I was taking 3 prescription sleep meds. Now I was sleeping under the influence of these meds and having extreme episodes. My memory was shot. I still had extremely high anxiety I was very edgy. To summarize I was always irrate. I fought fires for 14 years as a volunteer in a rural community about 20 runs a year. Plus my day job. Anxiety had the best of me. After 1 week of fisher Wallace stimulation stress was down to 0. After a few weeks I'm down to 1 medicine to sleep on and that med is a "lorazepam" stress reducer not a brain inhibitor. And I no longer use Ambien. I feel extremely well, no anxiety and no longer feel irrate. I'm sleeping 4 to 5 hours where I would not sleep at all. Some nights I get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. My memory is improving. My marital relation is getting better. I feel so much better I wish I had found this device 6 years ago. I believe this machine has help save my marriage and made me a better person. Im no longer afraid of the unexpected, no longer anxious, and I'm sleeping again. So happy. Thank You Fisher Wallace.

by Amy Saltz on Fisher Wallace
Healed Lifelong Depression

I have experienced severe depression since adolescence. At that time, I attempted suicide—which left me seriously maimed. I was hospitalized for years and underwent many surgeries. The prognosis was that I may never be able to talk or eat by mouth and that I’d be institutionalized for the remainder of my life. I have made every effort to do the opposite and learn how to live, but have had to deal with depression for decades. I cannot take antidepressants due to the side-effects that could put me in physical danger. I have taught myself to accept the depression as part of my existence. When I got hit by a car while riding my bike, the resulting concussion exacerbated the depression. A dear friend /physician helped me research natural ways to work with depression. We were interested in the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and ordered it. After a few weeks of twice daily use at level 2, I noticed a HUGE change! For the first time in my life, I had perspective. Tough stuff could still happen, but I was able to manage without feeling as though I was in an abyss. I could feel what must be seratonin in my brain. I don’t think I ever had enough before using this device. I found myself able to do things I never before thought possible—and I can say that I’m no longer depressed. I deeply appreciate finding something that has no side-effects, is not physically invasive, and can be utilized independently. My gratitude extends to Fisher Wallace.

by Charlie on Fisher Wallace
stimulator works

I was sexually abused from 4 to 8 years of age. Emotionally abused until 17 or ......... I am 69 now . I would wake up and have a since of doom , right out of bed. This is how a lot of my time has been. I tried many different types of therapies.Relief but not resolution. After using the stimulator as suggested , 2nd light, 2 x's daily. On week 3 or so that cloud of dread that had been with me for so long had released its hold . Not that I am problem free but in a better place to live my life. Thanks Fisher Wallace , Charlie

by Chris Goldsmith on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator Cured My Insomnia

I suffered from insomnia for 30 years until using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator before bed. Almost immediately, I had less anxiety, racing thoughts and transitioned from the devices' finishing to sleep. I used it nightly to start with but now years later if insomnia returns, a simple session or two returns my brain to the relaxed state I seek. Thank you Fisher Wallace!!!

by Jacob on Fisher Wallace
Only thing that has helped with my anxiety

I began using the Wisher Wallace Stimulator about a year ago. I have struggled with anxiety for many years and have tried everything under the sun to help. Countless types of medications, therapy and other methods. I tried the stimulator as a last ditch effort and after a few weeks I noticed a difference. After a few months my anxiety was better than it had been in years. But the lingering question would be how long can this last for? Well thank God I'm thrilled to report that it has been almost a year since I began using the stimulator and my anxiety is still at the lowest levels it has been for as long as I can remember. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression I highly recommend you try this and I hope you find success as I have!Jake

by Christy Parsons on Fisher Wallace

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator has been the answer to my prayers for my son. He has tried several anti depression meds and is currently on a new one. But I saw a difference in him in just two weeks. I give all the praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for giving the knowledge to make this device!

by Walter Levinson on Fisher Wallace
Great for Anxiety Relief

The Fisher Wallace device is something that I should have tried years ago. It really has helped my sleep and anxiety. I started receiving benefits after about a month. Definitely keep up usage and stick with it as it will help your symptoms. I am blessed that I never really had depression issues but have noticed the bouts of anxiety have improved tremendously in that they are much shorter now and this seemed to help my SSRI actually do it’s job .

by Elle on Fisher Wallace
This device has improved my quality of life

I have suffered from depression and GAD, all of my life as well as Premenstrual dysphoria and now perimenapausal dysphoria. Life for me has been challenging as I am unable to take any mind altering the medication and function on my job. It isn’t that the medication didn’help, it did but in a short time it made me totally overly drowsy and non-functional or zombified and unable to engage in life. I’m overly sensitive to chemicals , some of the SSRI’s made me numb and fat then the anxiety and depression started all over again. The new SNRI’s incapacitated me and Wellbutrin overwhelmed my nervous system rendering my brain hyper excitable.I took pills to get me up in the morning and bring me down to sleep at night. I came across the fisher Wallace Stimulator and dismissed it as a farce a few years back. After many years of misery, I came back and read the reviews on the stimulator and did some research , and decided to give it a try. I have been using the device for a week twice daily on level two and I can honestly say that I have experienced a difference in my thought pattern and behavior. At first I thought it was too good to be true and that it was a Hawthorne effect. I felt better and better each time I used it and I can tell you that the device really works! I don’t want to stop using it! I have been calmer, able to think clearly and recover from any negative thought patterns or strong emotional fluctuations immediately! I’m not anxious and am able to focus and make rational decisions rather indecisive decisions resulting from a brain that hijacked by over whelming fluctuating hormones. I’m not excessively worried about anything, My moods are much better. I am sure that there is more to come and I can’t wait to have that experience!If you are considering using this device, and you have tried everything else.Do yourself a favor invest in the quality of your life and try something new that works!

by Sharkene Mullen on Fisher Wallace

I spent several months researching the Fisher Wallace Stimulator before finally purchasing the product. I am in the healthcare field and suffer from insomnia and depression. I tried medication but I felt like a "zombie" so I successfully weaned myself off of all drugs. I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for 4 days and I am trully amazed. I feel like a new person. I can actually sleep! What a joy! My mood and energy levels have increased significantly. I highly recommend this product! Thank you so much.

by Dawn Tenney on Fisher Wallace
I am having some relief!
Video Review: very helpful

I ordered the Fisher Wallace Device during the Fourth of July sale. I have been looking into other medical options for my anxiety which also causes me sleep problems and depression. I had gall bladder surgery five years ago and I have not been the same person. Even though I needed to have the gall bladder removed ( it was ready to burst) I still had issues afterward. Recovery didn't go well, I still had pain and I didn't feel like anyone in the medical field was listening to me. I felt like am experiment. About a month after the surgery I started shaking like a leaf, and I felt terrified, I hurt and I didn't want to be left alone. All this was so unlike me. After three days I knew this was more than I could handle and sought the assistance of a psychiatrist and psychologist. It was the bravest thing I ever did. Not only did I have anxiety and depression but PTSD from everything that had happened to me. My doctors worked with me to set up a plan for recovery. I understood that it would be best not to become dependent on the anti-anxiety medication and only take it when needed. Some days I waited too long to take the medication and then I would need more medication. Other times I would try to ignore my symptoms, but I was frozen to the couch, I just couldn't move. We ended up changing medications to find the right mix, but it was a very slow process and I had gotten to the point where I was ready to wave the white flag and just surrender to being on medication for the rest of my life.While doing research how to cope with anxiety which has been the biggest cause of depression I stumbled on the Fisher Wallace Device. I had spoken to my doctor asking her about the product. I just don't want to spend my life on pills. I printed up the information and gave it to my doctor. She told me this treatment was more than likely to be used in doctors offices, not for home use but would check it out, At my last visit she told me that she was planning on offering this type of treatment this Fall for treatment in her office. I was getting somewhere! Then I saw the Fisher Wallace Home Devise and it was for sale with discount on July 4th. I ordered it! After all I have nothing to lose. and everything to gain!As soon as my devise came I used it. I have not had to take any medication for sleep in two days! I am beginning to experience a small amount of improvement with the anxiety and I feel like I can cope and relax a little easier. I know it is early yet but I can actually feel I have a more positive outlook. I can hardly wait to see how I feel in another week! I have an appointment with my doctor next month and I will be bringing my Fisher Wallace Devise to the appointment. I call it my Zapper. I want to share this with my doctor. What surprises me the most is the Fisher Wallace Devise for home use has been around for 20 years, and how many doctors and their patients don't know anything about it.

by Sue on Fisher Wallace
Video Review: I Have Hope Again

After years of taking medications that weren't working for depression, anxiety and insomnia, I purchased the FWS last month. I started at level 1 for 10 days, moved to level 2 for 10 days and am just starting level three. The changes I'm feeling are subtle but I am most definitely feeling better. I'm very thankful for the FWS because I felt that nothing was going to help me. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the next weeks and months will bring. I want my old self back and I think that the Fisher Wallace Stimulator can do that for me. Please give it a try, it really does work!

by Carole Weisblatt on Fisher Wallace
Stunning Results

I have experienced severe depression since I was 6 years old. I constantly fought suicidal thoughts throuout my life. As I got older, anxiety became prevelant as well. I have been on medication which has not helped much. I have been using the Fisher Wallace device on the setting of 2 for two weeks and I am amazed at my improvement. I no longer suffer from anxiety, and no longer am going to “the dark place”. I finally can cope better with life and I am forever grateful for this device.

by Melissa Stephenson on Fisher Wallace

After the loss of my husband i had such crushing grief coupled with extreme anxiety. Traditional doctors offered pills and kept wanting to increase the dose, which offered no relief. My primary Dr. knew an 82 year old neurologist also suffering from grief and who was considering taking his own life. He tried the FWS and told my doctor of his great relief. So i tried it and got relief too. My anxiety left, grief well you learn to live with it but it is no longer crushing.

by Nick Moore on Fisher Wallace
Bone marrow biopsy nerve pain

I had a bone marrow biopsy in 2015 and apparently they damaged a nerve because it was extremely painful during the biopsy and the pain continued afterwards. This pain continued for over a year. My doctor said it was nerve damage, that it’s a hit or miss proposition and all they could do was prescribe pain meds which I declined. I purchased the Fisher Wallace stimulator and used it as prescribed, red on back of neck, black directly over the location of the biopsy. The pain was gone within a week and has not returned. Thank you Fisher Wallace!

by Rob on Fisher Wallace
Works For Me

I have suffered from depression for the last 15 years and have tried nearly every medication without success. I read about the Fisher Wallace stimulator and ordered it with no expectations of success but thinking I had nothing to lose. To my amazement, after trying the device for two weeks, I noticed that I was starting to experience the ability to feel pleasure again! It was like a fog was receding. I was in disbelief at first, but i have to say that the device clearly is working for me!

by Katie on Fisher Wallace
Incredibly effective

I’ve previously reviewed the FWS after finding it very effective in treating my own major depression, but I recently —finally!— talked my 21 year old son into using it.My son showed some signs of having a bit of anxiety from a very young age, and a traumatic brain injury at 15 made this considerably worse. For the past 5 years he has dealt with crippling social anxiety, OCD, and severe depression. He has been on medication and he has been hospitalized, but overall he remains too hobbled by these issues to get his feet firmly under him enough. He is in the vague barely-functioning grey area, and it is heartbreaking and frustrating to watch.Several months ago I convinced him to just TRY the Stimulator, and when his mood was markedly improved in two days I couldnt imagine that the Stimulator had worked that well, and that quickly.Fast forward to him coming home from college for summer break: he has major anxiety, no impulse control, OCD through the roof, and very worrisome depression. Taking his rx and seeing a therapist because I insisted, but unwilling or unable to do anything else to help himself. I begged him to just try the Stimulator for a couple weeks, and he agreed to do so.Again, 2-3 days and he was a completely different person. I had to practically wrestle him to the ground to get him to use it for the first few days, but by the fifth day he was using it without any intervention from me, and reluctantly agreed that it was making a major difference in his state of mind (sadly, the FWS cannot make him less sooo 21).We will be buying him his own, because it seems like the FWS has given him his life back.

by Pam on Fisher Wallace

I learned about the device via a news report. Did research & decided to try it. Eventhough I took my medication as prescribed, my depression would come and go and when I experenced it, It was debilitating. I wasnt able to sleep and would experience terrible anxiety.Ive been using the FW cranial stimulator for a month and what a difference. My depression is gone, no anxiety and sleeping through the night. I feel like myself again. The device has changed my life; so grateful. I continue to take my medication and my dr is amazed at the the change.Thank you for making his wonderful aid available & affordable.

by Patty on Fisher Wallace
Great help

I had awful problems with insomnia for years and when I started using the cranial stimulator, I began seeing improvement within the week - I have been using it now for over a year and am greatly pleased.

by Pat on Fisher Wallace
Great results!

I bought this product a few years ago for someone else but ended up using it myself for sleep issues. I was able to fall asleep easily but could not sleep through the night. I was often awake several times throughout the night or wide awake at 3:00 a.m. unable to go back to sleep. I began using the Fisher Wallace device consistently for 20 minutes a night before bed and now I often sleep through the whole night. If I do wake up it is only for a few minutes and I usually am able to go back to sleep quickly. I recently recommended it to a friend for mental health and sleep and her neurologist agreed that she should give it a try. Great product! Great results and no side effects!

by Sarah Nedeau on Fisher Wallace

I'm going to try to make a very long story short. Suffered a bad stroke at work and was fired from my job while still undergoing brain surgery in the ICU. My 35+ year as a paralegal ended. Deep depression, memory loss, inability to focus, no concentration, PBA, financial destruction, etc., etc. I wanted to drive off a cliff. This device is nothing short of miraculous. Now all I want to do is stand on the cliff and shout out to the world what this FW cranial stimulator has done for me. I am no longer merely existing, I am living!!!!!!! Please, for those who are sad and hopeless for whatever reason, get a FW device!

by Michele on Fisher Wallace
Answer to my prayers

I was hit head-on  2010. It ended my career at age 47. I suffered from neck and back injuries that have only gotten worse. Along with the loss of my job and fighting in court for a settlement that wasn’t enough to cover my income through retirement age let alone cover any of my medical bills… I went into depression, I suffer from social anxiety now and insomnia has become one of my latest symptoms I’ve had surgeries, nerve blocks I’ve been on every kind of neuropathy medication and opioids, the list goes on and on this wonderful device is allowing me to go back to only using holistic supplements for the generalized aches and pains of fibromyalgia. My migraine medication by law, I can only get nine pills per month and I have six migraines a month, some lasting for days. this truly has been an answer to my prayers !! The changes maybe so subtle that you don’t even realize it… After using it for a month I would suggest going a few days without and you will be able to feel the difference!

by Pamela Quina on Fisher Wallace
Very pleased

I have the FWS and I use it for major depressive disorder. I’ve had it for almost 2 years. I also take medications for depression. I believe my depression started when my mother died and I was 21 years old. I also lost a brother age 19 and a brother age 41. Then my husband died unexpectedly and suddenly at age 54. All too young to be dying. It takes a toll on your mind and body. When I got the FWSI used it for 20 minutes twice a day as indicated. It took about 2 weeks before I noticed a significant difference. I felt happy and more entergetic. If you aren’t sure if it is working for you after 2-3 weeks you can stop using it and see how you feel without it. That will give you an indication if it is working for you. If it doesn’t help you you can return it at 30 days and get your money back. All the dealings I have had with the company have been positive and helpful. Good luck and I hope it makes a difference in your life. You need to get a prescription from your doctor for it. Your insurance may reimburse you or you can file it on your income long form for medical.

Works for more than just depression

I have schizoaffective disorder; I suffer from depression and auditory hallucinations. I obtained the Fisher Wallace Stimulator primarily as a way to treat my depression. I have found it helpful not only for my depression, but also for my auditory hallucinations. I have been applying the stimulator 2-3 times daily for the past 2 weeks and have experienced an improvement in my affect and a reduction in the frequency and intensity of my auditory hallucinations.Thus, I now have three useful approaches for my auditory hallucinations: Anti-psychotic medications, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, and the Fisher-Wallace Stimulator. I find this very encouraging to have an extra tool for the management of my illness.Thank you

by Cindy on Fisher Wallace
This works people!

I admit that I looked at this device for over a year before I decided to commit to a purchase. For me it wasn’t in my budget but I decided I couldn’t stand this depression for one more year of my life. Depression has consumed me since the age of 14. Winters are the hardest for me. I have been using this device faithfully -2xs a day for about 6 weeks. I cannot believe how much better I’m feeling. People that know me well have commented on it as well. I’m now down to using it once a day and will most likely try less and see how I do. It may not work for everyone but it sure is working for me! I’m super happy I made the decision to try this. I’m so glad I decided that I was worth it. I deserve freedom from depressionand fisher Wallace has given me just that! Thank you!!❤ Ps- also I suffer with bad anxiety and driving was always an issue. I’ve been driving 3 hours back and forth to visit my daughter and I’m not stressed. Yay

A great help
Video Review: none

I want to go on record to say how much the Fisher Wallace Stimulater has helped me with my mild-to-moderate depression. It has made me feel more positive and more mentally alert. The bonus of using it daily is it also has helped me sleep better. I have fewer wake-ups etc. as well. I would recommend this device to anyone that has not yet heard of this type of therapy.

by Melissa W on Fisher Wallace
It works

I ordered this with skepticism because i am one of those people where nothing works for me. I have suffered with dysthymia most of my life with a couple of major depressive episodes along with a life full of pit in your stomach anxiety on a daily basis. I tried several meds but none worked. My children have suffered with depression as well and i first used the FWS when my child was suffering with suicidal thoughts and i was strugglumg to cope with severe anxiety. I used it faithfully for 4 to 5 weeks twice a day, eventually on the highest setting and determined that it did not work for me. However i noticed in the weeks following that in actuality i was coping better. Suddenly i could not remember the last time i had the pit in the stomach anxiety nor the last time i would describe myself as depressed. A year later i would say i am 95 percent cured of my anxiety and depression. I wouldnt go as far as saying i am super happy or anything but i am functioning well and would no longer label myself as depressed. I have not felt the need to use the device again. I would say for me it was a gradual realization and not something immediate for me but it definitely worked.

by Sirous M Jafari on Fisher Wallace
Getting Treatment with no Medication, Works!

My daughter has used your device for a while and I am seeing a major difference She has tried few medication, with major side effects. She got to the point that she refused to go on meds. She was diagnosed with bipolar just this year. She is able to focus better. The results are Great. Thank you Fisher Wallace!

Fisher wallace stimulator

I bought the stimulator for my daughter who has suffered from anxiety and depression for years. She uses it regularly and for the first time we are seeing smiles on her face. She seems more upbeat and able to tackle life. Thank you.

by S. Evans on Fisher Wallace
My son uses this device regularly and symptoms have improved

Hi, my son started experiencing symptoms of anxiety and insomnia last year. Our research for natural and effective solutions led us to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. He has been using the device regularly and we have noticed a steady improvement in these symptoms. He now goes sleep easily and sleeps through the night. It's not the only healing modality we are leveraging toward our son's healing, but we do consider the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to be a valuable and effective tool.Moreover, we consider our purchase of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to be a great long-term investment for our entire family as research indicates that it is effective in treating multiple conditions including chronic pain so we feel that we have a healing tool in our arsenal that can benefit our family for many years to come.

by Christine Petersen-Grosse on Fisher Wallace
Pleasantly Surprised!

I was not sure if this treatment would work for me as I have multiple conditions. I received it and began using it and within 2 weeks, I began noticing that I was not only being lifted out of my depression, but I was sleeping better, my headaches were better, and I could concentrate better! As I continue to use it, my symptoms ate getting better and better. I am so thankful that I found this device! It is the one thing that has lifted my depression better than any antidepressant I have ever tried! Thank you for making this device available to me.

by Bruce W. on Fisher Wallace

I have only had this device a short while, but can tell that it is working. I have not yet reached the 'milestone' yet of using it twice a day for 20 minutes for a few weeks, but will be 'there' soon! The key is that it is providing some relief at this time.

by Scott Fitch on Fisher Wallace
3 year update

As a six year old, I had a head injury from a bicycle accident. I suffered from Depression and anxiety all my life. However by Forty, I was out of hope and constantly in and out of hospitals. My life was not pleasant and I was always losing jobs. Then I started reading about ECT and how it was the only thing that help people who had head injuries as a child. It also mentioned that as people get around 40, the brain produces less chemicals needed to fight depression. The ECT reboots the brain. This fit my situation perfectly. I felt a lot better with TMS, but I could not afford continuous treatment at that price. I searched for similar technologies and found Fisher Wallace. My Doctor agreed to try it since I showed her the article on brain injury. Ten days after using it twice a day, my depression lifted and Day 11, all of the projects I had left half done, were completed. I have been able to maintain a good life for 3 years now. My family and friends, also said I appeared smarter. Maybe not, but with the depression and anxiety gone, I do think much clearer, and can get projects done. I have been able to do very well at work as well. This device saved my life and as simple as it is, it works.My brain was damaged so the path ways that deliver brain chemicals to different parts of the brain, are restricted. I believe it works because it opens up those pathways and helps deliver those brain chemicals. Makes perfect sense, that it works for me after a childhood brain injury.Thank YouScott

by Timothy G. Cook, MD on Fisher Wallace
Fisher-Wallace Review

I am both a practitioner with 27 years experience and also an army veteran with PTSD, chronic pain syndrome, mild depression and insomnia issues since my most recent deployment ended a year and a half ago. The first night I used the product I was at home still in my work clothes at 9:45 at night. I decided I would use the device for the 20 minutes, take it off, try to do some reading and then try to sleep. The next thing I knew, it was 515 in the morning, light was streaming through my bedroom window, and I was still on my back, still in my work clothes, still with the device on my head. That is how hard I slept, catching up on much-needed sleep. My sleep has been equally profound ever since. Added benefits of listening PTSD and depression symptoms have gradually started to improve as well. So then I started referring patients to the products, and of the five patients who have tried the product, all of them have benefited.

Great Intervention

This product has been excellent for the patients I see in practice, many of whom go on to buy units themselves. I also use it as well - it helps manage anxiety and find it good for sleep maintenance (I have no problems with sleep initiation). It is also great in that it is SAFE. I have had no adverse effects or bad reactions at all, both for me and for patients. Some have better results than others, but it is clearly something to seriously consider when contemplating treatment options.

by Christopher Burke on Fisher Wallace
Solid and no side Effects

I have use this unit myself, and also for patients. I have not had any patients have adverse effects, and some have reported positive results. Some of that may be due to the Hawthorne effect, but nonetheless, it has been effective in helping people deal with low mood and chronic pain issues. I have found it helpful, when used regularly, in dealing with sleep maintenance, although I do not find it particularly helpful with sleep initiation. I also find energy and mood improved when I use it regularly. Also, and importantly, there are no side effects from this treatment.

by Caroline K on Fisher Wallace

I have spent years dealing with depression and anxiety. The fisher wallace stimulator was recommended to me by a friend and I was skeptical at first. I have to say that my experience has been amazing since first trying. I am feeling more and more like myself with less intrusive thoughts. It is nice to block out the 20 minutes 2x a day to relax with the stimulator on as well. Thank you!!

Most effective treatment I have seen to date

I love the Fisher Wallace stimulator. I recommend it to my clients who have suffered severe to moderate depression and/anxiety and it is wonderfully effective. Thank you!

by Carl Peters on Fisher Wallace
Great product!!

I have been using the fisher wallace product for about a month now. I use it on level 4 for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes before bed. I feel it is helping lift my major depression and will continue to use this product as a part of my treatment plan. Thank you fisher wallace for a great product, I wish I found it years ago.

We purchased the Fisher Wallace stimulator for an adult family member who has struggled with depression for most of his life. After the initial two weeks of treatment, he felt that the device kept him from slipping into a depression. He has cut back to using it twice a week and has been feeling well for three months now. We are definitely keeping it!

by anonymous on Fisher Wallace
Helped me with Depression and Hypochondriasis

I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and co-morbid hypochondriasis. It is of the relapsing remitting type and I have taken remeron in the past for the same. This time around, I tried FW and I could notice the difference in a matter of three weeks! I used the device 2 times daily. Initially, I would feel dizzy and lightheaded after using the device. Infact, on the third day, I felt woozy headed throughout the day. I was in two minds but I decided to continue as I spoke to John from the service team who advised me to give it atleast two weeks. I started noticing a marked difference from the third week (on level 2 setting). Its been three months and I have achieved remission! I still use it once or twice a day but not as regularly as before.Pros:1) It works!! I didnt think it would work for me because just like many other patients, I felt that my problem is unique. It has reduced my health anxieties, and depression!2) Great service: Unfortunately my first device stopped working, but the service team sent me a new device within 4 days.3) Very easy to use!Cons:1) A little messy: There's water streaming down your face while you are using this device and it can be quite irritating ( especially if you are working on your desk etc..with important papers lying around)2) You need to keep replacing the sponge.3) It's not cheap

by Angela Mailander on Fisher Wallace
On a roll again

I can’t quite say the Fisher Wallace stimulator saved my life, but who’d call it living when age-related bothers make it harder enjoy it. The Fisher Wallace stimulator has made sleep easier and better, and that has made all the difference. The instructions said I’d have to give it thirty days, but for me, it worked very noticeably the first week. And there was an unexpected effect as well. I’m a writer, but had not been doing much lately due to fatigue. I’m on a roll again.

Device helps me so much!

I have been using my device going on 2.5 years and can say that this is an excellent device for depression and chronic pain. I have been taking Trintellix for 3 months and the combination works very well with keeping my depression very much in control. I have dealt with chronic depression for most of my life and when I added the Fisher-Wallace device, it was and is the difference maker with treating my depression.I addition, I have moderate to severe chronic pain from nerve damage in a surgery that went wrong. I find that my pain level stays well in control with the help of my device.

by Scott Fitch on Fisher Wallace
Depression and anxiety for 30+ years

I have had severe bouts of depression and anxiety since I was in my teens. As I got older and in to my 40's, I had to be hospitalized several times. I was missing work and could not keep a job.I did some research on depression and came across an article about head injuries during childhood and depression/anxiety. When I was 6, I fell of my bike and struck the front of my head on the concrete. I had a concussion and fractured skull. I read about, how none of the drugs will help people with this kind of injury from childhood. Electric shock therapy seemed to be the only treatment which helped. I then did research on home treatments similar to ECT. I then came across the Fisher Wallace device.I was as down as I had ever been and needed to try something. It was the hospital again/ suicide or this. I asked my doctor to write a prescription for it, and started the treatment. Within a week, I was much better, and within 2-3 weeks I was finishing projects, which I had left unfinished and clicking on all cylinders. This was over 2 years ago.Since then I have not missed any work due tp depression and have had no major relapse. I seem to be able to focus on task and complete them. I am doing very well at work. When I get minor depression, I am able to keep under control and from getting worse. A few days on the device in maintenance and I am back to normal.After discussing this with my doctor, she things that the head injury at a early age, could have been the cause of my issues. She is amazed at the results as I am. I have my life back and I have never been happier. Happy is the new normal for me.It took me a life time of battling with depression, before I found this device and figured out my issue with my child hood head injury. I hope, other people will read this, and get the help they need. Main stream doctors still do not seem to know about this device. However, find one who will let you try it. My doctor did, and it changed my life.SincerelyScott

by Douglas Brown on Fisher Wallace
helps with depression

I have had this device for a few years and it really helps boost the effects of my antidepressant medications. I can tell a big difference immediately. I highly recommend this product.

by Jennifer Vals on Fisher Wallace
It Works!

