get around 40, the brain produces less chemicals needed to fight depression. The ECT reboots the brain. This fit my situation perfectly. I felt a lot better with TMS, but I could not afford continuous treatment at that price. I searched for similar technologies and found Fisher Wallace. My Doctor agreed to try it since I showed her the article on brain injury. Ten days after using it twice a day, my depression lifted and Day 11, all of the projects I had left half done, were completed. I have been able to maintain a good life for 3 years now. My family and friends, also said I appeared smarter. Maybe not, but with the depression and anxiety gone, I do think much clearer, and can get projects done. I have been able to do very well at work as well. This device saved my life and as simple as it is, it works.My brain was damaged so the path ways that deliver brain chemicals to different parts of the brain, are restricted. I believe it works because it opens up those pathways and helps deliver those brain chemicals. Makes perfect sense, that it works for me after a childhood brain injury.Thank YouScott

by Timothy G. Cook, MD on Fisher Wallace
Fisher-Wallace Review

I am both a practitioner with 27 years experience and also an army veteran with PTSD, chronic pain syndrome, mild depression and insomnia issues since my most recent deployment ended a year and a half ago. The first night I used the product I was at home still in my work clothes at 9:45 at night. I decided I would use the device for the 20 minutes, take it off, try to do some reading and then try to sleep. The next thing I knew, it was 515 in the morning, light was streaming through my bedroom window, and I was still on my back, still in my work clothes, still with the device on my head. That is how hard I slept, catching up on much-needed sleep. My sleep has been equally profound ever since. Added benefits of listening PTSD and depression symptoms have gradually started to improve as well. So then I started referring patients to the products, and of the five patients who have tried the product, all of them have benefited.

Great Intervention

This product has been excellent for the patients I see in practice, many of whom go on to buy units themselves. I also use it as well - it helps manage anxiety and find it good for sleep maintenance (I have no problems with sleep initiation). It is also great in that it is SAFE. I have had no adverse effects or bad reactions at all, both for me and for patients. Some have better results than others, but it is clearly something to seriously consider when contemplating treatment options.

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