I was diagnosed with anxiety and clinical depression in my 20s and was medicated for many years with Prozac. It worked, but I gained weight and didn't like some of the other side effects. I chose to go off of medicine in my late 30s and did fairly well but still suffered from anxiety and occasional depression. I decided to try the Fisher Wallace Stimulator this last fall to ease my increasing anxiety, which was starting to lead me into depression. I used it twice a day for 20 minutes each. I noticed a difference three days later- my anxiety started to ease, and within a week, I noticed a considerable decline in anxiety and the depression had been averted. I noticed that I started dreaming more vividly, just like I had dreamed while on Prozac, so I knew that it was working like the Prozac only I am not having to deal with any side effects. I've been telling everyone I know who suffers from anxiety to give it a try-it's really helped me, and I use it religiously now!

A good device for electro therapy.

So much better than taking often useless, side effect riddled anti-depressants. It has reduced my general level of anxiety which frees me up for more productive thinking.

by Barb G on Fisher Wallace

I have suffered from depression for many years and after trying several different antidepressants, I finally gave up on them. My sleep had become terrible. I would toss and turn for hours and wake several times during the night once I did fall asleep. I started taking Belsomra, which was very expensive. When I saw an ad for FW stimulator, I took it too my Dr and he said to try it and wrote me a prescription. I thought it was well worth the money if it works. I have been using it since last fall and my sleep has improved tremendously. I fall asleep easily and stay asleep. If I do wake I fall right back to sleep. I even dream, so must be getting better quality of sleep. I quit the sleep medication right after starting with the FW. My depression has also improved. I would definitely recommend this device. It is worth the money. It is less expensive than antidepressants or sleep medication!

by Tim on Fisher Wallace
Better results than expected

I've suffered from depression for my entire life, and have tried every combination of talk and drug therapy known to medical science. I'm in my 60s and had all but decided that life was as good as it was going to get, and it wasn't all that good. The Fisher-Wallace device was a Hail Mary for me. Within three days, I noticed that most of my symptoms had disappeared. I'm not euphoric, just free from depression. I have slightly improved sleep, but no side effects to speak of. I am cautiously optimistic about continued use of the device, but as of now there is no reason to stop and everything to gain. I'd recommend this to anyone who is not getting the desired result from conventional therapies.

by Leslye on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace device for insomnia

I have had difficulty sleeping forever but this difficulty developed into insomnia over the past three years. Medications worked, but left me feeling lethargic and drowsy the following day. I have been using the FW device for three months and it has enabled me to develop healthy sleep patterns, to get more sleep, and to be able to return to sleep if I have woken up at night. I am currently under tremendous pressure( an international move) and managing the stress well thanks to the sleep the device has enabled me to get. I highly recommend the device. Use it regularly and follow the directions.

by Leslee Stephenson on Fisher Wallace
Just keeps getting better

I have been using the unit since the 20th of October, 2016 - Sleep has always been an effort, I am now naturally tired by 9 pm and asleep within 10 minutes of lying down. I sleep 7 to 8 hours and awaken feeling truly refreshed. I stress enough the gift this device has given my life. My years long battle with depression is gone. I sleep like a baby. Please do your self a favor and try this unit, I promise you, you will be amazed.


I have been suffering with insomnia for my whole life and have tried ambien, lunesta, melatonin and all the otc sleep aids and nothing helped. After using the Fisher wallace for 20 minutes twice daily I have finally been able to sleep again this product truly is a Miracle and I highly would recommend it to anyone with sleep issues of any kind. You dont realize how important sleep is! It affects every aspect of your life so dont put it off any longer drop the dangerous medications and buy the fisher wallace! I know it seems expensive at first but after you use it for a few months it pays for itself for sure.

by Richard Dewayne Howard on Fisher Wallace
This is a God sent machine

I am a 52 year young bipolar man that believes in God and medication that suffered from bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. This machine has allowed me to feel non suicidal. I am down to 2 lorazapam a day and one antidepressant pritiq a day. I paid full price for my machine but this machine has been worth giving up anything financially to feel this much better. God blessings and love to the creator of this machine and for you all allowing it to be at a reasonable price even tho I had to charge mine it is worth any amount to feel like a human again. To be able to get up and get dressed. To be able to go to stores. To not cry all the time. This is a miracle machine. Love Richard

by Chiquita Bishop on Fisher Wallace
Such relief

I have suffered from depression for all of my adult life so when I saw an advertisement for this, I thought, what can it hurt? I really saw improvement going in to my second week. I caught myself dancing to some music I was hearing on the television!! My anti depressants did not seem to be working as they once did but I can tell a difference. It is a godsend.

by Dan on Fisher Wallace
Truly amazing
Video Review: Very informative

This has been an extraordinary journey. Through the use of homeopathic then medical doctors and RX nothing really helped in fact The RX journey was extensive and a terrible experience. I was very sceptical upon deciding to try this approach, however I experienced positive results in less than a week and continue as of now approximately three months in, I have an amazing positive result from depression. Unfortunately it has been in my family and this remarkable unit, that is not only FDA cleared but used by medical doctors and endorsed by hundreds of wwll known psychiatrists. I hope if you try this you fall into the 70% of people who have had recovered from this terrible affliction

by Tom Lawson on Fisher Wallace
Absolutely Worth It

In the spring of 2014, after a good deal of research, I decided to spend the money to purchase the Fisher-Wallace CES. To say I was skeptical is an understatement. I am an academic (history professor) and claims of amazing cures coming from running electricity through some part of your body seemed crazy, at best. Maybe even dangerous. But, the research confronted me with undeniable scientifically sound evidence that the Fisher-Wallace device was not only entirely safe, but that it really did exactly what it was promoted to do. After years (actually, decades) on medications ranging from Zoloft to Wellbutrin for periods of debilitating depression, I discovered something about as close to a miracle-cure as I ever expected to find. Keep in mind, though, the effects are subtle. And, it also doesn't have even a hint of the feeling you might have after taking a medication. For those reasons, the initial feeling is, "I don't think it's doing anything. But, hey, I did have a pretty good day. Probably just a coincidence." The "side effects" (read them) are so few and the risk is so minimal (try reading the potential risks on any of the medications you're taking if you want to see a real contrast), that I'd encourage anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even bi-polar issues to give this a try. The truth is that, ironically, it employs your brain's own natural actions and reactions. In that sense, it is less intrusive than taking medications to try and alter the brain's chemistry or actions. This spring will mark three years and I have recommended the Fisher-Wallace CES device to many I know who suffer from depression. I make it a habit not to endorse products - even if I use them. This is the exception because this product is life changing - maybe I'd call it life liberating.

by Jim Stahlman on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

Over eight years and a half dozen antidepressants later I tried this device and I feel 100% normal. I'm on my fifth week with this device and it has been an absolute Godsend! Read thru all the reviews and you will get more tips on using this device. Best tip from me, if you're sensitive to medications stick with two lights. If you use four lights it can make you feel jittery/anxious. I'm on two and I feel great! If you're desperate this is the best move you'll make!

by Donna Anderson on Fisher Wallace
Great for depression. Hard to use for pain in my situation.

I purchased this product primarily for severe neuropathic pain in my fingers, hands and arms and also for depression. YOU MUST TRY THIS FOR DEPRESSION!! I have suffered with depression for my entire adult life. I have never tried any other drug, therapy, treatment, device, procedure that has produced an effect like this! I saw results after 1-2 treatments. I use it periodically for varying lengths of time. IT ALWAYS WORKS. It is DEFINITELY worth a try - you have nothing to lose! Regarding pain, for me, it has been a different story. It turns out it is very difficult to attach the electrodes to my fingers. I have been unable to use the stimulator effectively. Although disappointed regarding pain results, I feel I have been rewarded with the effect the stimulator had on my depression. Thank you so much. Don't hesitate to try - do it!

by Amy on Fisher Wallace

The stimulator has helped a fair amount. I also like that I can attach it to my knees for pain. It's very easy to travel with as it can be put through the x-Ray.

by Mark Mccallister on Fisher Wallace

After 3 years of severe illness, and long term medication use, i literally felt my brain switch on with the first use of this device. I had not realized how much the medications depressed my brain function. With continued use, I can feel it stabilizing my brain and calming it down from significant anxiety. Thank you for this device. Mark

by Sarah Mcleod on Fisher Wallace
Helped my 23 yr. old son

We were at our wits end when we found the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.Our son had been suffering from depression and anxiety for about 9 months. After the first week of use he started to feel a difference, less anxiety and depression after a month he was a different person. We are so happy with the results and will continue to use when ever needed. Well worth the price!

by Josee Woodward on Fisher Wallace
Pain Relief from NDP Headache

I highly recommend getting this device if you are suffering from headaches. My condition (going on 2 years now) is called NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache) and is THE most treatment resistant form of headache disorder. It starts out of the blue, and the head pain, which can quite severe, never ends. It's 24/7 for years, often forever, as neuros are clueless about the cause or the cure. This device, which I use up to 3 times daily, gives me complete pain relief while worn. My cortisol levels also tested perfectly normal, which is pretty unusual considering the incredible stress of living with NDPH. I do feel that there is a lot of room for improvement in the design though. Kind of a dinosaur looking device considering the design possibilities of our modern world.

by Lee Richards on Fisher Wallace
Decreasing Medication and Improved Sleep

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for three months and I have been able to cut my use of Lexapro and Wellbutrin XL in half. I have used both medications for 20+ years and once I found the right combination of meds, I vowed to sustain the dose for the rest of my life. However, a supportive chiropractor and VA psychiatrist have assisted me with this process and I am hopeful to discontinue both medications in the next three months. Another benefit of the stimulator has been improved sleep and cessation of all sleep aids. I use the stimulator while I meditate 20 minutes twice daily. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I plan to recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to my clients. I am hopeful other people with anxiety, depression and panic attacks will have a similar positive outcomes. I know it was a great investment for my mental health and well being.

by Leslee Stephenson on Fisher Wallace

I am extremely sensitive to antidepressants - have been taking them on and off for years. I have been sleeping little lately, I received this unit 4 days ago. While the sleep benefit has not been felt yet, I am amazed by the relief of symptoms of depression, and anxiety already - I repeat I usually have very quick response with medications, but am sick of side effects of these medications and the hit and miss nature of how they work - This so far has been nothing less then miraculous! Stay tuned!! So thankful

by CSM on Fisher Wallace
Happy customer!

I am writing this review after using the device now for 9 days and I am already sharing the news with others. I have been so happy with the results thus far. I am feeling more like myself: calmer, focused, motivated, more relaxed and less anxious. I am hoping that the results continue to be this good for awhile.

by colleen on Fisher Wallace
life saver

ive battled with mental illness and the side effects from the pharmaceutical companies and I have had better results with the fisher wallace stimulator than any pill. worth every pennygreat product. revolutionary in the treatment of mental illness. thank you for saving my life.

My stimulator works!

I am a somewhat skeptical person and was not sure how the stimulator would work for me. I deal with significant pain and moderate depression. The device helps my medications work so much better. I have had depression and complex pain since 2005. Since starting therapy with the stimulator, I have experienced much better relief than otherwise. I recommend the stimulator for anyone dealing with chronic pain and depression.

by lenny abrams on Fisher Wallace

in an effort to stop taking Xanax, I thought I would give this a try. I was very skeptical. during the first two weeks of using the stimulator I kept cutting back more and more on my Xanax. after two weeks I stopped Xanax totally, which I never thought I could do. Now I find myself dreaming, which is something I have not done in a long time, Which I assume means I am in a deeper sleep. after almost 3 months of using the stimulator i'm totally convinced of its effectiveness. I wonder what I would do if it broke. Anyway that's my story, it works

by Douglas Wild on Fisher Wallace
Dealing With My Depression

I have suffered from clinical depression for most of my adult life. I have been in therapy for more than fifteen years, and I have tried most of the SSRI Anti-Depressant medications on the market, during that time, with marginally positive results; which is to say, that the meds plus therapy seemed to help prevent me from sinking into the depths of the depressive stupors that I had gotten used to. But still there was rarely any sense of real mood elevation. About a year ago I invested in the FW Stimulator and shortly after I began using it I noticed that I was experiencing with much more frequency a muted kind of elation. It wasn't dramatic, but it was noticeable. I've not used the Stimulator the suggested two times a day, but I am impressed that the change which has taken place has continued. My only complaint has to do with replacing the wire leads that run between the sponges and the unit. Mine had gotten caught on the corner of an end table and separated. The FW is a good unit.

by Reid Bohannon on Fisher Wallace
Review of Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I am a proud owner of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I was a huge skeptic of this prduct originally. The very first time I tryed it I had the mind set its a fake medical device. But when I was half way into my frist session I noticed a change in my temperment and stress level. So as still skeptical minded person who thinks its a placebo effect did the full two week trial open minded. It changed my life for the better it helped me with my anxiety and my chronic depression. I will say this I never tryed the pain relief method cause I don't have pain. That being said im a lifer in using this product I bring it every place I go cause it works. If im having a bad day and my anxiety and mood up zap for 20 minutes and it evens you out again. I do think that it should be hand in hand with medication when you get prescribe cause it helps that much. Its a no brainer when it comes to getting it or not getting it.

by Sheryl Ellis on Fisher Wallace
New user

I just started using the device about 1.5 weeks ago, so I am still in the first 30 days but I think it is starting to help a little. I am assuming the longer I use the more consistent results I will see! I definitely recommend trying it.

by Wendy on Fisher Wallace
I feel better on this than on antidepressants

I have struggled with chronic PTSD since childhood, and I took various antidepressants for more than 15 years. The antidepressants worked well on my symptoms, but the side effects were extremely bothersome. Even with hard-core exercise and monitoring my calories, I always gained weight on the meds, and lost it immediately when I stopped them. With the medications, I also had trouble focusing for long periods of time, which was a big problem with my career as a writer. I have been trying for three years to get off the meds completely, but the withdrawal symptoms were always worse than the depression/anxiety of PTSD; and my doctors kept telling me that I would probably always need to take antidepressants, or the PTSD symptoms would return.I found out about the Fisher Wallace stimulator by doing my own research on line, and I thought I would give it a try, since it is FDA approved and seems safe. I used it while following a very slow taper off the medication I was taking, and although I experienced some occasional withdrawal symptoms (most of them physical), these were nothing like the nightmare brain zaps, nausea, anxiety and irritability I had gone through before. I was able to finally get the drugs out of my system, and I continue to use the stimulator daily. I find that aside from a few days here and there, I feel much calmer, happier, and more focused than I ever did on medication -- plus the extra weight is steadily disappearing.I virtually never write product reviews, but I am incredibly thankful that I bought this device. It really does work, and without any side effects, so I wanted to comment about it and recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.

by Linda Steers on Fisher Wallace

I have had an interesting effect from using the Fisher Wallace Brain Stimulator. I have been gradually losing my memory for years now. So it helped and one day I walked into my Dr's office when I hadn't used the machine for a couple days. She said. Why the difference in you? I said I didn't use the machine yesterday, etc. She said You get home and use that machine. I was also tested, and it proved electricity does run through the body. All I know is I have been so that I had no memory...I didn't know what I was doing... To put a long story short, NOW I HAVE A MEMORY AND IT FEELS SO GOOD. I can also think better. It also makes me so I can do things again. I have been under severe stress, and I can now do housework and function very well. I still have a way to go. But I will get there. It will take quite some time since I was very sick.Thank you Fisher Wallace.

by Linda Jane Steers on Fisher Wallace

I want to thank Fisher Wallace for the help I get from their machine. At first I wasn't taking the sponges out of the electrode caps to soak them which caused skin irritation. Also I was using the same sponges too often. I wrote them, and they told me how to handle it. I read over the section in the instruction manual that mentioned soaking the sponges, silly me. THIS MACHINE REALLY WORKS. It helps me get through the day. "The machine" as I call it really helps.

by Connie Baker on Fisher Wallace

I have found the FW Stimulator Device to be quite effective. You will have to use it twice daily to get the full benefits of it. I had to go to Level 3 after 3 weeks & that is really when I started seeing results. But I think you do have to use it for 3 full months before getting the full benefits of it. It has really helped me in so many ways. Worth the money!!!

by Jodi on Fisher Wallace

The Fisher Wallace stimulator has been an absolute miracle for my 22 year old son! He's been challenged with a yet to be fully diagnosed condition for the past three years. He went from being an outgoing, motivated and intelligent young man to a lethargic, quiet person who had to drop out of college because his cognitive abilities were impacted greatly. Psychiatrists have thought it was possibly depression, anxiety or the beginning stages of schizophrenia. He's been on many different combinations of meds, with little effect. After six weeks using this device twice a day (and no recent change in meds) I have seen a transformation I thought I'd never see. It's happening slowly but surely and at a Labor Day party the other day I saw him interacting with his cousins and even smiling and laughing (I hadn't heard his laughter in quite a while until recently). He's definitely more motivated and engaged and has even decided to go back to college. I know it's still early in the journey, but I feel like I have my son back. I can't recommend this product enough. This is the only variable that has changed in the last six weeks for him, and I'm sure it's the reason for his miracle (he thinks so too). I know each situation is different, but it is definitely worth a try and is the best $700 I've ever spent in my life!! Thank you so much!

by Gary Knutson on Fisher Wallace
Two Fishers Now

After us both using the Stimulator for a few months with great results (my memory and my wife's depression) she had to go for an extended visit to assist her aging mother. After a very short time without the simulator (I kept it with me), she wanted one of her own. We are now both doing much better than before the Fisher unit(s) arrived!

by Barby on Fisher Wallace
Feeling happy and energetic

Thank you Fisher Wallace for my device!! I have suffered with depression for 18yrs . I have been on and off of mainly Celexa medication since. I was feeling like I needed an increase in dosage , but I was at the highest dosage I could be on and I didn't want an added medication . I heard about the Fisher Wallace device online and ordered it. I am so happy I did !! No new meds for me. After about a week and a half I was feeling back to my old self!! I felt happy again , had more energy and was more motivated !!Thank you again !!

by Margery Dignan on Fisher Wallace

I've used the fisher Wallace stimulator for many months now it is a pleasure to use. It has become the one habit I never break because it has made such a huge difference in my mood and general outlookI no longer need antidepressants or anti anxiety Meds.

by Anonymous on Fisher Wallace
It worked when nothing else had!

I've battled depression off and on for my entire adult life and most of my teen years. I found some relief with medication and therapy, but I never felt like I was fully out of the "dark hole" that is depression. I saw an ad banner about the FWS and at first I thought it must be too good to be true! How could no one know about this if it's been around so long? I read about previous patient experiences and since I knew I could get my money back if it didn't work, I felt confident to at least try it. I started out on level 2 for 2 weeks as it suggested and felt a slight improvement but nothing major so I went to level 3. I then started getting really bad anxiety, which is something I don't normally expereience. I thought the machine wasn't working for me until someone at customer service said the machine can sometimes overstimulate people, so I tried going down to level 1. At that point my 30 day return period was almost up, but FW was happy to extend me time an additional 2-4 weeks! After a few weeks of consistent use at level 1 twice a day, I felt a difference I haven't felt in years! I felt happy for no reason! I wasn't overwhelmed by the normal stresses of life because I finally had some normal brain chemistry. It also has helped my other medications work better and made a difference in my chronic pain. I had a hard time paying the high price tag, but now I know it's more than worth it to have my life back!!!

by Kevin on Fisher Wallace
Anxiety & Insomnia

I have used the device for about 4 yrs. it has changed my life, anxiety under control and sleep now! I now am able to recognize anxiety in others and recommend the device to them. My assistent at work has a daughter that is bi polar, I have mentioned that it may help. Great product with no side effects!

by Donna Moore on Fisher Wallace
Stimulator works

I have had this for over a year now. I use it and feel better and then forget I have it until I start becoming depressed again or I stumble upon it. When I use it and turn it up too high it does become irritating at my temples. Its not so much painful as it is irritating and I want to hurry the session along. I am so glad I have this. It should be good for life. I cant imagine it ever becoming irrelivent. So glad my chiropractor took the time to help me get this. The only other tbing that bugs me is the strap that comes with the headband. I am always fighting with the pads popping out of the headband because its not wide enough to hold it in place. Other than these minor issues this is a good product.

by iva on Fisher Wallace
Great Product!

I was suicidally depressed for almost a year. Hospitalized 4 times in a 5 month period. Finally I gave up on the antidepressants as I found that they were making me more depressed. I went to a 30 day residential treatment program for anxiety and depression. During that time I used my Fisher Wallace device every night. I can happily say that now, a month later I feel more and more positive each day. The suicidal thoughts finally disappeared after 3 weeks of nightly use. I feel like I got my life back. I was dealing with chronic pain as well and now I feel it is well managed. I do take some pain meds but they work much better now that I am in a different mind space. Before, no pain meds worked at all. I am so thankful for finding this product. It literally saved my life.

by Kevin Horn on Fisher Wallace
Anxiety, Insomnia

I have used the device for about 4 yrs. Anxiety and depression run in my family. I have a number of cousins with bipolar issues. I was using Prozac for a few months and didn't like the side effects. I found the Fisher Wallace website, read the information and felt like there was no downside to trying it. It has saved my life, I use it every morning on level 4. My anxiety is gone, and I have very little insomnia. I mention the device at least once a week to people I meet that mention they have depression or insomnia.

by Rachel on Fisher Wallace
Getting a good nights sleep

I bought the FW stimulator over a year ago and didn't have enough time to do two sessions per day. Now this summer I have been using it going on 3 weeks and have actually begun to feel sleepy again on my own without the aid of sleeping pills. Looking forward to being without meds with the use of this device.

by Lisa Roderick on Fisher Wallace
Our Miracle

I can't say enough about this wonderful device. I use it for insomnia. My son uses it for depression/anxiety. He was unable to work due to his bipolar and social anxiety. He is now once again able to work full time and is med free! He even received a promotion. But best of all, he is happy again, and I am sleeping.

by LaDonna Hohlstein on Fisher Wallace

I have been using the FWS for about ten months. I have mood disorder, anxiety/insomnia. It has helped my mood disorder/ anxiety considerably. I have been able to lower my medication more than half. I struggle a lot with insomnia, however have not used stimulator as directed. I will try to use the stimulator 20min twice a day to see if I can make some progress. I would definitely recommend the FWS to those who want to lessen using medications.

by Elizabeth Miller on Fisher Wallace
Depression and Anxiety

I had been on medication for over 15 years. I could not function without it. I then had TMS which helped me get off medication but I found after my treatments were over my depression and anxiety was returning. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for more TMS treatments my doctor suggested this device that I could use in my home when I needed it. I LOVE IT!!! It feels so good to not take medication and still be able to function. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

by Barbara Engelhardt on Fisher Wallace
thanks for a good night of sleep
Video Review: 5153 Floyd Street, Covington, GA 30014

I am 75 years old, and in very good health. I began a few months ago sleeping only 2 to 4 hours a night. I was dragging through the day, and realized this lack of sleep was beginning to affect my over all health. Tried all the natural remedies, no result. Resorted to prescription remedies, no help. I had read about the Fisher Wallace, and began using it. Within a week I began to notice a difference. Now I am sleeping 6 to 7 hours a night, and feeling great! Thanks Fisher Wallace.

by Anonymous on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about a month and a half now, twice daily. It is extremely user friendly and easy to operate. The staff is also great- readily available and quickly answers any questions you may have. I am starting to feel the insomnia improving, as well as mood. It is hard to tell if it is the Fisher Wallace Stimulator or medication I am on, but I am going to keep at it because it is so easy to use and preferable to medication! I especially like that it can be clipped to your clothes, allowing you to move about.

by Dee Heglie on Fisher Wallace

This treatment has saved my sanity. In addition, my teen uses it for her anxiety with good results and no need for medication. Well done!

by Neal Ann Werner on Fisher Wallace
It's a Miracle Device!

This device has so made me feel amazing! Filled with anxiety and experiencing depression for so long I now am anxiety and depression-free. It's a miracle! I have my life back. I am spreading the word!

by George Scripture on Fisher Wallace
Therapeutic Tool

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I have a wife that suffers from depression. When she consistently uses the Fisher Wallace device, she notices that she feels better. The key is to be consistent. I have also recommended the device to my clients that are experiencing depression and do not want to take medication. I have also used it on a pain in my back. It also worked to lessen the my back pain.

by Judith Shuman on Fisher Wallace
The Dark Cloud is Gone!

The dark cloud of panic, anxiety, depression and insomnia is gone from my life!For the past 17 years I have attempted to find a way to manage my neuro-chemical imbalance with medication, therapy, supplements, meditation, prayer, tapping and exercise just to name a few. Nothing provided the relief, peace and balance I desperately needed. Anxiety, worry and restlessness made it almost impossible for me concentrate or to sit for more than 30 min. I constantly had the feeling that I needed to get up, walk around and move just to keep breathing.Then I saw the ad for the Fisher Wallace Stimulator in the corner of a webpage. I must admit I was skeptical when I placed my order but with the money back guarantee, what did I have to lose?I am thrilled with my response to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. The anxiety, worry and panic that kept me on edge are 95% improved. Even when I get an anxious feeling I am able to take charge of my thoughts and turn away from the fear that would normally grip me. I feel better about myself and it's much easier see the glass half full. I've been using the device twice daily for 3 months. The changes were subtle with exception of improving my sleep. After using the device for 2 days my sleep improved dramatically.I am doing so well that I am slowly tapering off my antidepressant / anxiety medication with no problems. In the past, trying to come off my meds would elicit "are you off your meds" remarks from my staff!I highly recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to anyone seeking a proven method for successfully treating anxiety, panic and depression. I am grateful to have my life back again!Sincerely,Judith Shuman, RNPS- When my device arrived at my office my staff got quite a laugh at the "stimulator" I had ordered. When they saw the electrodes and sponges that needed to be wet, they reminded me of the movie "The Green Mile" and what happened to "Eduard Delacroix" when the sponge was not wet!! We now call my Fisher Wallace stimulator my "green mile" machine!

by Janet Hash on Fisher Wallace
Works for me

My Fisher Wallace stimulator has definitely helped me cope with depression. Medications have not been very effective for me, but when I use my Fisher Wallace stimulator consistently it does make me feel better.

by Angelica Solis on Fisher Wallace
Amazing Results!

the stimulator has been very helpful to my father who has parkinson's disease in an advanced stage. He was not able to sleep at all at night and now he sleeps at least seven hours straigh every night and he has improved his health in general. Now he speaks better, he doesn't complain about not been able to swallow his food and he is is walking a lot better than before he started to using it. It is like a miracle!!!

by LVMH on Fisher Wallace
Truly Thankful

Happy to say I am sleeping at last! I tried this as sleep medication was not possible for me to take. They had a paradoxical effect. I was miserable. Turned out to be the best money spent!

by Debra on Fisher Wallace

My autistic son fell ill 3 years ago and the cause has yet to be determined but he is suffering my catatonia symptoms. I believe it has helped with his anxiety and depression and although I have not seen a dramatic improvement, I believe it is helping and has a calming affect on him. I use it regularly and it seems to help.

by Amy on Fisher Wallace
Good for helping pain

I use the fisher wallace unit for pain and for anxiety. I notice a difference if I don't use it in my anxiety. It's nice to be able to spot treat my knees or wrists if they flair up--always nice to have an extra tool for pain.

by Roul on Fisher Wallace
Some help

Using the device for a little over two weeks now. It seems to help with my headaches. Although no significant changes noted I like using the device. Continuing to use with the hope that it will help lift my depression.

by Marina Fato on Fisher Wallace
It is Worth a try!

I do not usually do reviews, however, I found doing this one to be important... When most meds do not work or have some terrible side effects, what else is there? The Fisher Wallace device is a great option. The unit is small and very easy to use! I found that it provided relief from my symptoms. The biggest thing for me was to try and do it every day and at fixed times and intervals. This seemed to provide the best relief and most benefit. When I missed sessions or varied the time between the sessions, it was difficuly for me to get the same results. Overall, you should try the device! You have nothing to lose and much to gain if it helps you! I hope it does!

by Stacy on Fisher Wallace
Helped with OCD and Anxiety

I've been using the Fisher Wallace as needed for about a year as suggested by my doctor. I wanted to find non-chemical ways of treating OCD and anxiety so that I could become pregnant without taking an SSRI. I first cleared this with my OBGYN also who fully agreed with my psychologist that this method of treatment would be absolutely safe for me and a baby. I found that after a week or so my anxiety lessened somewhat and continued to stay at bay except for one episode for the first few months. Symptoms improved and I now use it as needed. It hasn't completely eliminated my anxiety but I have noticed a difference and I am definitely glad I decided to purchase it. I also walked 30min 4 or 5 times per week which I believe may have also contributed to keeping anxiety down. I liked that I could wear it almost any time at home or even in the car if I was short on time in the morning (I have long hair so it was barely noticeable). I did notice flashing and a pulsing feeling when I had it turned up higher, as the directions say can happen, but this was not uncomfortable, just something I noticed. I was also able to take it on international flights in my hand luggage without question from TSA. I would recommend giving this a try if you have anxiety. With the money back guarantee there's really nothing to lose!

by Janet Leonard on Fisher Wallace
Seems helpful for anxiety/depression

I find that when I use the stimulator twice a day for 20 minute sessions, it seems to improve my mood and anxiety.I am still on my anti anxiety and antidepressant medications and am not at a place where I feel this could replace them, but it is definitely a helpful tool to add that worked well enough for me to not request my $600 back.It seems to make me more talkative and more sociable and willing to go places and also I have been able to take less PRN (as needed) anxiety meds.I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety and depression.

by Alexandra on Fisher Wallace
Great for Anxiety

I purchased the Fisher Wallace Stimulator in 2014 and have been using it ever since. I have found that this device really helps lessen my anxiety and I was even able to lower the dose of my medication as a result.

by Enrique Kuperman on Fisher Wallace

Since I use Fisher Wallace stimulator I have experienced a diminishing grade of anxiety and increase in feelings of tranquility and well being .

by Angela Vialoux on Fisher Wallace
Excellent device

I have found this device to be genuinely helpful in addressing both my sleep dosorder and my depression. It has really helped my overall mood and energy level.

by Johnathon on Fisher Wallace
Only device of its kind

The best alternative to pharmaceutical treatments for insomnia and depression.

by Beth on Fisher Wallace
Chronic insomnia aid

I am grateful for the benefits of the FW stimulator. It definitely helps me stay asleep longer and facilitates a deeper sleep state. In turn, I have less anxiety and FATIGUE. Thank you FW!

by Cindy Greeley on Fisher Wallace
Insomnia relief 'finally' !!

I have been using the stimulator for two weeks now. First, I will say that it is so very easy to use. Anyone can do it!! After about the 4th night of use I could tell my sleep was starting to improve, hooray!! Before using the device, my sleep was a constant 'tossing and turning", waking up and my mind becoming 'very awake' thinking of all my life issues at 3am, etc. I can honestly say that sleep pattern has changed for the better! If I do wake up and roll over, I DO NOT 'stay' awake, I fall right back to sleep and sometimes only wake up when the alarm goes off. I no longer dread going to sleep, because I know I will not toss and turn. I now am getting a sounder type sleep and I couldn't be more pleased!! I will also add that it seems to of helped me have a much calmer approach at dealing with stress. I do not take any kind of medication for anything...medications actually scare me and the side effects. The fact that I can use this device and have results 'without' meds is a life changer. Thank you Fisher Wallace for putting this on the market. The results will speak for themselves.

by H. Jaworski on Fisher Wallace
There Is Hope!

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for over a year now to help with long term depression symptoms. I have found that I feel lighter and more positive with regular use of the machine. I now have hope for a bright future, where I used to feel dragged down and hopeless most of the time. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering from depression; real help without the side effects of medication!

by Holly Cabell on Fisher Wallace
Focussing Now!

I am 72 years old. I’ve had my Fisher Wallace Stimulator for a little over a month. I got it because I was depressed and didn’t want the side effects including numbing of my emotions/energy. I was also obsessing and sleeping poorly. I felt my life was out of control; there were too many things to do. In the past I had been able to bring reality to my life by consolidating all the small pieces of paper with TO DOs onto one piece of paper. I was so stressed I was unable to do this.When I got the Stimulator I immediately slept longer; instead of waking at 3am, it was 3:30am then 4:00am but seems to have stabilized at 5:00am. When I wake then I put the Stimulator on and do my morning 20 minutes while lying back down. Most times I fall back to sleep; not like I have taken a sleeping pill, just relaxing into sleep. Sometimes I am in half-sleep but relaxed until the alarm goes off.I am still using the Stimulator twice a day; both times while lying down with sleep after.Reality without obsessing came quickly after I began use. In a couple of weeks I was able to face the things on my TO DO lists and accomplish them without stress. This ability to focus is what makes me happiest about the benefits of the Stimulator. Seeing things realistically and being able to address the things that need doing by setting proper priorities and focus means I’m not depressed.I highly recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.

by Nancy Davis on Fisher Wallace
Definitely something to consider

As a mental health counselor and someone who has personally suffered from depression and anxiety for the better part of my life, I can honestly say this has been the best solution to my challenges and something I am recommending to my clients regularly now! I was skeptical. I was unsure. But with the money back guarantee and after reading all the science behind the product I just felt I had nothing to lose. I tried it for two weeks and felt better! Then went on vacation and became very ill and stopped using it completely for three weeks while I was gravely ill. As I tried to heal from my other illnesses I decided I needed to get back to using the FW device and have been pleasantly surprised at how much better my overall health has been in the last 5 days of daily use. This truly is a miracle in my life and has been the push I have needed to begin my journey toward overall better health and moving away from So many medications. What a blessing in my life and I am so thankful I will be able to share this with my clients who look to me for alternatives from medicine when it comes to treating depression and anxiety!

by Annette Mastrogianni on Fisher Wallace
Helped Some

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator was prescribed to me for two purposes: Trigeminal Neuralgia and Anxiety. It was effective for my Trigeminal Neuralgia but did nothing for anxiety. I continue to use it as my neuraliga goes in and out of remission.

by Mackenzie Allen on Fisher Wallace
A Big Help!!

I have been using the device for about five weeks. While it has not completely taken away my anxiety and depression, it has helped a lot! I am sleeping more deeply, not needing afternoon naps, and have discontinued my depression meds, although I do still take anxiety meds. With the thirty day free trial I don't understand why anyone would not give this a try. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

by Abby on Fisher Wallace
Changing the Face of Depression
Video Review:

I went through TMS and two year later I begun feeling and seeing signs I never wanted to come back. I purchased the Fisher Wallace device and it has given be the same results as when I went through TMS without spending $10,000. It has truly not only changed my life but saved my life.

by DeeDee Chang on Fisher Wallace
All in the Family

I learned about the Fisher Wallace Stimulator while on my journey to help my son with his depression. He didn't want to take medication, yet he needed to get out of his funk, so I purchased one for him. Within a few weeks his mood lifted. Now he uses it when he notices his mood going low.I know there is science behind what it does, but all I know is that is works! I then purchased one for me since I suffer from depression also. The change in mood is gradual. There are no side effects, i.e. dull affect or weight gain, etc. I highly recommend trying the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. It's easy to use and takes just 20 minutes a day.

by Peter Kitinski on Fisher Wallace
Works great!

We have been using the Fisher Wallace for over a year and has helped improve our mothers mental condition. A definite recommendation!

by Beth Sims on Fisher Wallace
Faithful user!

The FW stimulator has been effective in inducing a better quality of sleep and longer durations of sleep for me. I have used it every night for about 8 months but find it most helpful when used twice daily. Better sleep translates to more energy and happier mood. Thank you, Fisher Wallace!

by Patti on Fisher Wallace
Works Great for my Symptoms

I have suffered from severe anxiety my entire life. About 20 years ago, my Dr. put me on Klonopin 1mg (3×/day). They are somewhat effective, but nothing compared to the FW Stimulator! I can honestly say that my anxiety is nonexistent after I used this device daily for 20 minutes. I have also been in an incredibly good mood! I am now using it to help kick the Klonopin, because I no longer need 3mg/day.I would highly recommend this device to anyone who suffers from pain, depression, anxiety, or the other conditions mentioned to be helped by the FW Stimulator. And with a money back guarantee, how could you not try it... No more excuses! Try this and get your life back!

by Adele on Fisher Wallace

I used the FW stimulator for chronic insomnia. It's portability is especially useful. I took it with me in my carry-on bag along with a copy of the prescription and instruction sheet. I had no problems getting through security. It helps when used consistently.

by Victor Zurbel on Fisher Wallace
Cured 20 year Ambient addiction

I have been Ambient dependent for sleep for 20 years.After about a week of using Fisher Wallace Stim, I was able to fall asleep without meds. Also, it has helped me overcome winter depression and malaise as well as anxiety. I also use supplements such as glysine, inositol, L-theanine, GABA, 5HTP, ashwaganda, which also contributes to insomnia, depression and anxiety. The device may be a placebo, but if so, a good one.

by Sue Smolinski on Fisher Wallace
Blue Cross covers half.

I had been in depression for 12 years, and in counseling for as long. I got off of Lexapro (about 9yrs) in Aug 2014. It was very scary as I kept sliding back into the same feelings of helplessness. After using the FW stimulator for a month I became more confident of moving fully out of depression, and hope began to dawn. I am fully recovered now, but will say that it is important to have something to replace the fear that keeps one in depression. The patterns are so deeply ingrained that you revert to them automatically otherwise.

by Pat Sullivan on Fisher Wallace
5 years later

More than 5 years of daily support from my Fisher Wallace Brain Stimulator and I continue to feel that it minimizes depression, supports brain health and helps me cope with the symptoms of Parkinsons. It continues to be a real help and I highly recommend it.

by Margaret Brown on Fisher Wallace
Best ever

I have been suffering from a tramatic deppresive issue and I suffer frominsomnia. My therapist reccomended the FW and I have had great results. My husband has been diagnosted with PTSD and he has also began using the FW and is sleeping more hours in a night. Our success with the FW has been amazing. Thank you

by Joe Hayes on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I've been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about one year. I ordered it to help me get of of anti-anxiety/depressants which I have been on for years. I tried it for several weeks. and felt a little better but it was not enough to completely replace the medications. However the device did help to significantly lower the presribed dose of medication. I will continue to use this device.

by Chris D on Fisher Wallace
It Works!

I have gained significant relief from depression and anxiety since using the device. I highly recommend it.

by Fran on Fisher Wallace
Thankyou fisher wallace

An ems machine thru my therapist helped me get get my life back. Years of severe depression and anxiety with a cacophany of pain and anti anxiety meds kept me in a downward spiral. A year in a tms chair turned everything around for me. When it was no longer available to me i was at a loss. When i found this ems unit i could own and use at home at my discretion has helped me contiue forward. No meds no side effects. This is an awesome unit and i just want to say thankyou fisher wallace.

by Burt Rozman on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace

I have used the Fisher Wallace device for 2 months now and I feel better! I am sleeping better and feel happier! My coworkers have noticed a change in me and I now feel like I used to many years ago. I am still taking my prescribed antidepressant medication but I have not had to up the dosage. The Fisher Wallace gives me that extra boost that I need to function at a 100%. In addition, my daughter is seeing results too!

by Tom Lawson on Fisher Wallace
I Researched, I Purchased, I Benefited

A little over two years ago, and only after spending hours in research (I'm a university professor so it's wired into my DNA), I purchased the Fisher-Wallace device. Prior to that I had been on Wellbutrin, and before that on Zoloft, for more than 20 years. My family background includes a clear history of both academic giftedness and serious struggles with depression. My mother underwent involuntary institutionalization on two separate occasions. There is no way to hide the fact that I was very skeptical. The whole notion of putting electrodes on the side of your head seemed only marginally removed from con-men selling snake-oil remedies to hapless pioneers. But, as I already noted, I poured hours into researching valid, unbiased studies and published results.Now, more than two years have passed. Within days of starting daily use of the Fisher-Wallace device, with the knowledge of my primary care physician, I discontinued all medication. The impact is subtle (hard to explain - but it is not like taking a new medication). For the first few days it was like thinking, "OK, I don't think this is doing anything at all. But, I did have a pretty good day. I'll keep it up and see." That's how it felt. And yet, within a week or two, it was obvious my long descents into almost-paralyzing depression were not there. That ever-present gnawing sense of a coming time of depression (even on days when I felt more-or-less OK) I had lived with for years was either gone, or was so diminished that it might as well have been gone.Two years later and the results have continued - now to the point that feeling "normal" has become normal (I cannot stress how amazing this is for me). I have encouraged my adult children, who also struggle in battling depression, to obtain the devices (which they have and all use regularly).I know I read "testimonials" with more than a small amount of skepticism. A combination of gullibility and the so-called "placebo-effect" means that it is not that difficult to find people ready to share enthusiastic "this-changed-my-life" stories about products that make unsubstantiated claims and offer little genuine benefit. I can only say that this is simply not the case with the Fisher-Wallace stimulator.There is nothing I have found, no product, no medication, no exercise or exposure to sunlight or whatever, that has been as effective, as free of any negative side effects, or as remarkable in its impact on my day to day as this little device.

by Marlene on Fisher Wallace
It works!!!

I have had the misfortune of depression, anxiety and insomnia since the onset of menopause. After seeing this device on Facebook for several months months and finally deciding my mental state was more important than my money I ordered the device. I tried the device upon receipt. To my great surprise I experienced a relaxing of tightness in my chest as soon as I turned on the device . I had no idea the tightness was there. Began sleeping better after about a week, anxiety attacks went away, and finally the depression lifted. I am not totally free from my symptoms all the time but I am so much better than I have been in years that I am considering purchasing another device as a back up. Wish I could afford to purchase several as I know many friends and family who could use one but can't afford one. Thank you Fisher Wallace for all your efforts in helping and making available this invaluable device.

by Mary Lynagh on Fisher Wallace

I have been using the Stimulator for over a year for sleep deprivation and I am so happy with it as there is no need for sleeping tablets. I use it twice daily leaving a six hour gap between usage and its working a dream. Mary Lynagh

by Carolyn Perreau on Fisher Wallace
Very pleased

I purchased the stimulator to help with insomnia. It started working very quickly after using it. Sleep meds cause such side effects it really is a blessing to be off them. Thank you

saved my sleep

I was very skeptical, but desperate for a good night's sleep. So I dipped into my savings and never looked back. I don't know how this thing does it, but it gets me to fall asleep every night, at a normal hour, and I wake up ready to go. It's also helped with my depression. I highly recommend trying this thing!

by MaryEllen Svaren on Fisher Wallace
I was shocked!

I suffer from both SAD and serious insomnia. I thought, well, what can it hurt? In other words, I ordered it thinking it might work and big deal, if it didn't. It seems a little "out there" but I'm happy to report that it has helped me sleep through the night.

by Gary Martin on Fisher Wallace
So far so good

Recently i have had a severe issue with anxiety and depression. I have worked with physicians that have made the Fisher Wallace a standard of care in their practice. Having seen the benefits, I recently started to use the device. It has made a noticable improvement. I have made it part of my daily routine. It has helped not only with my depression, but has also had an impact on my ability to sleep.

by Pat Taylor on Fisher Wallace
Life Saver

I purchased the Fisher Wallace stimulator for insomnia and depression. That was in November 2015. I was surprised at how much it improved the quality of my sleep. I actually sleep more deeply. I tried an experiment recently of using it only once a day. What I found is that I slept but felt half awake most of the night. I let that go on for 3 days and resumed using it twice a day. It really does help with sleep. My depression has also improved, not gone, but less. I am more willing and able to do things that help me such as regular exercise, eating better, socializing. I don't get the urge as often anymore to hide in my house and avoid people. I appreciate that I do not have to take drugs for either problem and since I am a recovering alcoholic that is essential.

by David Dowling on Fisher Wallace
Sleep improved

After 3 weeks my sleep pattern has changed greatly. I am now able to sleep through the night for the most part. If I wake up to use the bathroom, I can fall asleep again as opposed to before. I continue to use it every night before bed and hope that the progress continues.

by Elizabeth B on Fisher Wallace
Entire family uses

I have a son on the Autism Spectrum who has trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. He tells me the Fisher Wallace calms his brain and helps him sleep better. We have noticed he is sleeping deeper and longer. This helps him be calmer and more focused during the day. My other son can be anxious and was affected by SAD over the winter months. Wearing the device before bed each night helped him calm down and go to sleep. He was calmer/ less anxious during the day too. Now that summer is almost here he says he doesn't need it (days are longer/more sunshine) and is in good spirits. We will put it back to use for him come fall. I have used the device myself, initially to show my kids it wouldn't fry their brains ! and found it to have a very calming, relaxing effect. Both my husband and I use it when stress may get in the way of a good nights sleep. I was initially intimidated by the price, as my insurance would not cover any part of it or put the price towards my deductible. I was motivated by the possibility of a non-drug therapy helping my children; and it has. The assurance that if it didn't work we could get a full refund prompted me to order one; after several inquiries via e-mail about use for kids and other questions. I am pleased with this product; very easy to use and works for our family.

by Sandy on Fisher Wallace
Excellent Results

My son has been using the Wallace Stimulator for a couple of years, and is very pleased with the results. It helps with sleep, anxiety and depression. Does not need to use on a daily basis anymore. Thanks for developing an excellent product.

by Chris Breese on Fisher Wallace
Works for me!

I have used the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for 8 weeks now and I feel like it has helped me. The first 2 weeks I used it twice a day for 20 minutes at level 2. I felt like it was helping but not enough so I went to level 4 twice a day for 20 minutes. I have suffered from depression for most of my life and have been on different medications to help. In 2015 I was at my lowest point due to my job and the stress that came with it. I had no desire to go anywhere or do anything. Since I started the FW device I slowly got better and I'm now able to look forward to doing things and I even went away and had a great time! At this point I'm hoping to try going off my medication so I don't have to deal with the side effects. If that happens then I would change my rating to 5 stars!

by Mark on Fisher Wallace
Really helps!

Sleeping much better and feeling better. Looking for years for solution, tried dozens of products...this one works well.

by Melissa Cederquist on Fisher Wallace
Excellent Tool for Anxiety and Medication Withdrawal Therapy

I originally bought the Fisher Wallace because I was/am going through the withdrawal process after being prescribed Ativan for a year and a half (which is not the proper prescription process). My anxiety and panic issues were through the roof. I was willing to try anything to feel better and get my life back - I couldn't even go to work! I first ordered the Fisher Wallace to get some relief from my symptoms so I could relax. I did the 20 minutes a day, twice a day regimen at first - I could definitely tell that it was helping within the first week. I felt calmer and looked forward to my treatment time every day. After about 3 weeks I went to 30 minutes, twice a day, for my treatment. Now I am well on my way to recovery from my 'accidental addiction' and the FW has been an excellent tool for this. I have recommended this to my family as well, not just for anxiety but also for physical therapy aid needs. I would recommend this to anyone.

by Betty F. TATE on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

After life-long depression and a mountain of anti-depressants, I found this FW Device really helps me. I hsve had ECT which does help a lot, but the side effects are severe - memory loss, disorientation, etc. This FW Device does the same thing without any side effectd, and it reduces my insomnia.

by Robert McCarthy on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I have used the Stimulator for a 7 weeksto help with insomnia. It has been a success as I cut down my nighttime wake ups and decreased my melatonin. I also do not worry about it affecting other prescriptive drugs. I do not know the long term effectiveness but am confident it will continue to work.

by Mary Anne McCarthy on Fisher Wallace
Sleep Improved

I have just started using the Fisher Wallace device. In the first two weeks, I have noticed improvement in the quality of my sleep. Both falling asleep faster, and easier. I hope to see more progress, and more results as I move forward with the device. I was impressed with the quick impact on my sleep and was pleased with its ease of use and care. I would be comfortable recommending this product.

by Leighann on Fisher Wallace

I've been using the FW device to treat my anxiety and panic attacks for almost two weeks now. As its too soon to tell if it will get me to the point I wish to be at, I have noticed slight changes in my mood and overall anxiety. I know have the motivation to try to fight my anxiety head on and have found myself laughing and smiling more. Even though my panic attacks and almost being house bound is still here, I will still give it four stars because of the excellent customer service, and because of all the lives this device has improved. I hope in the next 1-3 weeks I will notice a much bigger difference than what I'm seeing now. I will update my review when/if that happens.

by James Mosier on Fisher Wallace
Great product

The device has been a great alternative to using anti-depressants for me. Love the sensation of using it, a mild tingling and fell more relaxed and calm after several days of using. Only need to use every couple of weeks now. Very good quality product.

by Roger Burmaster on Fisher Wallace

This has helped me with my insomnia more than the 3 medicines that I have been on for 7 years. I use it 2 times every day and if it ever broke I would buy another one right away

by Diane M. Brown on Fisher Wallace
Answer to Prayer

I have suffered from insomnia for many years now, and have tried numerous remedies, lotions and potions and as a result I did not expect to receive success from this device. It sounded too good to be true. But truly this has been an answer to my prayer as I am no longer waking in the middle of the night unable to return to sleep. I have used this for several months now and can feel confident to submit this review to say this device works as advertised. If your insomnia is lyme related and have tried everything out there, I suggest you give this a try.

by Dale Knight on Fisher Wallace
Good Results

I'm 70 years old, I've had depression since childhood. The last 20 years I'vetried antidepressants and even ECT ( electric shock therapy ), none reallyworked that well. I started the FWS on 12-2014, and after the first monthI noticed a difference in my depression, it was a lot better, and I still useit twice a day. It doesn't seem to help with my insomnia, but it does help,a lot, with my depression. Thank you for the FWS.

by Don on Fisher Wallace
Alternative to pills!

Stress in my life made it difficult to turn off the "noise in my head" when I needed sleep. After a few days of using the FWStimulator, I felt better able to deal with the challenges causing my stress and sleep came so much easier. I look forward to each session! I use the FW stimulator 2-4 times a week and it's never a burden because I can listen to music or read during the session. Great tool!

by Jen K. on Fisher Wallace
Amazing Product

I have battled depression most of my life, this is really an amazing product. Over my relatively short lifetime I have "failed" almost every drug on the market, this has literally given me my life back. My drug dosages are getting smaller and yet I still feel good, sleep better and find myself using much less anti-anxiety medication.

by Jay on Fisher Wallace
Eye Pain

I have been using FW for 6 years and it works for me. I have corneal neuralgia and has made my life a little easier. Hope this helps for you!

by Kelleah Metzger on Fisher Wallace

I am my Drs first patron with chronic major depression to try this product. I used it for two weeks twice a day at a setting of 2, and didn't notice a change. So, I per instructions increased my level to 4 and after about five days have finally noticed an improvement in my mood and I have better sleep. I wanted to try this because of an insurance change that occurred in January. The price of one of my meds went up to $556 per month for the generic, and I have used it for several years. So I am feeling hopeful now that the Fisher Wallace Stimulator will continue to work well and easily replace my "missing " medicine.

by Bill Burkard on Fisher Wallace

It devise has help in many way when travel it great for sleeping

by Roger burmaster on Fisher Wallace
Insomnia cured

Thanks to a friend who uses the stimulator I have had my insomnia cured. I use it twice everyday and now I sleep with no medication. It doesn't bother me to wear it even in public. I recommend it for anyone who has trouble sleeping.

by Meredith Snow on Fisher Wallace
It works when anti-depressants aren't enough

The stimulator has helped where anti-depressants have not. I still take anti-depressants which help to a degree, but the stimulator has effectively brought me to a place where I can start working on a better life. I am grateful to have found it. I would still be struggling simply to live my life, now I can actively work to make it a better, more fulfilling life.

by Melanie Wade on Fisher Wallace
highly recommend!

I wish that I had known about this device years ago, but especially a couple years ago when trying to taper off a benzodiazepine prescribed for severe sleep issues that also caused severe anxiety. I began to experience greatly disturbed sleep at age 50 when going through perimenopause. I averaged 2 1/2-3 hours of interrupted sleep and tried to function that way for several years. During that time, I could find zero help in altering diet, using every natural known remedy known to man. I was truly beside myself and anyone who has experienced long-term insomnia knows why indeed it is used as a means of torture. Not knowing what else to do, I turned to 'modern pharmacology' in order to sleep again and thus began a journey that wound up ultimately as one of the hardest challenges of my life. Getting off these meds is nothing short of a nightmare, and I totally understand the desperation of those who feel unable to endure the severe and protracted withdrawal that follows the end of tapering. I will not go into the terrible details here, but suffice to say that it has been a most dreadful two years to get off the meds and get through the protracted withdrawal syndrome - I would like to say right here and now that if you are reading this and contemplating taking any of these drugs, I put up a huge cautionary red flag - and I urge you to try the Fisher Wallace device instead. The meds left me in worse shape than before, which was the worst shock of my life. They have so altered my central nervous system, dopamine levels (I looked exactly like a Parkinson's patient for several months after my taper), and shut down my GABA receptors that the insomnia came back with a vengeance. When I reached the point of only one hour of agitated sleep per night and felt like I would lose my mind, my husband began to do research and stumbled upon this site. The Fisher Wallace has been a God-send for me. It took about a good month to feel anything and I took it up to level 3 or 4 during the 3rd/4th weeks....and then the miraculous began to happen. I began to sleep 3 hours...then I average about 5-6. For someone who has suffered enormously the past 13 years, this little device has felt like a life-saver. I cannot understand why more info is not out there about it. In this day and age when nearly every other tv commercial is for a pill and 'quick fix', I am greatly saddened by all the many people who are needlessly suffering out there, and as the saying goes, "we are legion". It is epidemic, and most folks blindly trust their doctors....It is a classic story. And all the while the pharmaceutical companies know the dangers but suppress it all. In summation, I urge anyone reading this to strongly consider popping for this device. There is zero risk-factor where with conventional treatment, the stakes are extreme. I am comforted that using this form of treatment is actually helping my brain to heal instead of taking pills that completely alter the brain and create dependency so severe that many people have their lives tragically changed into a nightmare from which there is no escape. Please, do your own research and please read the reviews and stories here. None of us have any vested interest. There is a running theme through most reviews, often like mine that involve a lot of NEEDLESS suffering. There is true hope offered in the science behind the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I only wish I had discovered it years back... And I pray that the word gets out more and more that there IS a better way to manage - and heal- the things that may alter brain function. I have been telling others and I will continue to recommend the Fisher Wallace to anyone that is willing to listen. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Fisher Wallace Labs for bringing new hope and healing back into my life.

by Julie on Fisher Wallace
I can sleep again

I have used this for several years now, and get great sleep now. Before I was a horrible insomniac, none of the normal sleeping meds worked for me or left me groggy in the morning. I use it twice a day and can definitely tell when I slack off and forget it.

by Joyce Lingerfelt on Fisher Wallace
Promising Results

I am 70+ and have experienced depression since my early twenties. After using the Fisher Wallace for several weeks, I have experienced better sleep. While continuing to take prescribed antidepressants and using the Fisher Wallace, my depression is less severe. I intend to continue this approach and hope this progress will continue.

by Belinda Macaulay on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace

I bought the Fisher Wallace stimulator about a year ago and found it helped me with anxiety, sleeping and pain in my upper back. I used it regularly when I first got it. It took a while to help with my sleeping but worked faster with the anxiety. I use it also when I have pain in my neck and shoulder. Now I use it less regularly and on an as needed basis. I found a combination of using this machine, meditation a healthy diet and exercise as being the optimum formula for being healthy, rested and happy.

by Anne Cook on Fisher Wallace
Reliable Pain Relief

I have several chronic pain issues, including pelvic pain. I've found this device more effective than a TENS unit and it's easier to keep in position. What a relief!

by Susan Wright on Fisher Wallace
It works as well as they say!

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about five years, devising different routines as needed. .I have been diagnosed with fibromyaglia, restless legs, major depression, anxiety and sleep apnea and have used the stimulator to address all of them. The sleep apnea is important to mention because although I have used a c-pap machine for many years, its noise interfere with my sleep UNLESS I have used the Fisher Wallace during the day. Currently I use the Fisher Wallace in conjunction with meditating in the late afternoons, usually about 40 minutes. The use of the stimulator this way means that my evenings are pleasant and that I sleep well all night! I am very grateful for the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and highly recommend it.

by Judy Vale on Fisher Wallace
better sleep

I've used the product twice daily for 20 minutes (mornings, evenings) and my sleep has definitely improved. Still not perfect, but worth the 40 minutes.

by Donald Slaughter on Fisher Wallace
Great tool for relieving stress

I have had the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for over one year and I have found that it has greatly reduced my stress levels which has allowed me to handle the challenges in my life with more confidence in my abilities and better decision making. The "fog" in my brain caused by stress and anxiety has lifted and I can focus better on my goals and accomplish so more.

by Gene Street on Fisher Wallace
It Works!

I have suffered from depression my entire adult life. This disease, I inherited from my mother, who was manic depressive. I have only been on antidepressants for the last 5 years, changing several times to find the right one. This last year my current one seemed to be not working as well as it did at first. I had been readying about CES, however thought it had to been done in a doctor's office. When I discovered the Fisher Wallace simulator I read all I could find out about it and ordered it. IT WORKS !!! I was having a problem getting out of bed and I am usually a morning person. Within 2 weeks I was getting out of bed and eager to start my day. I am now currently in my 10th week of using the simulator and my energy and activeness has continue to get better. I look forward to the 20 minutes, twice a day that I us my device. I would recommend this the anyone suffering from depression and their medicine is not quite enough. The Fisher Wallace simulator is Great for CES.

by DAVID KRAMER on Fisher Wallace

I am a psychotherapist, I decided to try the FW unit for two reasons, first I have had some problems sleeping and I wanted to personally review the results before recommended it to clients. I did help with the sleep, especially in the beginning, I did have to increase the intensity to keep the effect of getting sleepy or give it a couple of days off and then go back to it. The second reason is that it did definitely change my mood for the better although I felt more tranquility. Overall, I think it is a good idea for someone suffering with mood disorders. I am not a big fan of psychotropic drugs due to the numerous side effects. The FW stimulater would be my first option

by Babar Choudhry on Fisher Wallace

This product resulted in some improvement in patient after 1 month of use twice a day. Patient finds it helpful.

by A. Lim on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I've been using my Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about a month, my concentration and overall mood are greatly improved. I am using it once in the morning and once before bedtime. It is easy to use and it is helping me! Thank you!

by Sally on Fisher Wallace

I have been on and off of antidepressants for 15 years and most of them had no effect on me. The one or two that did work eventually wore off after a few months. It was a risky investment for me to purchase an expensive device like this one, but now I am so glad that my therapist told me to look into this. Not only do I not have to take medication anymore, which may cause side effects and dependency issues, but it ends up being a lot cheaper in the long run. Although my depression is not cured, and likely never will be, I find that there has been a significant decrease in my sad spells. I sleep much better, and I am much less irritable with family. My depression is managed much better and much more consistently with the Fisher Wallace stimulator, and I am so glad that I took the plunge to actually buy it!

by patricia on Fisher Wallace

Patricia Gold I've been using It to help me get to sleep. It really has worked for me. And I have noticed that my disposition is pretty positive too!

by Ruth Pollack- Pappas on Fisher Wallace

I use the FW, mainly to help with migraines, and insomnia. I VERY rarely get a good night's sleep. Therefore, there always comes a time, in the afternoon, when I just can't function. The brain won't work. And, I'm just shot. Ordinarily, I would have two choices: Lie down, fall asleep, and ruin all chances of having a decent sleep, yet another night. Or, I could take some medication, that would push me to stay awake, as uncomfortable, as it would be. Now - with the FW - there is another option! Simply using the FW, for 20 minutes, revitalizes me! I do NOT go into a sleep, but rather, I experience a wonderful relaxation. The stress is GONE, and my "get up and go" is ready to ... do just that! It is a blessing!!!

by Mike tamillow on Fisher Wallace
It works!

I have had lots of success from Fischer Wallace and can say firsthand that it works!

by C B LIVINGSTON on Fisher Wallace
It works

I am 69 years old and have lived with severe arthritis in my hands, knees, neck, and shoulders for well over 20 years. On some days my hands are virtually useless. I hated being drug dependent, but Tramadol and other strong medications were the only way I could function.I recently became concerned that I could become addicted. But living without medications for pain was not appealing. It would be wonderful to become drug free, so I began searching for anything that might be helpful.I researched the Fisher Wallace Stimulator as much as I could before ordering it. It is not like the TENS Unit. I have used the TENS Unit and there is no comparison. With the money-back guarantee I felt I had nothing to lose. So with much skepticism I ordered it and began using it as soon as I received it.My right arm/shoulder is in almost constant pain – medication or not. It was broken several years ago and I had 2 rotator cuff surgeries on it about 10 years ago. No matter how much medication I took, it would still keep me awake many a night.After using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator the first time my arm felt better, although I credited it to the placebo effect. After using it several times in 3 days I could no longer doubt it was the Fisher Wallace. Miracle of miracles, it actually works. I also used it on my arthritic hands and can now spread my fingers and write (not as good as I hope to) and have opened jars I haven't been able to open in years.The Fisher Wallace may not cure everything, but I believe it has helped me more than I ever dreamedanything could. Yes, it is expensive, but what price can you put on pain relief? I thank God for it; I just wish it were more affordable for the average person.

by Barbara Hunt on Fisher Wallace

This devise is awesome! I can now sleep through the night! Has also lifted my mood! Love it!!

by bruce on Fisher Wallace
fisher wallace

Didn't know I was depressed until I had used it for 3 months and was feeling a lot more positive about everything. Got it for sleeping and it works for me. been taking sleeping pills for 10 years and have got off them totally. I have been using the fisher Wallace device for 18 months and am now going from 2 times a day to 1. Getting a good nights sleep has helped me to get my anxiety meds as well. Have told quite a few people about this. To a lot of them it was too expensive. Lower price would get you more sales. Because I use it all the time I won't lend it out. To me it was worth every dollar, seeing the results, can't put a price on what it can do.

by Darryl Fry on Fisher Wallace
I was skeptical but no longer...

The use of the Fisher Wallace device has far exceeded my expectations. I have been a horrible sleeper most of my life and on constant medication to enhance sleep for the past 10 years. In 45 days I am off all medication and sleeping for 7 to 8 hours per night. It works! I am so grateful for this product and highly recommend it.

by Marc on Fisher Wallace
Good product

The device is easy to operate and can be used whilst doing other things. Im overall satisfied with this product.

by Barbara Bustillo on Fisher Wallace
Very Good Sleep

June 18, 2016My psychiatrist discussed with me, because of my chronic insomnia, and related anxiety issues, the use of The Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I have been using the unit for over a year, and am very pleased the way it has affected positivelymy sleep. At first I used it in the mornings, now I use it in the evening before I go to bed, with a remarkable affect on my sleep depth and duration.

by Roger Burmaster on Fisher Wallace

I have had Insomnia for 7 years and until I tried the Fisher-Wallace stimulator I had to take Ambein and then Lunesta to sleep. I use it 2 times a day at the recommended setting of 2, and now I sleep 6 to 7 hours every night. I wouldn't be able to function without it. I have tried everything there is - except Hypnosis, but this works. If you are thinking of buying one DO IT!

Great Product!!!

I have used the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for insomnia for nearly one year. I go to sleep soon after using it, sleep well throughout the night, and wake feeling refreshed. It has made a huge difference in my life and I highly recommend it.

by Melodile Adams on Fisher Wallace
Works For Me

I have Bipolar 2 with major depressive disorder. this machine has really helped with the depression. It has taken about 6 weeks for me to see the positive effects so far. I would definitely recommend this product. It has made my quality of life so much better. I now consider this just as I do my medications part of my daily routine.

by Keith Muro on Fisher Wallace
Insomnia relief

After years of taking over-the-counter sleep aids, I decided to research the Fisher Wallace stimulator. After getting permission from my doctor, I ordered the stimulator about two years ago and have had great success falling asleep at night by using it twenty minutes before bed. I also noticed the Fisher Wallace stimulator counters my anxiety when I use it right after getting home from work in the afternoon after days that are stressful!

by Ashish Sood on Fisher Wallace
Too Good But True

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is above all a high quality product. I have seen similar sleep devices but this is miles ahead. Fisher Wallace devices are the only ones that have been licensed to give electric impulses directly to the brain via the temples. Other brands can only do so indirectly through the earlobes. Plus it is the only one to be used by Harvard, which I believe speaks for itself.

by Cheryl Livingston on Fisher Wallace
It works!!!

I am 69 years old and have lived with severe arthritis in my hands, knees, neck, and shoulders for well over 20 years. On some days my hands are virtually useless. I hated being drug dependent, but Tramadol and other strong medications were the only way I could function.I recently became concerned that I could become addicted. But living without medications for pain was not appealing. It would be wonderful to become drug free, so I began searching for anything that might be helpful.I researched the Fisher Wallace Stimulator as much as I could before ordering it. It is not like the TENS Unit. I have used the TENS Unit and there is no comparison. With the money-back guarantee I felt I had nothing to lose. So with much skepticism I ordered it and began using it as soon as I received it.My right arm/shoulder is in almost constant pain – medication or not. It was broken several years ago and I had 2 rotator cuff surgeries on it about 10 years ago. No matter how much medication I took, it would still keep me awake many a night.After using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator the first time my arm felt better, although I credited it to the placebo effect. After using it several times in 3 days I could no longer doubt it was the Fisher Wallace. Miracle of miracles, it actually works. I also used it on my arthritic hands and can now spread my fingers and write (not as good as I hope to) and have opened jars I haven't been able to open in years.The Fisher Wallace may not cure everything, but I believe it has helped me more than I ever dreamedanything could. Yes, it is expensive, but what price can you put on pain relief? I thank God for it; I just wish it were more affordable for the average person.

by Caroline Lunger on Fisher Wallace
Helps with neurological recovery

This stimulator is amazing not only for anxiety, depression and mood-balance but also for stimulating my left side which has less nerve function and sensation due to a TBI. Wearing it during the day, even while walking through hallways and in the car is helping with my lack of depth perception and body awareness. I am finally feeling more comfortable in my own body, thanks to this! Its an awesome tool for at home neurological therapy and even stimulating jaw muscles to help me chew again. It's exciting to have something at home that finally works. When ever I have a small sense of panic, I place the sponges under the headband and pain and panic seem to disperse pretty quickly for me. Thank you!

by Susan Brankamp on Fisher Wallace
Changed my life!

I am excited to report that the Fisher Wallace Stimulator I purchased @ a year ago has truly changed my life! I was a bit skeptical at first, but in some intuitive way, I knew I had to, at least. try it. I had suffered form chronicinsomina since I was a child. I'm here to tell you that after a few times of using the FWS, I was sleeping better than I ever had! I was having much anxiety (panic attacks) as well, and because of using thee FWS, I am pretty close to anxiety free most of the time. I am so grateful that I chose to take the action to purchase the Fisher WallaceStimulator. I enjoy my life more than I have in many years and I believe it is because of using this product!

by Jerry Wilkaitis on Fisher Wallace

Works as promised so far. Have been using the stimulator for 5 weeks.

by Michelle McQuain on Fisher Wallace
FWS Review

Sublime!FWS [used regularly] is a positive life altering device. It elevates my mood and lessens my depression without negative side effects; it eases withdrawal/discontinuation symptoms when transitioning from psycho- tropics like anti-depressants or central nervous system stimulants; it reduces anxiety and helps me relax. I highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing psychological issues.

by Andrew Mayo on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I have been using my Fisher Wallace Stimulator for approximately 15 years and have had no problems. I am very pleased with my results.

by Julie Rosa on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator

When my daughter started using this device I could see an incredible difference after just a few uses. She was not using it while pregnant. But after she had her second baby she felt postpartum depression and began using it again. It brought her back to a more tolerable place. I love this device.

by mark on Fisher Wallace
Great Stuff!

Sleep deprived for years with numerous over the counter remedies tested. For the first time in years, a routine nights sleep is happening. I would strongly suggest this product to anyone that has attempted other remedies without result.

by Kelly on Fisher Wallace

I gave up on medicines and my doctor and I decided to try this device. I don't feel fixed, and I'm still depressed. But I am able to function, to hold a conversation, to interact with others. I didn't tell my roommates about it and both of them mentioned they could tell I was feeling better.

by Katie Swartzentruber on Fisher Wallace
Fibromyalga improved
Video Review: My Fibro

I suffer from fibromyalga and arthuritus in spine.I have tried many natural remedies.I started to go to the Ortman Clinic and that did wonders.But I was sooo tired all of the time.And the Fisher Wallace has helped tremendously.Thanks so much for your great product.I still continue to travel to the Ortman Clinic for my structure issue.And the Fisher Wallace for pain and helps me ,that I can have a better quality of life.Iam no longer in bed on rainy days.Some days I still have to take 2 pain pills a day.(Iused to take 8 to10 aday to manage my pain.) Thanks so much!

by Sue F on Fisher Wallace
Works for me

I have been using this device for over a year, and my doctor has been able to reduce my medication. I am very pleased.

by Read Murphy on Fisher Wallace

I have suffered with depression for forty five years and all the remedies that accompanies it. I was always skeptical of what effects drugs had on long term health. I was the Emergency Management Coordinator for a Jersey shore town that was devastated by Sandy .This resulted in me going into a hypo manic state for two year. Subsequently I plunged into a deep bipolar depression. My introduction to your product has been a true miracle in my life. two weeks using your product. Depression almost gone head clear, life changed !!!!!!!!

by Amanda Booth Bice on Fisher Wallace
LMFT refers clients to use FW
Video Review: A Win-Win Situation!

I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist & have referred two clients with severe depression, anxiety & insomnia (PTS) to use the FW. Both have had really good results & have been able to manage their symptoms on a more consistent basis. I am now actively referring other clients to try the FW Stimulator. I love that there is a 30 day money back guarantee. I feel much better referring knowing if it doesn't work my clients are not stuck with something that doesn't work. This is a win-win situation!

by Julie Merredith Simons on Fisher Wallace

I've been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator in conjunction with EMDR and have found it to expedite cognitive reprocessing.

by Barbara Valenta on Fisher Wallace
Relief from Bi polar depression

This wonderful little device has saved me from years of Bipolar Depression. Before my Fisher Wallace, I had been on many Bipolar medicines including but not limited to Valproic acid, lithium, and Lamtril. After 2 year on lithium, my kidneys were starting to show abnormal test results. A change to Lamitril landed me in the hospital with cellulitis and associated complications.I had given up hope of finding relieve until I came across an ad for this Fisher Wallace stimulator. I ask my doctor for a prescription and ordered one.The results were spectacular. Within one week of treatments, the depression was lifting. After two weeks, I felt like God had given me a miracle. I was a new person. I was intellectually more active and I had more physical energy than I'd had in over 30 years.I would recommend this device to anyone with a Bipolar condition. The sooner you switch to this device, the healthier you will feel and be. And best of all, there are no side effects!

by Fred L Stoner on Fisher Wallace

The unit is very easy to operate and can be used whilst doing other tasks. Im very satisfied with this product.

by Stephen J Martin on Fisher Wallace
My Review

I have had the fisher Wallace device for 1 and a half years now and it has turned my life around. Anxiety, Panic and depression have been brought down to a very manageable level. I feel 100% better than I did before the device. I thank You and all my Friends and Family Thank You

by J. FOLKES on Fisher Wallace
Equivalent to rTMS

I have had depression and anxiety for all my life and have been on countless medications. I got some relief with rTMS which according to the website, is a procedure in which cerebral electrical activity is influenced by a pulsed magnetic field. The magnetic field is generated by passing brief current pulses through a figure 8 coil. This coil is encased in plastic and is held close to the scalp so that the magnetic field can be focused onto specific areas of the cortex, or surface, of the brain. After several weeks of going everyday for six weeks and once a week for maintaining serotonin levels I found some relief. What made it difficult to maintain was the location which was awkward to get to and the steep price. I decided to get the FWS but wondered if it was anything close to the equivalent. After using it according to directions for several days, I found the same relief as I had from rTMS. The machine actually pays for itself through usage and was much more economical. I'm glad I discovered this little miracle. Thank you.

by Hillary Wehrle on Fisher Wallace
Remember, it's a fix, not a cure.

Let me preface this by saying that I am an extreme case and will never be able to live without medication. That said, I absolutely love my Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I've had it for over 12 years and generally use it twice per day at the highest level. It took away the lingering effects of Bipolar Disorder, the main nuisance being a total lack of motivation despite being perfectly content on my meds. It's also made it possible for me to be free from symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder for years. At first I was reluctant to use it for S.A.D., but then I took a trip to Ireland in winter and my portable light box wouldn't work, so I had no choice. It worked flawlessly & I've been using it for S.A.D. ever since. Just like meds, one has to keep doing it to continue to see results, but it's so portable and convenient it's no problem.

by David Cornberg on Fisher Wallace

been using it for some months now twice a day and up to four lights...definitely feel that it works together with other measures to decrease anxiety, smooth mood and make sleep easier, deeper and more restful...thanks : ) david cornberg

by Roberta Schafer on Fisher Wallace
Insomnia and Fibromyalgia

Excellent rating for your Fisher Wallace Device. I am sleeping thoughout the night since I began using your device and will continue to use it. I have had problems with sleeping and fibro for many years and only now with your device am I able to sleep an entire night. I have also had relief from the fibro pain and am now only using it several times a week but I am so thankful for your device as I am enjoying life so much more. Thank you...

by Mary-Brooke Barger on Fisher Wallace

I have struggled with fibromyalgia since the 1980's, doing everything I can to avoid medication. So when I learned about using microcurrent to treat fibromyalgia I read the articles on your website, and forwarded them to my physician. He agreed wholeheartedly and wrote the prescription. I have been using the device for several months and while I still have fibro symptoms they are less severe, and I almost never get the 'fibro fog' that is so embarrassing. The best way I can describe the results is to say that while I still have some symptoms, it totally changes the way I 'FEEL' about the symptoms...I am more optimistic, with a happier and more positive outlook on life, and that helps me function at a much higher level all around. I have recommended the device to friends with fibromyalgia and/or depression, and my acupuncturist and massage therapist have also passed on the info to their clients.

by Jennifer S on Fisher Wallace
Good results for both of us

I found out about the device through a friend who used it for her depression. I have suffered from insomnia for years, along with my father. I had him try it first before I decided to. He was pleased with the results. So I purchased one also with the hope of staying off sleeping pills. My insomnia is not completely gone, but I have more good nights than bad. And I'm relieved I don't have to take drugs to sleep. I highly recommend the device.

by Urmi on Fisher Wallace
Works well

I used the Fisher Wallace stimulator foranxiety and fears. It reduced my anxietiesand after a couple of weeks I had to use itonly occasionally.

by Mary Timpany on Fisher Wallace

While it took some time, I am now seeing and feeling results. My moods are more even, and my thoughts are not as dark. I sleep better. If I do not keep up with the sessions, I can notice the difference almost immediately. The sessions are actually very easy to maintain and budget time for. They can be done while working around the house or reading. Medication did not help me. If I had not found Fisher Wallace, I don't know what would have happened to me.

by Shelly on Fisher Wallace

I have been using this product for a few months now. I have noticed a big difference in the way I feel and in managing my depression. It gives me energy to do the things that I need to. It has helped with my overall well being.

by Jennifer Litomisky on Fisher Wallace
Excellent Results!

I have suffered with SAD (lack of sunshine in a northern state) and I also had sleep issues. Since using the Fosher Wallace device, I have seen a marked increase in my mood and my sleep patterns. I used it daily for 30 days and now a few times a week and it has worked like a charm. I am a big fan of this device and I would highly recommend it for anyone with SAD or other sleep issues. .

by LouAnn MIller on Fisher Wallace
Total Surprise

Several months ago I was forced to discontinue use of prescription sleep aids, mostly because of side effects. After much research and sleep deprivation I invested in the Fisher Wallace unit. I was somewhat skeptical but anxious to find relief. Wow! I was surprised and delighted at how soon it gave me sleep. I used it twice daily for a few months and now just most nights and now have sleep filled nights almost always. It works!

by Elisa Kepner on Fisher Wallace
This works but....

The FW stimulator works amazingly well. I have tried almost all anxiety drugs and most natural therapy supplements over the years. Now I use this every night and many weekend days when I feel my anxiety or stress increasing. I am the mom of two young boys, have a full time career as an engineer, and am taking care of a terminally ill family member. This works. Better than any other single thing I use to help me make it through my days. But - there are a few things you need to know:1: There are other stimulators out there on the market. The FW stimulator is a good bit more expensive but it uses a completely different technology. Other systems send energy from one pad and receive into the other. This means energy is charging up only one side of the brain while ignoring the other. I have tried both systems back-to-back and there is no comparison. The FW stimulator works and the others really don't. Make sure you understand the technology before trying another product on the market.2: The FW stimulator really works. It stimulates neural pathways in the brain that use neurotransmitters to communicate signals across your brain. This is what makes us happy, sad, anxious, depressed, etc. It is also what gets depleted over time with stress and bad diets and pharmaceutical drugs. To replace the neurotransmitters, you need to take amino acids and/or increase the protein in your diet drastically. This isn't hard but it is necessary. I am grateful I understood this concept when I started to get really bad restless leg / body attacks at night after a few weeks of using the FW stimulator. I couldn't understand it. It had worked so well then this started happening. I couldn't sleep through the night and had energy only part of the day. I know restless leg can be caused by depletion of dopamine levels. I know DLPA rebuilds dopamine (as does a number of other OTC amino acids). I also know I have to take 5-HTP with DLPA as 5-HTP makes serotonin and you need both neurotransmitters when your body is using them otherwise you can get REALLY ANGRY (personal experience). I know this works because I used amino acid therapy for months and it worked like a charm. Then my body "filled back up" on neurotransmitters and it didn't work as well. After starting on the FW stimulator I am back to being able to use my amino acids and they work wonderfully! This is a highly simplified explanation to amino therapy. The best book I've seen is "The Mood Cure" by Dr. Julia Ross. Excellent book on how to heal our brains, not just dampen out the symptoms.3: This works on other stuff as well. I have had problems with my heart racing all day and night - around 120 bpm. After using the FW stimulator for only a few nights I have been able to cut way back on this medicine. It also works for energy levels and focus. Additionally I have a son on the autism spectrum who has used it a couple of times and he was able to sleep and to focus really well after the treatments. We are currently looking for a doctor who can help us with pad placement and duration for children.Definitely worth it! And - if you run into odd side effects consider your brain is rebalancing and you might need to look into other treatments that work in conjunction with the FW stimulator.

by Stephen Hartnett on Fisher Wallace
I'm Blown Away !!!!

"OMG" Flowing my Stroke in 1998 & following treatments I now have left sided problems. The following operations & treatments have left me with Chronic Pain down my right side. I have been fighting the health service here in England for my only hope off treatment left now. They won't/refuse to treat me currently: (£40k cost off treatment) I turned to the Fisher Wallace Brain Stimulator in desperation. To date it has worked way, way past my hopes & aspirations. The cost was peanuts but the treatment to date has been "prise-less" Thank you Fisher Wallace for giving me my life back I will always be indebted to you !!!!

by Lyn B. on Fisher Wallace
No Sleeping Pill Withdrawal with the FWS

I began using the Stimulator when I ran out of sleeping pills (Lunesta). In times past when that happened, I had to go through a painful week of withdrawal symptoms and little sleep at all. The Stimulator used just before bed prevented any withdrawal symptoms. I fell asleep easily, and even though I woke during the night, I was able to fall back asleep. I continue to use it almost every night! Wonderful!

by Joanna D on Fisher Wallace

I have owned and used my Fisher Wallace Stimulator for several years. Very satisfied with how well it works. Have recommended it to numerous people. Helps with insomnia, anxiety and depression.

by Patti on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace stimulator

I ordered this device to help me get of of a low dose antidepressant which I have been on for years. After trying several natural supplements for a number of months with no success, I learned about the Fisher Wallace device. I tried it and worked with one of your agents for several weeks. Although I felt a little better, it was not enough to stay off the antidepressants.However, after going back on the medication, my husband and I have been using the device almost daily because it does seem to help boost feeling good. We will continue to use the device indefinitely.

by Cindy Cartwright on Fisher Wallace
Very Comforting

My chiropractor recommended it to me to bring down my anxiety. I use it at night before bed and it not only helps eliminate my anxiety, it helps me sleep. I wouldn't be without it.

by stephen gammill on Fisher Wallace
works great
Video Review: none

I have been using the device for a year. I feel less depressed and I sleep better since I began using it.

by Derrick B. on Fisher Wallace
So far so good

I've been using the Stimulator for about two weeks now and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my sleep and overall mood. Hoping for continued success!

by Stacy M on Fisher Wallace
Recommend for sleep

My doctor recommended this device to normalize my sleep pattern. After using for a couple weeks, my sleep patterns slowly got back to normal. Great option without the use of medication.

by Robert Bates on Fisher Wallace
FW Stimulator

Seems to work so far.


I am pleased with the device. I prefer to use the lower settings, which appears to produce very good results for me in particular. Also it is easy to use. I recommend.

by Barbara Hunt on Fisher Wallace

Been using the Fisher Wallace stimulator for about five weeks now and have found it works for my insomnia! Would highly reccommend it!

by A.L.DeLara on Fisher Wallace

Yes, this works for insomnia and anxiety - no negative side effects. Have owned a device for several years and can recommend it without reservation.

by Tim Barker on Fisher Wallace
Successful product

I have a Bipolar II condition. I have not had a significant period of depression since I started using the Stimulator about two years ago. By comparison, based on past experience I would have expected to go through at least five periods of depression during this length of time. I believe that the product has significantly improved my quality of life.

by Stephen on Fisher Wallace
It helps

I have been using the Fischer Wallace Stimulator for over a year a now and it has helped me with anxiety and depression when used daily.

by Chris LaMorte on Fisher Wallace
Great device

This device has been a life saver. I have become much more level headed since using. My insomnia as gone. When I put on the fisher Wallace stimulator I feel a sense of peace.

by Randy on Fisher Wallace
Didn't work for me

I tried this device but unfortunately did not help with my chronic sleep problems. Nevertheless service was excellent and return was quick and hassle free.

by Stacy M on Fisher Wallace

My doctor recommended this device to help normalize my sleep patterns. After a couple weeks usage I slowly saw my sleep cycle start to normalize. Great option to normalize sleep without having to use medication!

by David on Fisher Wallace
End of sleep problems

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for 3 weeks and my sleeping pattern has improved tremendously. I fall asleep much faster and stay asleep longer. So far so good.

by Karen Hamilton on Fisher Wallace

I researched and bought the FWStimulator several years ago. I have insomnia and anxiety and was tired of all the medication. Was on ambien and was able to sleep without it in about two weeks. I have recommended this devise to several friends. The ones that have tried it had great success. Thank you Fisher Wallace. My only problem is that I feel good and forget to use it.

by Bridget on Fisher Wallace
Fabulous device

I have recommended this product to clients as well as used it myself. I have found it very effective. I wish every home could have a Fisher Wallace Stimulator

by David on Fisher Wallace

For a time was helpful to improve my concentration and memory. Have stopped using it and I plan to renew my use

by Susan on Fisher Wallace
Staved off winter depression

This device always prevents my seasonal affective disorder. Could not be without it.

by Edna montalvo on Fisher Wallace
Costumer service

I want to speak about the wonderful customer service you will receive from the Fisher Wallace Staff. I waited from April 13- May 31st for my Fisher Wallace Stimulator. This order was placed through an agency my health insurance allowed me to deal with. After numerous phone calls, emails and texts to this company I finally gave up and placed one email to Fisher Wallace. My stimulator arrived within 2 days. They also followed up to make sure everything was ok the following day. WONDERFUL customer service!

by Trudy Denis on Fisher Wallace
Some improvement

I am definitely sleeping better since I began using the Fisherwallace stimulator. I am also calmer. Will continue to use to get maximum benefit. It helps if your sponges are soaking wet. You will get a better connection.

by Ryan Pomasl on Fisher Wallace

I am a college student. For some reason I began to struggle with depression. I wasn't getting out of bed and I certainly wasn't going to my classes. My mother noticed that I had withdrawn from my classes and she told me to use the healthcare the school provided. My doctor diagnosed me with depression and put me on anti-depressents. They made me very foggy and my mother doesn't approve of those types of medications in young folks so she found FW for me. My doctor agreed to let me try it and I am now weaned off of my drugs and doing much better. I can tell if I've gone too long between sessions because I get unmotivated again. I'm quite impressed with how this has made me feel! Thank you!

by Donna Butts on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I am feeling so very blessed to have found out about the stimulator. I have had chronic nerve pain from a dental injury for 10 years. I have been on several medications including morphine. I am an RN and I am just so amazed at how it has helped my pain and depression. I have gotten off the antidepressant and have been weaning off the morphine. I recommend it to those I know with chronic pain. It's definatly worth the try. Many thanks to Fisher Wallace. I have been using it for 2 months now.

by Lisa on Fisher Wallace
seems to help

I got this for my daughter to use for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. I see an improvement and think this device is part of the reason. I would recommend it for those who struggle with medication side effects.

by John K on Fisher Wallace
Worth the cost

This wonderful product gives me the energy to get off the sofa and the desire to get things done. Along with CBT reduces anxiety and depression.

by Jesse Stein on Fisher Wallace
I use it everyday and it works

I have been using this device every day for over 2 years now to treat both depression and insomnia. The device does take some time to "start" working (several weeks) but once it does I noticed a positive change in my sleeping patterns and my depressive symptoms seemed to get better and more manageable. At first I was unsure about this device. Now I use it daily, I try to use it twice a day but often forget. I swear by this machine and tell anyone who is willing to listen about how great it is and how much you really should try it out if you are suffering from any conditions that this device has been proven to help with.

by Donald on Fisher Wallace

I bought the Fisher Wallace to help me with my insomnia and it helps me relax my attitude is better and more, calmer and my family enjoyed me being around and now I can tell the shift in my attitude I should have bought the Fisher Wallace when I found out about it 5 years ago thank you Fisher Wallace

by Kaley D. on Fisher Wallace
Anxiety and Insomnia

are slowly fading away for me. I gave 4 starts only because it has only been a few weeks, but in these last few weeks I have seen such positive results. I would recommend this device to anyone suffering with anxiety, insomnia, or depression.

by Matthew on Fisher Wallace
Changed my life

A while back, a friend recommended this to me for my anxiety and sleep problems. After a couple of weeks my sleep cycle and mood dramatically improved.

by Jane Hefti on Fisher Wallace
Definitely Effective

I have used the FWS periodically for roughly a year and can attest to its effectiveness. It helps with mild depression and insomnia and generally improves my mood. When I get lazy and depart from usage routine I can tell an unfortunate difference. I rate this device 5 stars!

by Jane Rowe on Fisher Wallace

I have been using my F. W. Stimulator since Dec. 31. 2015.My doctor submitted a prescription at first for insomnia. I also have been dealing with anxious depression for more than 30 years. While my insomnia has not greatly improved, in general I feel better. My mood is calm. We are in the process of moving to Florida for retirement. I cannot believe how calm my mood is, nor can my husband! I still use it 2x a day, on 4 in the a.m. and 2 or 3 about one hour before bed. I have recommended this to several friends.

by Josh on Fisher Wallace
Great for relaxation

I use this when I need to unwind before going to sleep. It works great without any side effects!

Thank You

I was skeptical when I heard of this product 3 years ago. However, after using it for the first month it totally helped with my depression along with the medication that I'm taking. I just want to say, "Thank You" to Mr. Wallace and his team for introducing a wonderful product to the world. It has helped me a great deal. I would recommend it to anyone.

by Lea on Fisher Wallace
Happy Surprise

I purchased the Fisher Wallace device about a year ago. Didn't know what to expect, but a lifetime of major depression with anxiety and no prescription whose side effects wear bearable, and limited effect from herbals made it worth a try. I felt a difference immediatly, used it religiously for 6 months and now use as needed. Full disclosure: I have moved to a sunnier climate and am able to be outdoors more of the time. Never the less I still use my F.W. when we have prolonged grey weather or life's little snafus pile up. Thank you so much.

by Florence Donly on Fisher Wallace

This title says it all. I sleep every night like a baby. Thanks to Fisher Wallace for making my quality of life wonderful.

by Adam Stoler on Fisher Wallace
Multi purpose excellence

My therapist suggested the FW device for my mood swings and occasional reactive depression. When that suggested period ended, I thought the FW was like,y to become a maintenance pride to, meant fur the very occasional anti depression refresher.I was wrong,I've also had trouble sleeping, with terrible sleeping habits.In another discussion with my therapist she suggested using the FW device to help me sleep. Volia! Not a 100% cure, but far better than sleeping pills. The sleep winds up being deeper and more refreshing.Hats off to my therapist and to Fidjer Wallace!

by gorman watson on Fisher Wallace
worked for me

i have battled depression for over 20 years and have tried several antidepressants without any real success. i decided to give the fisher wallace stimulator a try .. it actually worked after about 3 weeks i felt much better,my family noticed the results as well.. thank you, thank you, thank you.. gorman w

by John T on Fisher Wallace
A Miracle Cure

Wow. Let me start by saying that Fisher Wallace is a great company that is truly out there to help people. That is there main goal, and they are for sure accomplishing it.I was a drug addict for the better part of two years, which caused insomnia, anxiety, you name it. Plus I was addicted to drugs. That was a very dark period of my life, and no doctor, therapist, nor drug could get me out of it.In steps the fisher Wallace device. The first time I used it, I felt different. If you are very in tune with yourself, you can feel the difference it produces in your psyche.Fast forward two months later; I am completely off drugs, and my anxiety is largely attenuated. I still had some depressive symptoms, which later resolved themselves after using the fisher Wallace (and leading a healthy lifestyle) for another couple of months.I really believe I would still be a drug addict without this special device, and to this, I owe Fisher Wallace my life. I hope this technology advances even more, and can be put in the hands of every single human being on this planet. It is that important, in my humble opinion.Thank you Fisher Wallace! 🙂

by Janet Schulte on Fisher Wallace
insomnia,depression & anxiety

I have been using the Fisher Wallace for about 2 months. Along with my medication, I feel it has really helped. I often fall asleep with it at night. I am hoping to taper off some of my meds in the near future.

You are worth giving this a try!

I am a psych nurse of 11 years who has suffered with depression and anxiety for 18 years. Closely monitored by my psychiatrists, I’ve been on every class of antidepressants currently available (SSRI’s, atypical’s, TCA’s and MAOI’s) including combinations with antipsychotics such as Abilify and Seroquel to help “boost” the antidepressant effect. I’ve tried the non-prescription supplements such as Omega-3 FA, probiotics, SAM-e, turmeric and several vitamins also. While contemplating taking a leave of absence from my employment to undergo transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) or electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), I came across the Fisher Wallace device. I spoke about it with my physician and she recommended trying it as an alternative to TMS. Even with the “Health Care Provider” discount, spending $615 was not an easy decision, but after considering the 30 day money back guarantee, I purchased the device.Of note, I have a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PPO insurance policy and their re-imbursement rate for code E0720 is just over $300. I had all the information from my doctor and needed forms completed before I paid for the device so I could send in my re-imbursement request with my receipt immediately after purchase. It was approved in 14 days and I received a check 3 weeks after purchase.Within a week of using the Fisher Wallace device, I was absolutely amazed. After the first 20 minute treatment, I could tell my mood had increased. (No, I am not being paid to say this!) After 2 weeks of twice daily treatments, I discontinued one of my two antidepressants (with my doctor’s permission). I have had the device for 2 months and use it about 4-5 times a week right now. While I am still optimizing the level I use and may have times when I return to daily use, I am telling you this device works. Is it expensive? Yes. But is it worth it? 100%.

by duane evans on Fisher Wallace
good results

Have used the stimulater off and on for the last six months. Sleep has greatly improved and I am much more relaxed.

by Elena Jones on Fisher Wallace
First Choice Treatment

I have been using the Fisher Wallace device for over a year and I love it. I was at a point where my medications were not as effective as they had been and was facing the prospect of increased dosages or having to try new meds. Within a few weeks of using the device my medications became effective again and I have actually been able to reduce some of the dosages. I feel this is a beneficial device and should be a first choice treatment in the medical community.

by Norm on Fisher Wallace
Great results

I have been using the stimulator for about one year. I am sleeping much better and no longer taking medication for sleep. Great results. I would highly recomend this product.

by Tawnya Fogarty on Fisher Wallace
Huge Difference!

FW has made a big difference! I have been using it for about three months. My depression has lifted, I'm not anxious and I'm sleeping well. Wow!!!

by Fran on Fisher Wallace
Natural help for depression

I have been using the Fisher Wallace device for well over a year. I have treatment resistant depression and I have been using only the Fisher wallace stimulator and not taking any anti depressants since I received my device. It has helped me as much as anything can help and I am extremely grateful for it as a natural, safe alternative.

by Minister in the Upstate of SC on Fisher Wallace
It's Been Wonderful

This device has helped my family tremendously. My father's side of the family has a history of depression and sleep related difficulties. For the longest time I assumed that if I made good choices on my health and managed my stress that I would be unaffected. In my late 20s I began to experience symptoms I had seen in family members. Since using the Fisher-Wallace device I have maintained control my life. If you struggle with depression and are wondering if this device would work for you, try it! (It took 2.5 days for me to notice an effect)

Thumbs up

Using the stimulator has allowed me to sleep through the night. Prior to usage, if I woke up during the night, I found it difficult to get back to sleep. After usage for two weeks, I know longer had the problem. Since then, I use it on a maintenance basis as needed.

by Paul on Fisher Wallace
Excellent Results

Fisher Wallace Stimulator provided excellent results when many depression medications failed to work on my condition.

by Susanne on Fisher Wallace
A Godsend

I was suffering from significant anxiety following the death of a close family member. I was unable to tolerate the side effects of medications and my doctor prescribed the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. At first there were no changes, but at 3 weeks-gone! I am on a maintenance schedule now.

by William Vassil on Fisher Wallace

Life is miserable without a good nights sleep. The FW stimulator has helped me with my insomnia without any side effects.

by Elena on Fisher Wallace
Works Well!

My experience with the Fisher Wallace device has even very positive. Over time it has actually allowed me to reduce medications (under medical supervision), feel and sleep better. This device should be the first choice for patients rather than medications. It provides beneficial results without side effects.

by Tim Eckert on Fisher Wallace

I couldn't be happier. Chemical anti-depressants, while generally effective, all have side effects of one form or another. The Fisher-Wallace Stimulator has no apparent side effects and appears to be just as effective, if not more so. It does take some planning to use the Fisher- Wallace Stimulator, but once you have a schedule, it becomes a part of your daily activities like reading your email.

by Suzanne Newman on Fisher Wallace
Great Product

This is the best device I have ever come across, it's help my wrist pain and depression! Amazing!!!!

It works for me

I have been using the Fisher Wallace stimulator for 7 weeks, and my sleep has improved a lot. I've been under quite a bit of stress lately at work, and my sleep was suffering. After using the stimulator for about 4 weeks, I noticed that my sleep is deeper and I don't wake up in the middle of the night. I was also thinking/dreaming about work a lot, and that has let up. I'm so glad I found this device.

by Doctor's assistant on Fisher Wallace
Versatile machine.

We have patients who claim the cranial stimulator reduces racing thoughts, anxiety, depression, head/neck/jaw/toothache, and one who insisted he use the machine before goes to the ER on our insistence for very high blood pressure. It works on so many people for many things!

by Cyndi on Fisher Wallace
It Works

Although it took me over six months to start using my device... Once I forced myself to use it consistently twice-a-day the results were amazing.

Fisher Wallace Review

After 2 weeks of using the Fisher Wallace unit I have found it very easy to use and finding my energy increasing.

by Lior on Fisher Wallace
Highly recomended

I highly recomend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator, i use it as a complimentary treatment for deppresion / anxiety related to bipolar.I use this once a day just before going to bed and i wake up refreshed.

by Michael on Fisher Wallace
finally some relief for sleepy Mike

after 30 years with insomnia & 10+ years on sleeping pills I tried your machine at my wife's insistence. 2 months later I was off the pills and felt better than I had in decades. After 6 months I went back on for several weeks to get myself back in line. Seems like a great but simple breakthrough.

by Scott Yu on Fisher Wallace
Device for treating sleep

I purchased the Fisher Wallace device a while back and been using it off and on for few years. I find it does help with sleep if I use it consistently. I guess the hardest part is to use it everyday. If there was some way it could show our brain activity changes as we are using it, that would greatly improve the experience. Overall, glad I have it and just need to continue using it more.

by J Smith on Fisher Wallace

Seems to be working to ease some depression, anxiety and difficulty falling and staying asleep. Look forward to more results with longer use

by Colin Leuthold on Fisher Wallace
Works great, even got friend one

I got this to help with getting rid of insomnia and depression. It works well. I like this more than 20 years of pills that were not always effective. I recommended it to several friends already.

by Catherine Blessing on Fisher Wallace
helped me recover after traumatic surgery

Four years ago, I had to have an emergency hysterectomy--I was desperately anemic after months of excessive bleeding--and after the surgery, I was plagued with insomnia, intense neuropathy, and depression. My spouse found articles on the FW and we got it because honestly, we would have tried ANYTHING. And it helped so much! In two weeks my sleep cycle evened out, my pain levels fell, and my mood improved. I recommend it to everyone I know who has the same issues. The only thing wrong with it is that most doctors have never heard of it (I gave mine all the articles and now he recommends it for his chronic pain patients, too)!

by Dennis N on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I suffer from Tinnitus and the device has helped me sleep better especially when the tinnitus is at it's worst.

by Thomas Pizzello on Fisher Wallace
Fisher wallace Stimulator Review

I have been using the stimulator for 2 years now. I started twice a day and now using it once every other day. I find the stimulator very helpful with my depression. Would recommend the device to anyone who suffers from depression.

by Verne Stolte on Fisher Wallace
Overall Improvement

The first thing I noticed was that it is stimulating and I slept less. Odd, since it is prescribed for insomnia. I was slightly less depressed but a little more anxious. But some of the other effects were amazing.A persistent, chronic really, pain in the middle of my spine disappeared after a couple weeks. Later, I discovered that CES is used for spinal injuries and pain - I didn't know that ahead of time. An area about the size of a half dollar hurt every time I raised my arms or stretched a certain way and after a week of treatment I noticed it was gone. It's still gone.The CES literature cites some rare side effects like headache (1%) and slight pain or sensation behind the eyes. I felt a tingling sensation behind one eye in particular. After a week to ten days, I noticed that my vision had dramatically improved. Without changing the screen resolution, a font size that had been blurry, was clear enough to read! I kiddeth not. I occasionally play a computer game that has a progress meter in a tiny box with impossibly small numbers I could never make out. I could now clearly read them in sharp focus. It's like my vision had gotten sharper.The first time I used it I slept long and deep for the first time in years - it knocked me out. Yet at the same time, it is stimulating and, although I'm more active and smiling more, I'm a little edgier and even more anxious at times. It's like my body that was used to chronic fatigue couldn't handle the new energy.This device helped with depression but it wasn't until I stopped for a few weeks that I realized how much. I needed to take breaks to let it work properly. It's like I needed to come up for air. Easy Does It - was key for me.I'm a veteran with a disability for injuries I received in an explosion during 11C training that later morphed into depression, hypervigilance, and anxiety. I gave up driving due to hyper vigilance, social anxiety, and loss of depth perception.I've tried a lot of alternative medicine, including meditation, biofeedback, herbal remedies, Chinese medicine, Ayruvedic, tai chi, dental amalgam replacement, spiritual intervention, and loads of nutritional supplements with minimal results.My only complaint is the price. Borrowing to pay for a tiny device that costs more than a new refrigerator can create its own kind of anxiety. But with better vision, no back pain, and less depression, it's worth it for me.

by Barbara Watson on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace CES

I began using the Fisher Wallace Brain Stimulator device in 2013 to treat anxiety that affected my performance at work and caused sleep deprivation. Within 1 week this CES devicealleviated my anxiety with no side effects. It was of tremendous value to me to have this therapy available as an alternative to drug-based therapies, all of which carry undesirable side effects.

by Randy on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

In November I had a reaction to some jell shot injections in my knee. I couldn't walk and was in severe pain. I went to the emergency room on 3 different occasions and they sent me home telling me my knee was not infected. This went on for a month. I was real sick almost died. At the end of the monthI finally got in to see my Orthopedic Dr.He stuck a needle in my knee and pulled a bunch of nasty stuff out of it. He then had me go the next day and get blood tested and it was infected and they had to do emergency surgery on my knee. I was in the hospital for a week and then sent home with a midline in my arm and had to give my self antibiotics once a day for a month. On the way home from the Hospital I couldn't breath. I had to get rushed back to the hospital . I was told it was a panic attack. They gave me some Lorazapan and sent me home. The infection had my nervous system all out of wack. I also believe that the Norco was causing me anxiety as well. Anyway I had to go through 2 months of rehab on my knee and I was still getting the panic attacks where I was having trouble breathing. My Dr. tried putting me on Zolof and I took one one morning and had a terrible reaction to it. I ended up throwing it in the trash. They gave me another medication to sleep at night cause I wasn't sleeping and I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom and when I was walking back to bed fainted fell back and hit my head on the tile floor. I hadnothing but bad results with the meds I was taking. I told my Doctor about the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and he said thats a big rip off send it back. Well Im glad I didn't listen to him.I had excellent results with the Fisher Wallace stimulator.I sleep sound every night I used it for a month and a half twice a day and now use it maybe once or twice a week . I have not had to take any anxiety medications at all. As a matter of fact the panic attacks are gone. I am walking and doing much better! Im back join my daily exercise program . The machine works its worth the money. Through prayer and trust in God I am now healed! If you have doubts try it out with an open mind its better then getting hooked on medication. All that stuff has side effects anyway. Some of the meds they where giving me for the panic attacks caused breathingproblems! The Fisher Wallace Stimulator works. It got rid of my anxiety and my panic attacks and I sleep good at night now. I feel sod much better! Thank you Fisher Wallace laboratories.

Much improvement!

I initially rented the FW stimulator to see if it could help me with anxiety and insomnia. After 30 days, I ended up calling and purchasing the device. Almost immediately, I was falling asleep faster and my mind was quieter! I've used the device for three months now and no longer experience any symptoms of anxiety. My troubles with insomnia are quite improved! I started with two 20 minute sessions per day, but i now only use the stimulator for one 12 minute session each night at bedtime. It has been a wonderful help to me and has helped me eliminate these sources of stress from my life! Highly recommend giving this a try before resorting to pharmaceuticals!

by Marsha S on Fisher Wallace
A Godsend

A Godsend. I have used the machine for the past 4 years, and it has made an amazing difference in my life! I have never been able to tolerate medications, and the machine works without side effects. If I stop using it for a period of time I notice a gradual return of my symptoms. I can't recommend it highly enough

by Dennis on Fisher Wallace
FW review after one year

I have had mine for over a year. I used it twice daily as prescribed for about six months then once daily. I have still been on med's so it a little hard to quantitate how much it has helped. I have anxiety/depression by the way. I would say it did help moderately at the first six months. Then to a lesser degree when I cut back. Its easy to use. Im getting off my med's but will take ten months. Then I will really need this device. All in all a good device for those who can afford it. Good health.Dennis DVM

by STANLEY MEYERS on Fisher Wallace
Astounding results

Several depressed patents are feeling greatly improved.Other patients report quieting of the chatter in their brain.

by Alicia on Fisher Wallace

My son, who is in his mid twenties, suffers from debilitating depression and anxiety. He is also in recovery for alcohol abuse. The whole experience has been excruciating. After eight months of hell battling depression and anxiety, trying different meds and doses, I ordered this device as a last resort. I am incredibly grateful that I did. He is now six weeks in and there is a measurable difference. His symptoms are reduced by more than seventy percent . Things are not perfect, but they are MUCH better. Thanking the makers of this device. What a gift.

by Terri Goutermout on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I purchased the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for insomnia and chronic pain. This is one of the best investments thst I have ever made. The results sre amazing. I would recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to anyone looking to improve quality of life.

by Juan on Fisher Wallace
I love this device

This device has done wanders for me insomnia problem. After an online search I found that it could help me improve my mood and sleep problems. After six months of using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator I realized I was sleeping better, I felt more energy in the morning and in general in a much better mood. I also used it when I have back or knees pain and I find always amazing how effective the device is. I would recommend this great product to anybody suffering insomnia or back pain. Thank you very much.

by Caroline Brocklehurst on Fisher Wallace
Symptom improvement hope to keep going!

Despite my scepticism my desperation drove me to purchase the fw stimulator. I didn't use it at my worst but i wish i had of done. I've not used it until recently and have had subtle but positive results which i hope will just keep improving

by M. O. on Fisher Wallace
Great Solution!

I use this on and off as necessary during times of high stress and anxiety and it helps after just one treatment and mood and feelings of anxiety continue to improve with each treatment. This is a great solution for anxiety and depression, especially when compared to conventional treatments and pills with their many undesirable side effects.

by James L. on Fisher Wallace
It works

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator has helped alleviate my insomnia. I wake feeling very rested. Thank you FW

by patricia gold on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I had experienced many years of difficulty getting comfortable enough to go to sleep. I tossed and turned and just could not find the right position. After about a month of using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator on a nightly basis, I am now able to get to sleep most nights. I heartily recommend it for insomnia.

by Joan Calvello on Fisher Wallace

I'm bipolar and found the fisher Wallace stimulator helpful. I used it for about 2 weeks 2 times a day. My low periods are usually 4 weeks or so It helped me get through the day easier. I have the low periods every 3-4 months

by Amadeus Joshua Kosarek on Fisher Wallace
I sleep better

I use the Fisher Wallace as prescribed and I fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. I do not wake in the middle of the night. I never miss a treatment.

by Donna Ryan on Fisher Wallace
Helped with depression

We purchased The Fisher Wallace device to see if it would help our daughters depression. After using it for about 4 weeks, she said she felt noticeably better. We really didn't know what to expect, but it has truly helped her. I really like that you are able to receive a full refund if the product doesn't work after 30 days. I would definitely recommend trying it!

by Kimberly on Fisher Wallace
Working great!

I have been using the device for about 6 months, and I am impressed! I am using it for back pain from a L4-L5 disc injury, depression, and insomnia. It is remarkable how well it works! I use the device twice a day with the back pain configuration, then twice a day with the headache/insomnia/depression configuration. I noticed an improvement in my depression in about 3 weeks. I feel calmer, with a sense of general wellbeing. In the head configuration I feel sleepy, and am able to drift off more easily. I have had back surgery and have permanent nerve damage, but in using the device I am able to reduce the amount of pain relievers I need to take. I am very pleased with the results from using the device, and highly recommend it to anyone needing relief from depression, insomnia, or back pain.

by Ray Kennedy on Fisher Wallace
It works

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for the last 3 months now to assist me with sleep deprivation. In the past I have used medication, and hypnosis to no avail. However now after using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator I have fewer sleepless nights.

by Erik on Fisher Wallace
long-term depression and anxiety improving one month in

Well it's been a month since starting the stimulator and my baseline mood has improved noticeably and my anxiety has decreased making me feel more social and experiencing joy and delight more than I ever have. I still get triggered by certain situations that can take me down but these seem to be becoming a more isolated event and I'm hopeful that even these dark times will improve as I use the stimulator more in the next few months. If the trend continues my rating would definitely go up to 5 stars. I''ve tried so many things and some have and are helping but this feels like there's some reprogramming going on in my system for the better.

by Melinda Maginnis on Fisher Wallace

Using every day during meditation. Feel peaceful. Have not eliminated pain and feel hopeful that continued use will show benefit.

by Debbie on Fisher Wallace

I'm a middle-aged woman with a history of severe seasonal depression dating back to my adolescence. I've been on an SSRI type antipressant for about 20 years. From time to time I investigate alternatives to SSRIs but always end up back on them. Despite taking the medication, I usually develop worsening symptoms in March and April. This past winter, willingto try anything, I obtained a Fisher-Wallace device under authorization from my therapist. I used it in conjunction with my SSRI and was delighted to find that I sailed through those troubling months without a hiccup. With the difficult time behind me, I put the device away until needed again in the fall. I then decided to try and wean off the medication once more. After about three weeks the mood swings and anxiety returned and I was all set to go back on the medication when I decided to first try the FW device alone. I am really happy to share that, so far, my symptoms have abated with the device alone. So, bottom line, I am a very happy customer.

by Paulette Villanueva on Fisher Wallace

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for 2 months now. Prior to this, I relied heavily on sleeping pills to sleep. After about 3 weeks of using this stimulator I was able to taper off my sleeping pills and am now medication free and still sleeping 8 hours a night. I have recommended this to my sister who's son has anxiety and sleep issues.

by Sherry Borcherding on Fisher Wallace

I have used CES machines for years. I used to sell and rent them but the one I used was uncomfortable and I didn't like having it on because of that. I love the comfort and convenience of the Fischer Wallace stimulator. It is easy to set, comfortable to wear, and effective.

by Paulette Villanueva on Fisher Wallace
Helped my insomnia

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for 2 months now. Before using it, I relied heavily on sleeping pills to sleep but I knew that wasn't sustainable. After about 3 weeks of using it I didn't need my sleeping pills anymore and was sleeping like a baby. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't discover this stimulator.

by loren on Fisher Wallace
Excellent Help With Anxiety

I actually bought this for my daughter who was was experiencing major depression. I thought she could use it while we waited to hear if TMS would be approved. In the meantime, I tried it on myself and listened to a meditation audio at the same time. It worked so well, that after my daughter stopped using it, I "borrowed" it during a super stressful time. I think it does affect the brain I'm a positive way to reduce anxiety over time. For quicker relief, also listen to a guided paraliminal meditation.

by Robert Frasure on Fisher Wallace
Works great for me

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for over a year, and it really helps with my chronic clinical depression. I have been able to cut back on the medication I have had to take for years. My psychiatrist was impressed with the results. I am very happy with the easy of use, and the way it has improved my life.

Pretty good.

Works well, gives relief with no side effects. Very helpful. Was recommended by my psychiatrist.

by James S. on Fisher Wallace
Subtle, but a definite improvement

I did not regularly use my CES device when I first purchased it because I did not experience the profound benefits that others seemed to have. However, after needing six cycles of chemotherapy, the post-treatment "chemo-brain" was both discouraging and frightening, and was more than enough to motivate me to give it another try. While I can't use adjectives like "tremendous", "amazing", "fantastic", etc., I did feel an improvement in mental clarity and recall, definitely enough that I am now a regular user. I would encourage anyone suffering from cognitive post-treatment effects of chemotherapy to give the CES device a try.

by Anonymous on Fisher Wallace

As a pharmacist, I did my due diligence before deciding that the Fisher Wallace stimulator was right for me. For me, the device worked and enabled me to transition off of an SSRI. This device is safe, and has a real, clinically important effect. I believe that this device may be considered before SSRI therapy in many patients because it does not seem to affect motivation. With SSRIs, finding the will to exercise can be difficult due to the lack of motivation. This device does not seem to have that limitation.

by Heidi Mahnke on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

4 years ago I injured my neck, since that time I have suffered migraines, neck pain, depression and frequent insomnia due to the pain. All of these issues are much better now. I sleep better on a regular basis than I have in 4 years.

by Debra Klein on Fisher Wallace
It helps!

It helps me with sleep and with chronic pain. For me it helps somewhat for anxiety, not as much as I would hope, but it works really well for my husband. Thanks FW!!

by Jane on Fisher Wallace
Slept recovery

I love my fisher Wallace, I bring it with me always when I travel since I used for sleep problems, It help me to fall sleep almost at 5 min from use it and feel good in the morning, no more anxious or irritable due to restless. It has really improve my mood. I recommend it widely

by Duane Evans on Fisher Wallace

I've used my Fisher Wallace Stimulator for six months now. In that time my sleep time has improved noticeable and I am much more at ease with myself in daily activities. I would recommend this device to anyone with sleep problems or stressful feelings.

by Melissa S. on Fisher Wallace

I bought the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to treat my depression and anxiety. I was tired of trying medicine after medicine and experiencing terrible side effects. I wasn't sure what to expect but I am about a month in with my treatments and I am feeling so much better. I feel more motivated to get going in the mornings and my overall mood has improved. I'm excited to continue my treatments and see how much better I get! Very happy so far!

by Jeremy on Fisher Wallace
This thing works!

This device is not a disappointment... I was very concerned I had purchased a very expensive gimmick, but I have been nothing but pleased with the results... My overall sleep has improved and my depression symptoms have lessened in intensity. It is important to remember the device doesn't remove a problem; rather it helps improve the depressive symptoms that are associated with the longstanding fight that so many of us find ourselves in when life won't let up. My mood has improved with twice daily use and it's worth every penny. SSRIs made me feel as if I weren't in control and the emotions I experienced were not commensurate with the moments in which they came. They also caused significant ED, which is depressing enough as it is... The FisherWallace stimulator has no sexual side effects! I look forward to keeping this in my arsenal in the fight against depression. The device works and I hope it will help you as it has me... Just a note, give it a few weeks to work, it was a little concerning at first as I felt it wasn't really working but it did around week three for me. My best thoughts and hopes for those who are suffering... Give this a go as it just might work for you too!

by tony on Fisher Wallace

this stimulator has helped me the best used more than 6years it has changed my mood for the better

by Liam Crawford on Fisher Wallace
Excellent results

I have fibromyalgia and sleep difficulties, depression, anxiety, and constant body pain are a day to day reality. The fisher wallace device has significantly improved my mood. I am noticing an improvement in restorative sleep as well. Not so sure there is much difference in overall pain and I haven't tried targeting a specific pain area.I have been using the device for about 3 months. For the last few weeks I don't use it twice a day as before - don't seem to need to. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!

by David Hubbard on Fisher Wallace
Post trauma concussion

I am a 69 year old farmer.Eight years ago I was kicked in the head by a cow and suffered facial and head fractures and had the orbital floor of my right eye replaced with titanium.It took me only a few weeks to recover from the operation but I was left with post trauma concussion and severe insomnia.Even after taking four zopaclone and four melatonin sleeping tablets nightly,I still could not sleep for four or five nights.Then I would feel like I had hit a brick wall and became a zombie and crashed and still only sleep a few hours and the cycle would start all over again.A year ago,during yet another sleepless night,I was searching the Internet to look for anything that could help my situation and came accross the Fisher Wallace stimulater.I was desperate to try anything that could help me regardless of cost,so I sent for it there and then.I only wish I had found it eight years ago!The difference it made to my life was enormous.My family noticed the change in me after using for only week and after six weeks I was a completely different person.Prior to using the Fisher Wallace stimulater,I would get up every morning feeling exhausted and fatigued without having done anything and would feel like that all day, another sign of post trauma concussion.The stimulater changed it all.I know this to be so because after using it for the recommended six weeks I stopped using it and the symptoms returned so I started again and change was instant.I now use it every day twice a day and find my body is gradually returning to normal or near as possible.My insomnia is improving,I'm now on two to three amitriptyline tablets for sleeping which in conjunction with the FWS will soon solve my insomnia completely.My Doctor and Occupational Therapist also commented on my recovery and were really interested in the Fisher Wallace Stimmulater so I have given them all the information material supplied with my machine and I have no doubt they share this with others having seen how I have lmproved.So now,summing up,the most important thing left to say is,THANK YOU FISHER WALLACE for your WONDERFULL MACHINE!Yours Sincerely,David Hubbard.(New Zealand)

calmer and reduced alcohol use

patient uses twice daily, reports calmer and drinking less to calm herself.

by Dave Molesky on Fisher Wallace
Really helps me get to sleep

I did an incredible amount of research on the Fisher Wallace Stimulator before I purchased it as well as searched the net for reviews both good and bad before I decided to purchase the device. I then contacted Fisher Wallace and asked more questions about the product and was very sastisfied with thier customer. The product arrived with in days and I couldn't wait to try it out. It was very easy to set up and after using it for ten minutes, I began to feel tired and fell asleep. I experienced very lucid dreams that night and woke up refreshed. I also use the stimulator when I have had a difficult stressful day or when my mind is over active and I can't concentrate well. This is an amazing product that is safe to use and has really helped me. Thank you Fisher Wallace!

by Byron J on Fisher Wallace

I have used this for the type of Insomnia, that I can fall asleep but then wake up 4-5 hours later and can't get back to sleep. I have been impressed from the first night I used it, I slept thru the night without waking and have been getting some of the most restful and deep sleep that I have had in a long time. A fantastic investent!

by sheila white on Fisher Wallace
the stimulator

I have told so many people about the Fisher Wallace Stimulator because it was so effective in getting rid of pain after having knee surgery. It also helped me a year earlier when I had anxiety and insomnia. Nothing else helped so it was my last resort......It worked like a miracle. I think every home should have one. No drugs , no side effects and great results.

by Allie on Fisher Wallace
Makes a big difference

I purchased the Fisher Wallace Stimulator in July 2014 and have been using it regularly ever since. I've found that it greatly reduces my anxiety and I was even able to lower dosage of SSRI medication because it works so well. I highly recommend this device for people with anxiety and especially those who are seeking alternatives to antidepressants.

by Roxie Ball on Fisher Wallace
I use it everyday

My Fisher Wallace Device is one of my most valued possessions. I use it every day and it helps me feel well and centered. I recommend it to anyone who has anxiety or other mental health challenges.

by A.D. on Fisher Wallace
Inovative Device

I must say that when I had to spend $700.00, and my insurance wouldn't cover it... I was dismayed. I bought it anyway as I was desperate and recently unemployed. Anxiety/Depression issues were getting worse. I am telling you it is an amazing little machine. You can feel it working on your brain. It is saving my life.

by Diane Levinson on Fisher Wallace

I used the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for several months to pull me out of a deep depression. And now use it as needed. It's extremely effective.

by Shelley P. on Fisher Wallace
Severe Backpain

About three years ago I had to quit my part-time job working at a flower shop in town because of Sciatica so severe, I had to go the ER five times within a week trying to get any relief! I was put on Morphine, which caused severe constipation & turned off my feelings of love & compassion, putting my personal relationships in jeopardy. Worst of all it didn't control the pain! It turns out I have arthritis in my lower spine, which will only get worse as I age. I saw an ad for the FWS and decided to give it a try (the 30 day trial period was the deciding factor - I had absolutely nothing to lose). During the first treatment, I felt my back relax for the first time in two years! Also, the pain disappeared! During the first 20 minute treatment!!! It was a miracle! I'm off Morphine and am on a Butrans Patch instead without any noticable side effects. When I have flare-ups, I just use the machine & the pain magically goes away. I have yet to use it on a daily basis since the initial recommended two week period, but intend to after reading the other reviews on this site. Also of note, I have used the FWS for Migraines, but find that it works about 50% of the time, but I have a clipped brain aneurysm & the clips may affect the outcome. I also suffer from Clinical Depression & Insomnia. My new routine will include using the FWS daily on both my head & back to treat all of the ailments I suffer from. I am actually excited to see the outcome! I'll let you know how it goes.

by tanya on Fisher Wallace
Best Sleep

The Fisher Wallace is a very easy to use device. Within just a few days I was sleeping much better and waking without trouble. Customer service has been excellent. My mood is definitely improved as well, my emotional state has been steady as opposed to the normal teary eyed monster.

by alla schatoff on Fisher Wallace

Needed to stop taking an SSRI because it aggravated my RLS but was afraid of withdrawal symptoms. Tried the Wallace Fisher device hoping it would help.It exceeded my expectations. The device evened out my withdrawal symptoms, restored my feeling of well-being and helped lessen the intensity of my RSL.Thank you!

by Laurie Schober on Fisher Wallace
so far, rather impressive

I ordered the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for my 89 yr old father who suffers from occasional Peripheral Neuropathy, Dementia, Parkinsons and Sleep disturbance. It has been over a month now and we have seen a marked improvement in his short term memory, stamina, motivation and sleep disturbance issues. I only gave this 4 stars as it may be too soon to tell how much of an effect this may or may not have on his Parkinsons, or his Neuropathy. That said, we are pretty impressed with what improvement we have seen and we would definitely recommend this as an alternative to meds or used in combination with other modalities.

by Brian on Fisher Wallace
After 10 Years of SSRI

I began using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator about six months ago. At the time, I had been through a half a dozen SSRIs for a decade and can't say that I ever achieved more than 5/10 effectiveness and sometimes much, much worse with horrible side effects.I started using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator twice daily for about 20 minutes each session. Within two weeks I began to feel a change, subtle at first, but noticeable not just by me but my spouse as well. Mornings were easier, less dark, and the hours I used to spend staring at the ceiling at 2am began to shrink. By the end of the first month I was getting 6-7 solid hours of sleep every night and I spoke to my doctor about decreasing my meds.By the end of the second month, I was drug free and getting up at 530am every morning to go for a run and make breakfast for my children before going to work early to get a head start on the day.Now, six months later, I feel like a new person, or maybe more like the same old person I used to be long, long ago.I hope my story will motivate others to try this treatment. If you achieve even a fraction of the relief I have experienced you will thank yourself for making the investment in your well-being.

by Debra Guerrero on Fisher Wallace
Has Helped My Son Willie

My son is autistic has been suffering from a breakdown of unknown causes. We bought the device to see if it would help him. Although I did not see a dramatic change, I do believe it has helped him and reduced his anxiety and is helping him cope better and function better. He continues to use it daily and is slowly improving.

by Nadia on Fisher Wallace

Nice to use an alternative to medication that does not have side effects and is endorsed by the medical community.

by Heidi Murphy on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I used the Fisher Wallace Stimulator every night for six months or so. I felt more relaxed as a result. Any bit of relaxation and letting go as I fall asleep is much appreciated.

by Hilda Memory on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace

I have dealt with depression most of my life but it seemed to be getting worse. I have been on antidepressants for years but I needed something else to have any kind of a life. I read about this device and wanted to try it. It has made a remarkable difference in how I feel. I love this device because it has given me a life where the sun shines.

by Rosemary W on Fisher Wallace
Very Impressed With My Results!

I come from a family with a long history of depression. But it was only have the delivery of my last child 33 years ago that I tried antidepressants. They made a dramatic difference in my life - until they stopped working. For the last 33 years I have been on an antidepressant almost constantly - sometimes doubling up. I only wanted to feel NORMAL. I have had a good life with many blessings, which is the reason I have always felt guilty for being depressed. I am 64 years ago it took a long time to admit it was something in my brain chemistry - just an illness like anything else.When the Fisher Wallace Stimulator showed up on my Facebook news feed I was intrigued. At that time I was depressed and ready to go to the doctor for a medication change. After reading other testimonials I decided to ask my doctor, and he wrote me a prescription. Before the day was over I was in touch with Fisher Wallace and my stimulator was on it's way.Wow! What a difference it has made. I have always tried to stay positive and maintain a positive outlook, in spite of how I was feeling inside. But inside I felt exhausted and worthless and wondered if I would ever be able to feel"normal" and actually look forward to things. I am finally feeling normal - enjoying my family, gardening, and looking forward to a vacation!! This has worked better than 33 years of antidepressants and therapy. It does take some commitment to getting up on time to use it (I will never be a morning person, I'm afraid) but I am so glad I got over my skepticism and gave it a try. Trust me - I was a skeptic - but not anymore. This thing works. I wish the price was more affordable, because I have relatives and friends that would benefit from it I'm sure. I'm still working with my insurance company to get it covered. But even if they don't it is one of the best medical decisions I have ever made for myself. Thank you for creating a product that has the potential to change a lot of lives for the better.

by Kim green on Fisher Wallace
Its really helping

I was diagnosed treatment resistive and been tried on numerous antidepressents that would work for awhile and then stop. I was not a canadate for ECT since I had already had memory issues. I got my psychiatrist to order the fisherwallace unit for me to try since I was so deeply depressed and I felt desperate for relief. I use it once or twice daily. I keep a small water bottle by my bedside to wet the oads and do it at bedtime and in the morning before i get up. At first i was skeptical but i kept using it and within a week i began to feel much better. I have chronic fatigue and it gives me much more energy. Im myself again out of the clouds and in the light again. Everyone of my friends have noticed a difference in me. I can actually feel happy and excited about life . It's not cheap but it is worth every last cent to feel normal again. It has given me my life back. Im so very greatful. I have type 1 diabetes and kidney disease and it's even helped motivate me to take better care of my self and follow my low protein diet due to my kidneys. Its like it lifts you up to feeling like I've always wanted to feel. GOOD

by Roman Skybin on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I got that product last year, for the first time I used it during the one week, it did not give any results. I had a problem with my sleeping cycle. My Dr. gave me a sleeping medication that gave me such negative reaction. I set that stimulator aside, with intention to return it. In a few weeks I have got contacted by Fisher Wallace and they asked me how is the product works for you. I did not want to say any negative comments , because , as I found out later, I did not use stimulator properly. I wen back to the internet page of FW and researched again. Started to use this devise as per FW instructions , and I am noticing significant improvement in my sleep, mood and overall well-being . Highly recommending.

by Henry on Fisher Wallace
A Game Changer

I have experienced a significant benefit from the Stimulator. It has a calming effect and makes me much more relaxed. It also helps me get to sleep sooner.

by Duke B. on Fisher Wallace

I am blown away by how well the Stimulator works!My quality of life has improved dramatically.I have recommended the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to my neurologist and my psychiatrist.Thank you Fisher Wallace.

by Amani on Fisher Wallace
I love this.

My husband had done some research on the fisher Wallace treatment, and I was a little skeptical. He decided to get it for me, and I've been using it for three weeks now. It's absolutely amazing. I'm on a regular sleep schedule, I'm not as restless, my anxiety is down, and my overall mood has changed. I'm much happier than I have been in a long time. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with similar issues. Also, it's very simple to use, and not unbearable.

by Mitzi Seith on Fisher Wallace

This device was recommended to me my doctor, en excellent concierge physician. I have found it to be very helpful with no side effects.

It helps

I've been using it for about 6 months, including earlier today. On the mornings that I have fog brain and minimal energy, it helps to get me going and the positive effects seem to last for about 24 hours.

by Elvin espinal on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace stimulator - meditation supplement

It seems that this device has been able to address my anxiety and well as help improve my ability to relax and meditate better. I use it to meditate will having it on. What I noticed is that I am able to clear my mind much easier.

by Brenda H on Fisher Wallace

Fisher Wallace has been a wonderful augmentation in my treatment of major depression and chronic pain. I have had other types of cranial/brain stimulation in the past. This has been a much better option for me, from simple cost to ease of treatment and no side effects. I recommend this to others searching for treatment options.

by Betty on Fisher Wallace
Lifted depression

I have a history of anxiety and depression in my family. I'm currently on 5 mg of Lexapro. I purchased the FW Stimulator in the hopes of seeing some kind of change in my bleak outlook on life. After the first try, I noticed I was happier and looking forward to another day....unlike my past behavior of dread and depression. I totally recommend it!

by douglas on Fisher Wallace

I have tried several antidepressants. Prozac was effective (had many side effects); however, it stopped working. I suspect I would be considered a "treatment resistent" candidate when it comes to many options. As a last resort, my doctor suggested The Fisher Wallace Device. It has been extremely effective for both depression and anxiety. I have used this device for over a year and only need it a few times a week to maintain its effectiveness. I have been able to discontinue my daily use of klonopin as well as an antidepressant. I am not one to experience placebo effects. I believe in this product very very much.

by Tim on Fisher Wallace
Pleased with results

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for maintenance purposes at the moment and it has work well in treating insomnia and mild depression for me. I was initially using it for the first few months every day for 20 minutes on level 2 as recommended- it definitely works!

by Mike Springer on Fisher Wallace
It Helps

While using the unit I experience some reduction of pain for my migraines. The key is to get into a pattern of use to give consistent results. The machine has been helpful.

by Christopher Wilson on Fisher Wallace
It really works!

I've been using the Stimulator for over a month. I've been calmer than before and been able to think better. I have been on every medication and none has helped me as much as this device has.I've been sleeping better and haven't spent all day and night yawning. My suicidal thoughts that were non stop before have been gone.At first I thought it was a placebo device but a few days without it proved to me that it works and I can't live without it!

by Debra on Fisher Wallace

My husband and I have always looked for a more natural ways to help heal our bodies. I have always suffered with anxiety , I take natural supplements but at times they did't seem enough. I start using the Fischer Wallace machine every night and sometimes during the day within a week my anxiety disappeared and I was sleeping through the night . My husband is a chiropractor and suggest to his patients that they should try the Fischer Wallace to help them .

by Victor Cardozo on Fisher Wallace
Anxiety and Depression

Hi. My name is Victor Cardozo. I am 50 yo and since 20 years I have been suffering migraine, depression and anxiety with anger episodes. I had been treated with several medications as Respiridal , Depakote, Xanax, Cymbalta, Setraline and several more. I already had treated as a bipolar. My life in the last two years was horrible. My brain suffered very bad episodes as I denominated as " old TV static" because I heard in my brain a static sounds as one old TV lost the signal. ( sorry my English is not my primary language). My depression was going worst and my anxiety disorder too. I had to quit from the University twice, and had several problems at my work place. Last December I saw an announcement in Internet about Fisher Wallace. I start to check about it, and read, read and read, and ask to my health providers about the product. In February I took the decision and bought it. Since that day my life has been changed completely. My depression episodes has been reduced in a 100%, my anxiety problems 80% and my anger episodes in a 80%. I was on Xanax 2mg XR daily plus Xanax 0.50 BID. Now I am only taking 1 Mg XR and tapering it. Cymbalta I was on 60 mg and now I am tapering too with Dr. recommendations. He has seen my recovery. And the rest of the medications already gone. I hope at end of the year I only will use Fisher Wallace and don't more. Fisher Wallace already change my live. Thanks.

by Victor Cardozo on Fisher Wallace

Continue.. I forgot, I also suffered of insomnia and used Ambien 10 mg daily, now I don't need it. Since the first day I don't need it anymore. Thanks

by Amy on Fisher Wallace
For anxiety

Used the FW Stimulator to see if I could wean off of Lexapro that I was taking for anxiety (due to some unwanted side effects of the Lexapro).I was amazed! I have been able to wean off of that medication successfully with just the use of the stimulator. it has been 6 months, and if I have occasional periods where I start to feel my anxiety creeping back in, I just put the stimulator on for a few nights -and my anxiety is gone.I have also used it to help with periods of insomnia with great success as well.I think this is an amazing device!

by William E. on Fisher Wallace
Works Well

I purchased this device after progressing from Benedeyl to anti-anxiety meds in order to get a good night's sleep. The medications were impacting my work and cognition, but I accepted the trade-off as the negative impact of sleep-deprivation was greater. After about two weeks daily use I noticed I was able to sleep through the night. After about three months of use I stopped having to use the Stimulator. So far I am on month three of no drugs and good nightly sleep.

by Joseph Romero on Fisher Wallace

I have only been using the FW for two months, I have been able to get 8 hrs sleep without any meds, my anxiety and depression is definitely improving each day, I now feel like getting out of bed in the morning as before I would stay in all day, the FW will always be part of my regime.So glad I decided to try the FW device!

Finally Meditating

I've struggled with meditation for years. I love the benefits when I actually do it, but couldn't make it past the mental chatter enough to sit for a prolonged time. Wearing the FW device helps calm my mind and eases any resistance to meditation. I am now meditating a lot more and feeling more grounded.

by Joey Rubino on Fisher Wallace
It really works

Could not be happier - this product has literally irradiated the deep darks depths of my depression.Thankful I stumbled across it and so grateful it worked for me. Life with depression is so bad that you don't care if you live - you just want the day to pass and everything is an effort and exhausting.After 3 weeks using this product I feel like how other must live life on a daily basis - I feel normal and I'm content and will be forever grateful for the invention of this machine - it changed my life and saved my life

by N S on Fisher Wallace
Great product works with no side effects

Works well great relief no side effects very helpful and highly recommended

by Nicole on Fisher Wallace

I tried every antidepressant medication there is over the years. they either did nothing or caused severe side effects. When I decided to try the Fisher Wallace I didn't expect much but figured I had nothing to lose. It has really helped me, I feel better and I'm not as reactive to stress. When I forget to use it I can really tell a difference and I'm reminded how much it's done for me.

by Gary Hurry on Fisher Wallace
Seems to Work

Used the device for a few months and it seemed to mak a differenceGoing to give it another trial, but it looks promising.

by Barb Bailes on Fisher Wallace

The simulator is amazing. My daughter and I used it for back pain and with just a few uses, we had noticeable pain reduction. My daughter also used it for post concussion symptoms and we could immediately tell a difference in her ability to handle stress. So happy that we purchase this!! Thank you

by Sarah on Fisher Wallace
Big difference in little time

The review title says it all. I experienced a major improvement at the end of the 20 day treatment period, which is a short amount of time compared to how long I have suffered with my health issues. I use it to treat my chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain, and mild cases of anxiety and depression. I recommended it to my dad, whom has had moderate-severe depression for 35+ years, took various medications, etc. He used the device for 30 days and went from not having the energy or wherewithal to get out of bed to an active 70 year old able to continue working on the family farm. We both cannot say enough good things about how this device positively impacted our lives.

by Kaylynn Niggle on Fisher Wallace
My Case History of Insomnia

After a traumatic divorce in 2012, I began suffering from bouts of acute anxiety, depression and almost total sleep impairment. By 2014, I was getting three or four sporadic hours of sleep, but keeping up a busy schedule. By 2015 and the first part of 2016, my sleep level had deteriorated to one or two total hours of light sleep per night. Hormones given to me actually exacerbated my depression and restlessness. I began arguing and accusing my lack of rest on my work and social companions! It was a very dark time for me. My pastor likened it to an almost complete nervous breakdown.Fortunately, I found a most excellent psychiatrist who experimented with sleep medications and anti-depressive medications to little avail. He then began a FURTHER search on my DNA and the absence of methyl-folate in my system. He also began an exhaustive search on the Fisher-Wallace neuro-transmitter and asked me to consider the expense of investing in the device. These measures have been working in conjunction since early 2016, and I am proud to announce that my well-being and insomnia-related problems continue to improve beyond my wildest expectations.

by Catherine on Fisher Wallace
Love to be stimulated!

I was looking for a stimulator that could help insomnia that I have suffered for 12 years. Optimally it would be light and something Incould carry in my pocket. When Infoumd out that F-W produced one that was prescribed in hospitals in NYC, I was intrigued! The fact that it can be used for pain and depression were added bonuses.After using for about two weeks I experienced a noticeable difference in my sleep. I am at the point now that I only need it a couple of times a week and it keeps my sleep and spine in good order.

by Shelley Gardewick on Fisher Wallace
I think helping after the loss of my parents

My doctor suggested I try the Fisher Wallace stimulator after I expressed my inability to focus/think/sleep months after the loss of my parents. They were my only living relatives. I think I did notice that I was less prone to crying jags and I have continued using it.

by Joanne Dusseau on Fisher Wallace
a satisfied 4 yr user

I have a rather serious sleep issue, and, on the recommendation of Dr. Norm Shealy, bought this devise. Truly, for my situation, I haven'tfound a better remedy component than this. It is reliable, the companystands by the product in that the customer is very well served and I think as well as helping me relax and calm down, it is abating any tendencies I have to become depressed. I recommend it to any friend who is on antidepressants or who comment that they think they arebecoming depressed.

by Mary S on Fisher Wallace
Sleeping so much better

I started using the Fisher Wallace device in addition to an anti-depressant in hopes of making my therapy more robust. Happily I have experienced the added benefit of the best sleep I've had in years. It's easy to use once you use it the first time. It's part of my daily routine now; once in the morning and once at night. Worth every penny.

by Dana on Fisher Wallace
Finally relief without side effects

I've been struggling with bipolar depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc for many years. Meds were not working so I started having ECT treatments. It helped but I had a lot of side effects. I did that for almost 3 yrs. I could not take it anymore. I have not had a treatment since Nov. 2015. I still have chronic headaches and I developes retrograde amnesia. My doctor ordered the Fisher-Wallace stimulator in Dec.2016. I started out using it twice a day and now I just do it a few times a week. No side effects. Last year I was hospitalized 11 times. I still have my ups and downs but using the stimulator my moods are much more stable

by Mark J. DeMalio, DC on Fisher Wallace
Excellent Non-Pharmocological Relief for my patients and myself as well!

Very pleased with FW device after many months of research before purchasing and recommending for my patients. Complimentary treatment for many suffering with chronic pain, headaches, anxiety & those wanting restful sleep and in essence a reboot to deal with stress & tension. I now have a great solution to recommend to many patients & friends that are at a standstill with their need for safer & more effective relief in a form of home care & self-management of these difficult conditions.

by Bill on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace

I have suffered from anxiety and depression for over 30 years.Antidepressents have barely kept my head above water.A big difference since device started working.Copeing with life much much better.My wife stood by me all these years and she deserves my recovery more than me.Thank you!

by Robert Kiefert on Fisher Wallace

I have severe PTSD, which causes it's own issues as anxiety, paranoia, lack of sleep, nightmares, migraines; all of which this device helps with, and seems to be the only treatment that seems to have lasting effects. a therapist in 2012 who researched this device along with it's competitors, recommended that I invest in one, it was the best investment I have made. the only drawback is that i wish the wire were more rugged, and I thought a few times a different type of display would be more user friendly, like a yellow green red tower tree display?anyway, with that being said this device has been a lifesaver, Thank You

by Anna on Fisher Wallace
Depression improved

I discovered the Fisher Wallace stimulator from a Facebook ad and thought it looked promising. I have suffered from depression for most of my life and have taken anti depression medication for the last three decades. I also suffer from insomnia and fibromyalgia. Since using the FW stimulator for the last three weeks, I have noticed a definite improvement in my mood and have cut back on my depression medications. My sleep is improving and with continued use I hope to cut back or eliminate sleep meds. I didn't expect any improvement in the fibromyalgia, but I am having more days with less pain. With continued use I hope to continue to see improvements in all areas. I would definitely recommend the FW stimulator.

by david dempsey on Fisher Wallace
cranial nerve stimulation

I have PTSD from the vietnam war and osteoarthritis w/ 3 joints replaced. I found myself in great pain physically, with insomnia and a general bad attitude. Using F- W stimulator daily, I am in an all around better situation.

by Iris Johnson on Fisher Wallace

I am a physician and suffer from severe major depression since 3years. I am on long term disability because of it. I have temporal lobe epilepsy as well and antidepressants create havoc with my seizure medication. I have had ECT treatments with some success but it doesn't last. I have used the stimulator for several weeks now, in the evening I use it prior to going to bed. It has been very helpful with my insomnia. I am amazed.

by Joey Rubino on Fisher Wallace
This product worked for my depression

I suffer with severe depression and have tried many home remedies as well as prescription drugs to deal with my depression and nothing has completely worked up until now.I am so thankful that I found this Fisher Wallace product - as its the first thing I have used that hasn't messed with just numbing my problem adding many more side effects along the way and instead has actually treated the problem and now my depression has gone away completely.Couldn't be happier with this product - the best investment I have made in a long time.If you suffer from depression and you experience is anything like mine was - I hope you take a chance on this product and are able to find as much success as I have from it. The considerable shift and change came after using the machine consistently for 3 weeks - I am not the same as I was 3 weeks ago and am so grateful. I feel human again and feel normal and can't say enough good about this machine - it really works !10/10

by Frank Portner on Fisher Wallace

I take 3 anti depressant pills plus use FW CES device. Have used for approx 3 mos. I seem to be doing better but not sure just what's working. Have it set at level 4 in morning & level 3 in eve. I do feel somewhat better. The When I started I used level 2. Even though I didn't get magical overnight feel good feelings I would still recommend the device for anyone, it may work wonders for some. My prob. Is that I am depressed & have to push myself to do anything. Will continue to use, it just might take longer for me.

Works for me

I have been using this on & off for over a couple of years. Time to use it again as it is one of the few things I have tried that helps with numerous issues all at once. Has helped in the past with depression, anxiety, sleep & pain reduction. Most effective for me when used twice a day when needed. Really thrilled with the reduction in neck pain!

by Chris on Fisher Wallace
Helpful Transition Away From Rx Medications

I have been on SSRI's for over 10 years, and while I do believe they were helpful to provide a 'weigh station' in terms of stabilizing my dysthymia condition, I did not want to remain on them for that long a duration. There were 5 separate occasions where I tried to ween off of them. The fourth attempt was successful for 6 months until a very stressful family event occurred, resulting in my needing to get back on SSRIs. The 5th time, I had the Fisher device to assist and I did feel that the added assistance of it help to aid me in staying off the prescription meds even while going through another stressful life event. So I do recommend this device as an alternative to Rx. Although it is expensive, I understand that insurance companies may be getting more help to be able to help offset the costs in the future. I looked at the long term savings I would have by not being on Rx meds and that helped to justify the cost. I strongly recommend that anyone looking to ween off medication to do so under a doctor's care, and go very very slowly. As an example, if you were taking 100mg of Sertraline, look to a tapering period of 6-9 months to go from 100mg to 0mg. Yes - that long. I tried doing it faster the first 3 times and failed. But once you are able to function effectively without the medication, incorporating exercise more and therapy as may be warranted, you will be happy to not have the unwanted side effects anymore. I found the Fisher device very helpful for aiding me to get asleep faster at night too.

by jerry s on Fisher Wallace
It works

I did my research after seeing ads online about the Fisher Wallace stimulator. I have suffered from clinical depression for 5yrs caused by 10yrs of chronic spine pain and multiple surgeries on my Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar all of which have fusions. Anti-depressants had no positive effects over the yrs and almost every flavor was tried.....also I'm not a fan of closed skull brain surgery. I notice an improvement in my depression at about a month. I also ask for a 60 day money back guarantee as I was skeptical and it was granted, they ain't getting it back!!!. I have since advised more than a couple of depression sufferers to try one. No monetary value can be placed on my steady decrease in depression and anxiety. Works for me..!!jerry S.

by Vern P on Fisher Wallace
Better sleep, plus unexpected benefits

On April 30, 1992, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease by James Katzel M.D., of Ukiah, CA. One of the enduring symptoms of the Lyme disease has been difficulty sleeping in recent years. About two years ago I began using the Fisher-Wallace stimulator to help with my sleep. While it does help, it is one of several things I must do to get a decent night’s sleep. I would like to report, however, a few unexpected benefits that seem to have been from the regular use of the Fisher-Wallace stimulator:1) I have had amblyopia in my left eye since I was an infant, to the point that I was legally blind in that eye, but the vision in that eye seems to have improved somewhat since using the F-W stimulator.2) Since first having the Lyme disease symptoms about 25 years ago, my ability to take in straight audio information (listening to the radio or a recording) had diminished in the last decade or so. In recent months my ability to take in audio information seems to have been almost completely restored.3) Just this last week, I noticed that a large dark mole on my left temple (directly under the F-W electrode) seems to have completely disappeared. I wasn’t sure, so I had my wife examine where the mole had been, since she had expressed concern about it less than two years ago. As she said on a second examination, it is now 100% gone.

by Robyn Clark on Fisher Wallace

I have been using the Fisher Wallace device on level 2 for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening since April 2015. Since then I have been able to go off of my antidepressants and reduce my sleep medication by half. I have not had any side effects. I am very grateful for this device and highly recommend it. It has been consistently helpful with my mood, and I believe it should be available to more people.

by Laura Fiddler on Fisher Wallace
Sleeping Great

Always looking for a way to avoid taking medication, I was so glad to run into this product while researching informations on TBI, for a family member who sustained TBI and other injuries when hit by a drunk driver. I myself suffer from insomnia and mild bouts of anxiety, so I purchased the unit to try it on myself before recommending it to this family member. To my surprise I begin sleeping much better within just a few days of starting to use the unit! Not only can I fall asleep easier and more quickly, but I stay asleep most nights and get "deeper" sleep than I have in years. If I do wake in the night, I'm able to go back to sleep which previously was not the case. Additionally, I have not felt I needed to take any anxiety medicine since starting use of the unit ( previously I would take a low dose on an as needed basis). This in it has truly been miracle for me. It has been worth every penny and more! I have reported the excellent results to my relative who will pilot it soon! Thank you so much for this innovation.

by Tony on Fisher Wallace
I cannot believe it

I am a physician who after my spinal surgery developed mild depression and insomnia. My insomnia was the middle of the night syndrome. I came across this device through a friend and I bought one. After only a single use my insomnia is gone. Then after a month it became my normal to get at least 7 hrs of continued sleep except when I have to go to the bathroom. My mood is better. I was cynical about this device at first but I am now a convinced regular user. I cannot believe it.

by Marjorie R. on Fisher Wallace
New Help

I have had depression & anxiety for the majority of my life. I searched for I was still having anxiety & another major depressive episode last summer 2015. I take medication, see a psychiatrist for medication mgmt., a therapist every two weeks. I started using the Fisher Wallace stimulator per my psyc's OK in mid-August 2015...I was experiencing depression/anxiety. I consider the FW stimulator to be part of my mental health tool box. It is definitely helping me be depression/anxiety free now. I do not know if I will ever be able to eliminate meds. There is a strong family history on both sides of my family for depression/anxiety. However, I feel happy, optimistic, & wake up looking forward to each day now.

by Ally on Fisher Wallace
I'm sleeping....!

Ok, so I purchased this unit for the sole purpose of trying to find some way to alleviate my depression without drugs. I've never been diagnosed as "depressed", nor have I ever taken any kind of meds for depression but based upon the way I've been feeling on and off for years, I know it was "depression". Anyway, in addition, I had also been struggling with years and years of horrible (and I mean HORRIBLE!) insomnia, coupled with terrible dreams, pretty much every single night. I would be shocked if I slept more than two or three hours before either waking up from a horrible nightmare, or just waking up because....whatever! and then laying there, tossing, turning, and dealing with the wheels in my head that just wouldn't STOP going around and around for hours on end until the alarm clock would go off. This had been my "sleep pattern" for so many years I just sort of wrote it off as "oh well - that's my body for you!". WELL! I ordered the Fisher Wallace specifically for my depression and at times, I do feel like it has helped with that (the jury is still out...) but to my utter shock and disbelief, I have been sleeping through the night and have had ZERO nightmares in quite literally, MONTHS! Because I bought the unit specifically (and only) for my depression, I was taking copious notes, keeping track of my "moods" while using the device twice daily. I never even gave my "sleep" a second thought until one day, I was sitting at work and thought to myself "wow - I don't think I've had a nightmare in a while" and as I thought more, it dawned on me that I'd been sleeping fully for 6 or 7 hours! The more I thought about it, I realized that even if I'd gotten up to go potty, I'd fall RIGHT back to sleep (whereas before, getting up to use the restroom would have resulted in my being awake for the rest of the night...). I was sitting in my office thinking "what the hell....?" when a little voice in the back of my head reminded me that the Fisher Wallace device was also used for insomnia. I began taking note of my sleep patterns (and mind you, this started probably 4 or 5 months ago!) and as long as I use the device every few days, my sleep is amazing, about 95% of the time now! It's just unbelievable to me to be quite honest. I still have "off" nights now and then where I can't sleep very well but I will tell you, I will use this device for the rest of my life - THAT'S how much of a difference it has made for me. It's just incredulous that this tiny little machine can help me SO MUCH with my sleep, and incredibly, no more nightmares (which is a HUGE plus!!!) I don't think I've had even so much as a bad DREAM in more than 6 months and I truly used to be plagued nightly with horrific, scary nightmares. Amazing product - I would give it 10 stars if I could...

by Tina N on Fisher Wallace
Im Amazed

I had been on a myriad of meds for over 30 yrs for Bipolar 1. IF any of them helped at all it was only for 6 mo. and then they stopped working and I would have to try something else. In the last 5 yrs. my depression got more and more severe with 3 suicide attempts that each landed me in ICU. 3 months ago the suicidal thoughts returned along with the dreaded hell of deep depression. I decided I had to do something drastic to stop this ongoing cycle of depression that was ebbing in and out of my life with more veracity than ever before. I was through with my Psychiatrist and meds that did not work. I searched online for anything that might help me....that is when I discovered the stimulator. I was skeptical and wondered if i should spend the money and take the chance....I am so beyond happy that I chose to get the stimulator. It has beeen 3 weeks since I received it and i have used it daily as recommended in the paperwork. 2 weeks ago I had planned a sure fire way to kill myself and it was all i could think of, but I wanted to give the stimulator a chance....thank god i did because for the last week I have not thought about suicide once and instead have been making plans for my future. My depression has lifted and i have never thought so clearly before. I am sleeping through the night and I wake feeling happy for a new day to begin. I am off meds for a month now and I have NEVER felt this good in my life. This may sound sappy but the stimulator saved my life!!!! I want to tell everyone my story because it has been life changing and I hope others can be helped by it as well. I am free of drugs and Psych docs and I can live a normal life for the first time. I know I haven't used it for that long but I know it is working because I have never felt the way I do now. My husband is amazed and can not get over the change he has seen in me. Thank you FW, thank you!!!

by Ron Dans on Fisher Wallace
Miracle machine for insomnia

I have been dealing with insomnia for more than 30 years. I have tried all the other solutions but none of them made much difference. I had seen the Fisher Wallace Stimulator mentioned in Dr. Doidge's latest book, and I decided to give it a try. It was during a very stressful period of time in my life, and I was desperate for help. Within 3-4 days of using it every night before bed, I began to notice a change. Even if I woke up a couple of hours after falling asleep, I began to fall back to sleep within 1-2 hours. Before using the stimulator I might lay awake almost the entire rest of the night, so this was a huge improvement. After abut a month of use, I saw that awake time decrease to as little as 15-20 minutes, which to me was a huge success. After about 2 months of use I decided to try reducing the number of times a week that I used it, and when that change didn't affect my sleep, I stopped it entirely. I was stable for a while, but then i began to notice that it was beginning to take a while longer to fall back asleep. I started to use it again, but now just once or twice a week, and I'm back to the prior good results. Altogether I'd have to say that this is a miracle machine.

by Michelle on Fisher Wallace

I have been using the fisher Wallace stimulator for a while I am now seeing the benefits I am sleeping for longer amounts of time and am less anxious I continue to use it twice a day and am feeling much better in all aspects of my life I am thankful to have found your product thank you

by Barry Chandres on Fisher Wallace
Saved my life

I was suffering from horrendous insomnia, that drove me into the depths of despair. My life was an utter shambles. My therapist had offered cognitive therapy for my insomnia and the cognitive approach seemed like some form of torture that would be used on prisoners(and a variety of that sleep deprivation cognitive approach is used in Guantanamo.! Anyway, I ordered the Fisher Wallace machine and paid out of my own pocket(Insurance would not cover it) Within 2 weeks I began to recover and began to actually sleep for the first time in 8 months. Fisher Wallace machine works, no questions about it.

by Eric K. on Fisher Wallace
VERY pleased!

I've struggled with insomnia for years. After a recent surgery the pain medication simply made things worse. I was getting 2-3 hours of sleep per night nearly every night. I was constantly exhausted. I really didn't want to take something like Ambien, which I've used in the past, because it is addictive. Instead, I tried using an over the counter antihistamine and, as odd as it sounds, occasionally I would add ibuprofen. This worked somewhat and I was getting more sleep. Unfortunately, my blood pressure shot up dramatically since both of those medicines raise blood pressure. Then I heard about the Fisher Wallace stimulator. My doctor didn't think it was a good idea and recommended more medicine to control my blood pressure. That didn't work at all and I didn't like the idea anyhow. Thankfully, I could get a prescription elsewhere and then bought the Fisher Wallace unit. It worked almost immediately! After two weeks I'm doing better and falling asleep faster than I have in a long time....AND that's without medication! My blood pressure is coming down again and that's without additional medication! Thank you Fisher Wallace!!! I am VERY pleased with my results so far!

by Paula D on Fisher Wallace
Skeptic Turned Believer

I am very skeptical by nature but after stumbling upon the information about the Fisher Wallace device and then doing as much research on it as I could find, I decided to try it.I have had depressive episodes off and on for most of my adult life. Each episode has become increasingly treatment resistant. This last episode has lasted nearly two years. I have tried diet and exercise, medication, talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy but nothing was helping. I was desperate to feel better, feeling hopeless and thinking that I might never feel good again. Well, I am very glad to say that after only two weeks of using the FW device, twice a day as instructed, I feel measurably better. My mood is much more normal. I have less anxiety and hope & joy have once again become a part of my day. I now have normal up and down emotions throughout the day instead of a steady stream of negativity and sadness. I only hope that others might find this product and find the relief I have found.

by James Ennis on Fisher Wallace
Major Depression, Chronic Pain, Chronic Insomnia

I've used the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for at least one year. I highly recommend this product. It has kept my depression symptoms under control. It works well for pain and insomnia. My only suggestion would be to use a plug instead of batteries. If you are suffering, please try the Stimulator. Be well.

Severe (happy) side effects

After going through hell suffering from postpartum depression, Intrusive thoughts, Severe anxiety and the whole package that lasted almost a decade changing 3 doctors, 6 meds stocking up with shelves of self help books and just grappling through my days ( which dragged on to no end) and experiencing depersonalization agitation, crying spells, apathy, just to name a few, I was ready to sell my engagement ring to pay for TMS. And then out of the blue I stumbled upon the FWS. I was not skeptical a bit, I was so desperate. On the third week I started to see some light at the end of the tunnel. With each passing week I feel like waking up from a coma. Everything around me feels brighter, my heart is light and I am dancing from joy. My kids got a new mommy and my husband got a new wife. Thank you Fisher Wallace for reuniting an almost shattered family.

by Carrie Loyd on Fisher Wallace

The fisher Wallace stimulator was well worth the investment. I had insomnia and treatment resistant depression. The stimulator used in conjunction with my medication relieved any anxiety, depression, and/or insomnia. I would highly recommend use of this product. My life is full of joy and happiness. I get a full night of sleep which also makes me ready for the next day.

by Dana Mancuso on Fisher Wallace
Fisher-Wallace stimulator

I've been treated for Bipolar depression, anxiety, PTSD, and a few others for years. I've tried several different medication combinations and even got ECT treatments for over 2 years. In the past year I've been hospitalized 11 times. I saw an ad on facebook for this stimulator and read all the information, printed it out and took it to my doctor. I received the stimulator in December 2015 and have been using it everyday since thenI no longer have to go through ECT and all it's side effects. I ended up with retrograde amnesia from it. The Fisher-Wallace stimulator has been great. I'm having a lot more stable days now. I saw online that Forbes named it one of the top 4 mental health treatments for 2016. I'm still on some meds but will slowly be tapered of some of them. I am so happy I bought this device.

by Cheryl Hennessy on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace
Video Review: Fisher Wallace has helped my depression. I feel the difference and I also use before I go to bed at night and sleep thru the night.

The Fisher Wallace has really helped my depression, and I also use the Fisher Wallace before I go to sleep at night to help me sleep , and I sleep thru the night, The Fisher Wallace has worked out real well for me since I never took antidepressants. I really feel better with the Fisher Wallace.

by Diane W on Fisher Wallace
Helping with Disthymia Anxiety and Insomnia

I'm very please, ecstatic actually, so far. I've been using this for 5 months and tapering off my antidepressant under my psych's supervision. I was on 20 mg of Paxil and I'm down to 10 mg now. The first 90 days I used this religiously twice a day. Now I use it usually once a day first thing in the morning; I skip a day here and there. My depression and anxiety are gone and have been gone since 90 days in. I was tracking depression, anxiety and insomnia for the first 4 months; I have stopped tracking now b/c the depression and anxiety have been gone completely since about day 75. It does help me with insomnia if I use it right before I go to bed. I'm a bit nervous to see what happens once I am completely medication free, which will be in the next 45 days. I am very hopeful. I couldn't be happier with this device. I've suffered with depression my whole life and with occasional anxiety for the last 10 years. My psych has been so impressed with this that she is now recommending it to some of her patients.

by Lisa on Fisher Wallace

I suffer from chronic migraines and heard this device may
be a good alternative to the drug therapy. After 45 years of chronic head pain I now have the means of shutting it down. It's not a cure but it has
proven effective. When I feel a headache coming on I will put the pads on my temples then move them to the forehead area. Works like magic! I am now trying it for insomnia and other pain issues. The only drawback is the band used to hold the pads in place. The Velcro was not strong enough to create a secure hold. I added some clasps to each end of the strap, problem solved! The device is worth every penny I paid for it!

by Lisa Powers on Fisher Wallace
Awesome Device

This is a review for the CES by Fisher Wallace. Love it, it's simple, portable and I use it 20 minutes a day while meditating. The amazing part is that I don't feel anything extraordinary. Even better, I don't find myself with a lack of desire to live life. Life is now EXTRAORDINARY!
Thank you Fisher Wallace!

by Monika on Fisher Wallace
Non-Rx relief for depression and anxiety

I was diagnosed with chemical depression twenty years ago. I also suffer from anxiety that lead to racing thoughts that woke me up at night. I have tried numerous medications and am still currently on a half dose since using the FWS. I am working to wean off completely this year with my doctors help. After using this for about a month, I felt my mood brighten like taking a drink of water after a hike. Nothing else has helped like this has. I have used the Stimulator for over a year and highly recommend its effectiveness. If I start to feel anxious about a situation, I make sure I use the device that night and don't feel anxious anymore, I just don't feel as though I need to worry like I did before this device. I have wanted to finish college for 25 years and only now have gotten up the confidence and suppressed the anxiety to register and start next month. If I wake up, I now fall right back to sleep. I wake up with energy and hope. I now feel calm... what a great feeling.

by KathleenM on Fisher Wallace
Miracle machine

I bought this to help with depression and anxiety - to get off medication and help find my old happy self. I felt therapy and medication was just 'helping me get through' but was not really getting me on the road to improvement or happiness. I just felt there had to be something more out there that could help. Well, I was right- it is this machine. It took 6 weeks, twice a day like clockwork, and I felt HAPPY. I came off my antidepressant, slept like a baby, and felt less anxious, actually calm. I would say that I've had excellent, lasting results and I use it periodically now when I feel I need a 'pick-me-up', which is not often. I think you absolutely must commit to the initial 6 -8 weeks, twice a day without fail to get results, and the results are beyond anything I hoped for. Saving the cost of medications and therapy- well, lets just say this was more than worth the price and the best treatment for the money. In addition, I get to use it whenever I feel the need for it and it gives me the help I need within 24 hours now. Don't think twice about this purchase- it is worth its weight in gold.

by Celeste W on Fisher Wallace

By the second week I started feel more energy after a month my energy has doubled! In terms of mood, I started to feel a little a more cheerful by the third week. Feeling better now.Things that would be very
Irritating, overwhelming, be in bad moods are gone. Mood is much more even. Because I feel more energy. I can workout much easier. I am
changing my diet which because I just feel in such a positive place. Even when my husband argues and over anything, I listen I am able to process better so if it is serious matter, I stay calm and let him rant but will not raise my voice like I used to.And when he is ranting about nothing I start wanting to laugh. I now this sounds crazy but it's true. I mean no disrespect him. But I can't help it. With all these things I have stated remember life is not perfect. I can say it has changed my life remember you have to use exactly as stated. Thank you

by Jerry on Fisher Wallace
jury is still out

I started stimulator treatments last June, 18th. I didn't see any improvement until the third week of use, when I notice a slight improvement in my motivation. Then hit a plateau for several weeks and decided to send in back before the deadline, but later decided to keep at it for a while. On 8/14/15, when I felt great for about a month, until 10-1:increased motivation and energy, then the depression returned and hasn't eased up much, then, on 12/15 had to send the stimulator back because something wasn't working anymore. I later was told either the wires or the electrodes were defective and to send them back as well. Then I had to buy new wires and electrodes for $50.00 and am waiting for them all to be returned, so I haven't even able to use the unit since the middle of December.

by Carolyn hEIEN on Fisher Wallace

I have had some positive results, but am having some problems with device not functioning properly, called for help and you office was no help at all and a bit rude to boot!!

by Robin on Fisher Wallace
Getting off drugs

I used this to get off a suboxane addiction. It helped get thru my cravings. I used it a month. I would recommend it .

by Steve Lewis on Fisher Wallace
Life Changing

I had been dealing with depression for most of my life. In recent years, once I had tried several drugs I had just about given up at finding relief. I stumbled upon the Fisher Wallace device. I thought it was expensive at first, but I was so desperate to find something that worked so I gave it a try.
I'm a man of few words so, here it is. This device changed my life. I purchased one and It didn't take long to work. I now use it occasionally for maintenance and this is only for a few days. Its extremely easy to use and quickly effective.

by Belinda Daggs on Fisher Wallace
Helps with sleep

This apparatus helps me fall asleep within an hour. It doesn't help with depression. I am very happy with the help it gives me to get to sleep. I am able to stay asleep all night. There are no side effects. I can only use it once a day just before bedtime and at the most 4 times a week. If I use it more than that then I get a headache the next morning. I use it every other night. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a good night's rest.

by Ellen Corso on Fisher Wallace
No Need to Lose Another Night's Sleep

I am 68 years old and have dealt with chronic insomnia for the last 25 years. With good intentions, a doctor prescribed two drugs 23 years ago that would help me sleep but would not cause any addiction. Unfortunately, he was either misinformed...or not a caring physician. I became addicted to the point where I had to keep increasing the dosage....and to make things worse, as of 12 years ago I could not eat anything after 4pm because any food in my stomach would impede the sleeping pills from working. By the Grace of G-d I found the Fisher Wallace Stimulator online. At first, I was very skeptical and quite honestly, I was hesitant to purchase it even though there was a money back guarantee. So there I would be night after night....unable to sleep at 3:00pm, reading the testimonials from those who had the stimulator and were so happy with it's results. At this point, I couldn't even sleep on an empty stomach and I was maxed out on the amount of drugs any doctor would prescribe. So I made the decision to order the device and let me say with full sincerity and gratitude, I thank G-d that I did! From the git go I felt a sense of "tiredness" prior to bedtime that I longed to feel for soooo many years....and oh what a relief that my mind wasn't racing til 3pm anymore. I used the simulator as instructed and started to wean myself from the drugs. Over the first 6 months, I was able to reduce the dosage in more than half which in itself is a miracle. If it weren't for some other neurological conditions that I have, I know that by using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator daily, I would be able to get off the pills altogether. So... if ANYONE who is dealing with insomnia needs reassurance that they don't have to suffer with this condition, I am here to testify that the Fisher Wallace Stimulator does all that it claims. Also, I had reason to call their customer service with questions and such, and I was always given great guidance with professionalism and courtesy. Please don't wait as long as I did and lose one more night of sleep thinking about whether or not there's help for you. The device will restore your ability to sleep at night and you will start each day feeling rested and refreshed. I could never thank Fisher Wallace enough for being a true life changer!

by kosta stamos on Fisher Wallace
A remarkable device without the use of drugs. Has helped me more with neck pain than any medication I have taken.
Video Review: x

A remarkable invention that has helped me with neck pain more than any medication I have taken

by Janice Kimball on Fisher Wallace
This is my 2nd post

First one was 10/26/15. I keep feeling better! Used the device for a month last summer, and occasionally since. Fall can be an awful time for me due to SAD. This year I enjoyed Christmas, and I am taking on additional activities/interests. I haven't quit taking Prozac or any vitamins (B complex, fish oil, etc.) As I stated in October, when I eat something or take a prescription or OTC remedy, I KNOW whether it has affected me. I still cannot identify that the FW device was the reason for my improved state of mind and additional ambition, but I haven't done anything else to change things.

by Antonella Lanza on Fisher Wallace
It does work

I was a bit skeptical about this device , especially because the price was really high, I have been using it for about three months and has changed my mood in a positive way. I am not giving a 5 star because I still have insomnia and I occasionally use medication to help me to sleep. But my suicidal thoughts have gone away and I accept life in a better way.

by Muriel on Fisher Wallace

I cannot get over fisher wallace stimulator, I have suffered depression for over 50 years. I am a new person. I feel happy now, I use it differently, but it works for me. Thank you for who ever invented this machine. I can live again, and I am happy something I could not have said all these years.
I will have to save up for another machine, for chronic pain, as it goes on different parts of body, and I want to keep well with my depression, as I am a new person. Praise God for this Stimulator, I have been using this for almost two months. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

by Krishna Komanduri on Fisher Wallace
Anxiety Alleviate

We bought this device for our special needs child to help in alleviating anxiety. Like many others, we were skeptical as well as we have tried several interventions. I am happy to say that that using this device twice a day for 4+ months has definitely helped in overcoming some anxiety. We have seen the difference in over a week. In addition, it also helped in better sleep at night. We hope as we continue to use the device, the anxiety continues to decrease.

by Julie on Fisher Wallace
Anxiety Relief

I have suffered with depression and anxiety for over 20 years. I purchased the device to help treat my anxiety. I would wake up each morning so anxious I could hardly stand it. It took about 6 weeks to see results, but I now wake up free of anxiety. It has helped a little with the depression. I would definitely recommend this.

by Dan Cavanaugh on Fisher Wallace
Sleep Problem

I used the stimulation device twice a day for almost 60 days without any significant improvement in my sleep. Just when I was about to give up, I changed my usage to twice a week, and my sleeping improved dramatically. I am very grateful for this device.

by Jeff on Fisher Wallace
Step in right direction

The device can be very effective for sleep, depression, anxiety.My main issue is sleep and anxiety related to ADD.
It has taken some trial and error to find the best settings. Using too late, or on wrong setting can either not help or keep me up. But I noticed in the first few weeks, I would have deeper, dream/REM sleep where I could remember dreams. So even on shorter nights the sleep was higher quality and I could get through the day better. Sometimes the customer support has given a broad range of suggestions and I would like to know how other customers are using the device, with similar symptoms.

by Steven on Fisher Wallace
Glad to have found this!

This device has helped out a lot with my symptoms from chronic insomnia to depression. The results have been lasting and my general well being has certainly improved. I would recommend this device to anyone in need.

by Janet Mills on Fisher Wallace

Excellent product. Can't believe it works after 63 years of anxiety.

by Jason Caridi on Fisher Wallace
Great add-on therapy for balancing the mind

There has never been a time recently when I was both using the FW device and on no medication, so I cannot attest to it as monotherapy. However, this device has been a great addition to my mental health routines. I have severe anxiety alongside some OCD and depression, and I notice it gets a lot worse on days that I don't use the device. I do indeed feel an acute effect after use, a slightly brighter mood and more of a "balance." The best thing I notice is that it seems to enhance any other therapies that you are doing. If you are able to ignore the flashing lights you may see in your died of vision on higher levels, I highly recommend meditating (or any similar practice in which you are sitting still). There is definitely a synergy between using the device and breathing practices. I highly recommend! PS- without going into too much detail, it has also helped me a little through some difficult withdrawals. Studies show that continuous use of the device increases endorphins in the spinal fluid!

by SMonroe on Fisher Wallace
Great device

I have used this for 11 months and it still helps with depression and also with pain.

by Robert Pearson on Fisher Wallace
Adjunctive Therapy for Parkinson's

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in August, 2014. The VA rated me 100% permanent and total disabled due to Agent Orange exposure. Besides tremor, this condition causes depression, anxiety, and insomnia and other non-motor symptoms. After discussion and permission from my neurologist and therapist I have been using the Fisher Wallace device for three months. I believe it has made a significant difference in how I feel. I have reduced the antidepression med by half. I have eliminated Ambien and Melatonin coompletely and am sleeping thru the night. I feel less anxiety.

Parkinson's is multifaceted disease.
I consider the Fisher Wallace device to be part of my toolkit to allow me to enjoy a good quality of life. I have had no adverse side effects. Customer Service has been very helpful to answer my questions. I highly recommend this device to anyone.

by Linda on Fisher Wallace
Anxiety alleviated

I began having anxiety attacks and depression at 14, SADD in my mid twenties, At age 35, I had significant post-partum depression. SSRIs quit working. I eventually discovered regular exercise, getting enough sleep, taking fish oil and vitamin D. All the good habits were enough to keep the depression down, but not cured. Meanwhile, it seemed like nothing helped the anxiety. I did have trauma issues, but, had years of therapy, which helped a lot life situations, but not the recurring depression and anxiety!
In early 2014, I injured my back and eventually became mostly immobile. The depression set in pretty quickly so I searched to find out anything I else I could about helping the depression and anxiety. Found the Fisher Wallace unit. At first I was skeptical about using it and was a little afraid. But then, I knew someone who'd been helped by ECT, and wondered if this "home version"--a low dose of electricity over a long time--might actually work. The physical therapists were using a similar electrical stimulator on my back. I liked it and noticed no ill effects. Also, the Fisher Wallace had been around forever and reputable clinicians associated with institutions like Beth Israel, Cornell, etc. had positive things to say about it. I liked that it was FDA cleared, so I decided to give it a try. The unit is expensive, but no more than an rx over time.
I was amazed to see such a calming effect after the first couple of applications. The first treatment gave me a headache that lasted into the next morning. However, I did not get any more headaches after that. I've been using the unit since May of 2015 and was surprised to realize that I no longer had a case of the nerves when riding in major traffic, and could actually sit and listen to a very lengthy conversation without feeling the least bit anxious. I also began using the unit prior to social engagements to keep the social anxiety down (it helps). I also saw an immediate improvement in getting to sleep. It works like a charm for easing me into sleep (no more racing thoughts at bedtime).
As far as the depression goes, it has helped, but really, it has just about vanquished the anxiety that has plagued me for 40 years. I now use it once or twice a week and it helps right away. Definitely something to help with the anxiety and also does improve mood. It is part of my treatment "plan" and I'm glad to have it.

by Kelly on Fisher Wallace
Amazing Device

I suffer from bipolar 1. I am treatment resistance and ECTs resistance, therefore, I was desperate to try anything, at any cost. I was researching clinical trials before I decided to give this a shot. Having suffering more depression than highs and being on, it feels like,, every med out there, I discussed it with my pdoc. He had just came back from a conference, in Vancouver Canada, where one of the topics was the device.

I wasn't skeptical at all, as I had read alot about it and took my time to make my decision. In any event, at about week three, level 4 I felt the depression lift. It is now a mth and I am still feeling great.

I am so excited about it that I want anyone suffering from some sort of Mental Illness to try it. I shared it on FB...

Please if you are still uncertain about it, rent it, as I did. I swear you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Chris Fisher for creating this magical device that has given me my life and joy back..

Don't waste your time thinking about it go for it. In Canada, where I'm from, no prescription needed.....

Kelly Leger
I see my pdoc on a weekly basis,, due to my depression being so bad.

He stated that the Psychiatric Ward is supposed to be purchasing 6 units, I think I'm the only one on it.

by Sarah J on Fisher Wallace

I have had an Ambien prescription since 2003. Tried everything for chronic insomnia. I developed severe post partum depression in 1996, an from that point on, spent many years on and off anti-dressants and anxiolytics of various types. If I had to guesss? I am basically a dysthmic person with generalized anxiety disorder, and PTSD (mild). Nighttime was the worst- I ruminated non-stop. Panicked at noises outside. There were days I would go to work on maybe 90 mins of sleep. This has gone on for years for me. I wanted to look into non-pharm options, and through research found this device. I read most of the studies done on it, and thought "why not?"
I can honestly say that I have one of the more secere cases of insomnia related to anxiety you will ever meet. And this device WORKS!!! Do I still have my bad nights? Sure. But I have many more nights where I will sleep for many hours straight, and go to bed at a reasonable hour, instead of 0200- 0400, or something like that.
My ability to remain composed and less "reactive" to stress in my personal life has also improved.
As a mental health professional and as a user of the device for 3 months now: I reccomend this device without any hesitation.

by sharyn on Fisher Wallace
hard to believe, but it works!

I was very skeptical at first...even at second glance. And when I first started using it (for insomnia) I had mixed results. Some nights it worked wonders, other nights, not as well. But when I started using it consistently every night, after about 3 weeks or so, it started putting me to sleep every night--and it has been a few years now! I don't go away without this thing!

by Elena on Fisher Wallace
insomnia review

I suffer from chronic insomnia and anxiety, and I've been trying to wean myself off of medication for sleeping. I've been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about 2 months, and I can definitely say that I've noticed a great improvement in my anxiety during the day and my sleeping has been much improved. I'm not 100% off of my medication, but I would imagine it would take some time to wean off of them since I've been on them for several months. I highly recommend this device as it is an alternative to medication with effective results. I will continue to use it and hope to eventually be completely medication free.

by rock on Fisher Wallace
some relief for tinnitus

I purchased the gadget for my intractable tinnitus. Tinnitus is like cancer; there are so many types, and all without any cure. The doctors (especially ENTs in my area in Viriginia) know next to nothing about it and they tell you to live with the 'noise' in your head (they mistakenly focus on ears although, at least in my case, it is a static noise in my head and my hearing is 'excellent'). In any case, I purchased this gadget at a high price out of desperation.

At first, the recommended treatment with level three or less about once a day for ten days did not do any good. Now, I use it more extensively -- don't as how extensively. It seems to provide SOME relief of my tinnitus; and that is more than enough reason for me not to return the gadget. I figure they had to do some research and then manufacture this fairly safe device at some expense and hence $ 500+ price tag.

by Lin on Fisher Wallace
Best treatment I have ever tried

After trying many medications to treat years of dysthymia, and after a particularly difficult exacerbation of several months duration, I began looking into ect, tms, then ran into the fisher Wallace website. I bought it with high expectations because I needed to feel better fast. It did not disappoint me. Within a week I was sleeping better and within two weeks I had periods of time I could actually feel the depression lifting. After a month of use, I was back to the old me. It doesn't change who you are, it just gets you back to your self when you were well.

Without hesitation I recommend this product.

by chris dykstra on Fisher Wallace
Brain stimulator

I'm on the third month of using the Fisher/Wallace brain stimulator. It is working very well with major depression. It is so nice to wake up with a joyful heart than feeling sad and lonely . thank you Fisher Walllace.

by Mirella on Fisher Wallace
Fantastic results

I was recommended the Fisher-Wallace Stimulator by a colleague. Two of my patients suffer from severe Insomnia linked to anxiety and depression. Neither were particularly convinced at the suggestion but after one week of use there has been marked improvement, both reporting feelings of heightened focus, more energy, and more regular sleeping patterns. I'm thoroughly satisfied with this product and will recommend.

by STEPHEN GAMMILL on Fisher Wallace

The device has not only helped me sleep better but has allowed me to feel much calmer with less anxiety during the day. I also believe that my memory has improved slightly.

by Lisa Brown on Fisher Wallace
Wake Up America - There Is A Safer Alternative To Drugs!

My sister died in 2007 from drug addiction at age 38 after about 10 years of serious health issues resulting from her addiction (heart attack, dental problems, kidney failure resulting in dialysis, colostomy, etc.) and we didn't even know she was on drugs until it was too late. I also have a dear friend who innocently became addicted to pain medications. I could go on and on. This has got to stop. I am on a mission to let America know that there is a much more safer option available to treat pain and mental health issues that is highly effective in clinical studies/real life experiences and cleared by the FDA for the treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. The device is called the The Fisher Wallace Simulator. I have no financial ties to this device/company, but have successful personal experience using it for depression/insomnia/anxiety. If interested, visit them at It is reported to be an effective treatment for anxiety, a major presenting symptom among chemically dependent patients. Please help me get the word out that there are safer options to prescription medications!

by Shelley Poirier on Fisher Wallace

My life has been reduced to my house & brief trips into town since the acute back pain, caused by Arthritis in my lower spine, caused me to lose the best job I've ever had, 2.5 yrs. ago.
After the first use of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator, THE PAIN WAS GONE!!! COMPLETELY!!! It's a MIRACLE!! Now, any time I feel the pain starting, I give myself the relaxing 20 minute treatment, and am pain-free once again!
I also suffer from severe daily headaches (due to a Clipped Brain Aneurysm), severe Clinical Depression, Tennis Elbow & other physical body pain, which I will now focus on healing. It's too soon yet, but will write other reviews as each malady is healed.
I am a firm believer in this product and it is now my mission to let every Doctor, Physiotherapist, Therapist, Chiropractor, Family Member & Friend know about it's wonderful healing ability!!
It has given me my life back already. I can't wait to see what's in store for me.
Thank you Fisher Wallace.

by Bob Balletnine on Fisher Wallace
Finally, Relief!

All my life I have suffered from anxiety attacks and generalized anxiety. Psychotherapy, though helpful, only mitigated the effects of this debilitating condition. Anti-anxiety medications created very negative side-effects: loss of memory, impaired judgment, and grogginess. Then I tried the Fisher-Wallace Stimulator. The reviews seemed credible, so what was there to lose? Within two weeks (two twenty-minute sessions a day) I stopped having panic attacks. My mood stabilized. My depression went away. I had self-control of my mind. I had newfound energy. I could focus on tasks, when, before, I was perpetually muddle-headed. I would recommend the Fisher-Wallace Stimulator for anyone who wants to get back "in the right space" again, but without prescription drugs and their unpredictable side-effects.

by J Kurtz on Fisher Wallace
Good Results

Bought the device for sleep, anxiety and depression. It takes time but the results are worth it. I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation.

by Kevin on Fisher Wallace
It really works !!!!!!!!!!

I have been using the Fisher Wallace device for about 3.5 yrs. I was diagnosed with anxiety, and insomnia, also may have had a little depression at various times. I was diagnosed about 4 yrs. ago and was prescribed Prozac, I was on the drug for about 6 months and didn't like the side effects. Was also still having to deal with insomnia, was on line one night and found FW's web site ordered it soon after that. I have had a life changing experience and have suggested others that I know who have issues to consider it. I have found that it is best for me to use it every day as soon as I get up. Anxiety that was once an 11 on a scale of 10 is now maybe a 1or 2. Also, sleep is great. I do have one complaint, and that is every time I call FW for suggestions on the best way to use the device I get a different answer. I would also like to see a users blog to hear from others and hear how they are using it. Again, this product has changed my life!

by nancy Goodbar on Fisher Wallace
It works!

After using anti depression meds since the 90's, and developing side effects I read about the Fisher Wallace device and asked my doctor prescribe it. Using it as directed it keeps me on an even keel. It is so much better than the meds for me. I am able to make use of the things I learned in Cognitive Therapy.

by cindy on Fisher Wallace

i got the fisher wallace stimulater and it really works for me. I love it.

by Emily Carlson on Fisher Wallace
Very helpful
Video Review: Depression and Insomnia

The device is very helpful and is pain free and has no side effects. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from depression and insomnia

by Chris R. on Fisher Wallace
Excellent results treating depression and anxiety

I experienced a 2 year bout of severe depression and anxiety in response to a confluence of several adverse life events. I was initially skeptical of the FWS but decided to try it based on my review of promising research results and my desperation for relief. To my surprise, I experienced marked improvement in my depression and anxiety symptoms after only a short time using the FWS. Today, a year later, I only use the FWS a few times a week and continue to feel much better with zero adverse side effects. I highly recommend the FWS and am frustrated this this breakthrough technology is not more widely known or in use. Try it and please spread the word if it works for you.

by Brett on Fisher Wallace
It Just Works

Have been using the Stmulator now for 2.5 years, my wife found it while doing research for male depression I was dealing with a few years ago. After some reservations I got the prescription from my Doctor, and order the product. Every thing that Fisher Wallace said and advertised about the Stmulator was right on. The depression and anxiety I was experiencing are now 90% improved, and this within about 3 weeks of starting the Stimulator use. Used it twice a day for the first 2 weeks, and within those first weeks as may others have noted my sleeping through the night improved greatly as I now sleep through the night 95% of the time verses 40% - 50% before. I now use the Stimulator once a day for 20 minutes, even missing it once in awhile with no adverse effects. I can't say enough good about this product, I am not the type that normally writes reviews for anything, good or bad, nor do I every give a top rating to anything or anybody when asked. The effect on my feeling an well being is the reason for the 5 star rating. As stated this Stimulator just works. My improved mood and a attitude have been noticed and commented on by all my close friends and family. If you are having any of the symptoms listed on Fishers Wallace's site, I highly recommend you look into get the product.

by louis siegel on Fisher Wallace

I am a recovering stroke patient and have been a fisherwallace Stimulator user for more than a year. I am impressed with the device's ability to keep me aware and also help me to sleep. I have not noticed any negative sideeffects. I use the device 4 to 5 times a week For 20 minute sessions, usually in level 4 mode. I am also a musician, and have noticed improvement in my memory of Melody and certain hand functions. I have experienced no noticeable side effects and highly recommend the device to those of you who hope to also experience similar improvements.

by Branden Braden on Fisher Wallace
Definitely Worth a Try

I didn't like the side effects of the anti depressant medication that I was being prescribed. So, I gave this a try at my doctor's recommendation. It's not a quick fix. However I do find that it lifts my spirits with regular usage. I am lucky to be able to be stay off the medication most of the time. I am hoping this will make it all of the time as time goes on. Exercise combined with this has kept me drug free for over a year so far. This is the wave of the future.

by Tom L. on Fisher Wallace
Pretty good

Although not perfect, the device has helped enormously with my sleep. It is deeper and longer. I am quite satisfied with Stimulater and glad I have it. Tom L.

by April L. on Fisher Wallace
Very Helpful for Mom's Anxiety, Insomnia, and RLS

We got the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for my mom who hadn't slept well in years. On occasions when she did sleep, she had nightmares. Her doctors prescribed Ropinirole for restless leg syndrome and some other drug for nocturia. The drugs didn't help the symptoms and she said they made her dizzy. After a couple of bad falls Mom had to have knee replacement surgery. The surgery went great but the anxiety and insomnia became overwhelming for everyone involved. The doctors had only more drugs to offer and sleep aid meds were only likely to increase her already high fall risk. The entire family was turning into zombies as nobody was getting any sleep.

We tried the device on the #2 setting for a few weeks and saw no change but when we raised the setting to 3, things started improving. It has been two months now and things are still improving. There is still an occasional not-so-great night, but no more zombies!

What's more, Mom no longer has the restless leg syndrome or nightmares and she no longer takes prescription drugs other than her heart meds.

by Allie Cuno on Fisher Wallace
Definitely helps stress

I have severe childhood onset insomnia and took Trazadone for 15 years until it stopped working 6 months ago. New meds have only been marginally effective. My sleep pattern with FWS has gone from 2-3 hours sleep at night, to 3-4.5 hours. (I still take meds, though.) Lack of sleep has caused severe anxiety. One morning I got up at 3am and was extremely stressed from no sleep. I used the FWS and could actually feel the tension diminish. (Was NOT expecting that so it couldn't have been the placebo effect.) That effect alone has made it worth the money.

by Mark DeLeo on Fisher Wallace
Success Treating bipolar depression

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for 3 full months now. It has put my bipolar depression in almost complete remission. I use it in conjunction with medication. I have been able to reduce one of medications. As a positive side affect, it helps me to also fall asleep in a more timely manner. I am forever grateful to all who made this device possible and I hope many more people will benefit from it. Mark DeLeo

by Helen hudson on Fisher Wallace

2013 was a very bad year for me. I had a lot of stress and anxiety. As a result I was very uptight and found it hard to sleep at night. I would tak Xanax not all the time but when I would have to work with very little sleep. Then in early, 2014 I came across Fisher Stimulator. I read the reviews and was very impressed. Decided to give it a try, was doubtful but decided to try it out. And I am so glad. I still wake up at night but I do get back to sleep.. I was very happy and stopped using it for a while. But then anxiety hit me again and I started using the product again and I will continue until I am over this anxiety. I notice if I miss a night I will not have a good night at all. I highly recommend this product, it is better than drugs which do not agree with me.

by Frank on Fisher Wallace
Amazing Results

I began using the stimulator about 4 months ago & was amazed at the results. I use level 4. Sleep disorders appear to run in my family. I use the device religiously, & I find that if I use just before bedtime, it works amazingly well. You have my highest recommendation.

by Belinda Daggs on Fisher Wallace
great for insomnia

I have resistant depression and insomnia for 25 years. It is hereditary and runs through my paternal family. I am using the Fisher Wallace CES device and it definitely helps with insomnia. It helps me get to sleep and stay asleep through the night. I only use it twice or three times per week one hour before going to bed. If I use it more often I get severe migraine like headaches. I still have to take the prescription antidepressant. It doesn't help with my depression or anxiety.

by Lori on Fisher Wallace
Unexpected Results

I got the FWStimulator as an adjunct to medication for moderate depression. I have found that if I use it and take my meds faithfully, I no longer have the 'off days' where the meds seem to take a dip in helpfulness. The unexpected side effect is about my sleep. I have had years with spates of not being able to sleep through the night - something I've given up trying to treat, and believe me, I've tried nearly everything. Within a few days of starting with the FWS, I noticed that the overwhelming misery of waking up without feeling as if I had slept just wasn't as prominent. After a few more weeks, now when I wake up, I'm actually AWAKE. The first thought upon awakening isn't how long it will be until I get to bed again. I still have sleep issues - waiting for CPAP treatment - but this had made a dent in getting more consistent sleep and fewer interruptions. I didn't expect that.

by Dan R. on Fisher Wallace
Seems to help

I've struggled with a low grade depression since my teens and have been on medication since 1993, with varying results. In 2011, I experienced major depression and was in the hospital for a while...I got the device in June, 2015, and used it consistently, twice a day for about a month and experienced some improvement..I went on a cruise and stopped using it and have noticed some negative changes from not using the device...I'm still not sure how it works as far as stimulating chemicals in my brain but will continue to use it and try and get back on a consistent schedule of using it twice a day...thanks....

by Mary C Loomis on Fisher Wallace
Anxiety, Depression & Sleep Disorder

I bought the Fisher-Wallace stimulator for treatment of anxiety, depression and sleep disorder. I followed the instructions, using level 2, twice a day for a month and was absolutely amazed at the improvement in my condition. My mood improved greatly and I was able to sleep normally. At the end of the month I stopped the treatment for a 3-week vacation and had to restart the treatment when I returned home. I saw no significant change during those 3 weeks. About one month later the intensity of the effect of the stimulator seemed to diminish somewhat, and on advice of my doctor, I moved to level 3. I am very satisfied with the device. I no longer have that euphoric feeling which I initially experienced, but I no longer have anxiety, episodes of depression or sleep disorder. I use the device every day, twice a day and rarely miss a session. If I should miss a session, there are no ill effects, but my doctor has recommended that I continue to use it on a regular basis.
Mary c. Long Island, NY

by Paul on Fisher Wallace

This was not a miracle cure for me but it made a bigger, quicker difference than any medications I've taken. I've been on medication for anxiety and depression for 8 years. I was at wits end.
I started seeing results in two weeks. I feel better and my wife says I smile more. This was worth the price for me. Thank you.

by Cindy Cartwright on Fisher Wallace
Calms my nerves

My chiropractor recommended the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for me to help me sleep better. When I use it before bed, it calms me and helps me fall to sleep almost instantly. I have used it for three years and I can't imagine going without it for a day. When I rarely forget to use it, I can't fall to sleep well at all. It is then that I remember that I have forgotten a vital part to my sleep preparation.

by Mark Mills on Fisher Wallace

I have a hard time sleeping at night and seem to wake up at 2:00 AM no matter what I do. Then my mind takes over and I can't get back to sleep. With this Stimulator, I have seen an increase in my sleep patterns and can sleep through the night. You have to be diligent and use it as prescribed or its effectiveness diminishes. I would recommend this product for anyone who is on any type of sleep medication or who just can't sleep well.

by Johanna Climenko on Fisher Wallace
Personal and Professional Recommendation

As a dance/movement therapist who worked with wildly psychotic patients on the stone floors of psychiatric hospitals and clinics for over 30 years, I sustained several repetitive stress injuries. Having undergone three major surgeries, I spend a good deal of time and energy on my own rehab and maintenance. Because I have ongoing neurological pain from cervical stenosis, my homeopath/osteopath recommended the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I have been using it for several years, and it makes a big difference in alleviating chronic pain and the concomitant pain-engendered insomnia.

As a mind/body psychotherapist, I treat my clients holistically, and prefer to avoid medication as much as possible. I have prescribed the Fisher Wallace stimulator to address: anxiety, depression, mood swings, difficulty focusing and insomnia. The success rate and level of satisfaction has been extremely high.

Johanna Climenko, LCSW-R, BC-DMT, LCAT, Certified Reichian Mind/Body Psychotherapist

by Jennifer Newman on Fisher Wallace
Helped my depression a lot

The FWS has really decreased my depression symptoms. I usually struggle daily, but since I've been using this for a few months, I am able to cope much better. It's simple to use and after the one time investment it's actually really affordable because it's not a drug. No side effects and pleasant to use. It's become an easy part of my daily ritual. I plan on using this indefinitely- it's just so much easier to live lately. I recommend it!

by Laura on Fisher Wallace

I did not achieve any noticeable results around the insomnia and anxiety I was experiencing. This was during an acute episode which was caused in part by a bad reaction to an antidepressant, and may have been outside of the scope of efficacy for the Fisher Wallace device.