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I was taking 3 prescription sleep meds. Now I was sleeping under the influence of these meds and having extreme episodes. My memory was shot. I still had extremely high anxiety I was very edgy. To summarize I was always irrate. I fought fires for 14 years as a volunteer in a rural community about 20 runs a year. Plus my day job. Anxiety had the best of me. After 1 week of fisher Wallace stimulation stress was down to 0. After a few weeks I'm down to 1 medicine to sleep on and that med is a "lorazepam" stress reducer not a brain inhibitor. And I no longer use Ambien. I feel extremely well, no anxiety and no longer feel irrate. I'm sleeping 4 to 5 hours where I would not sleep at all. Some nights I get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. My memory is improving. My marital relation is getting better. I feel so much better I wish I had found this device 6 years ago. I believe this machine has help save my marriage and made me a better person. Im no longer afraid of the unexpected, no longer anxious, and I'm sleeping again. So happy. Thank You Fisher Wallace.

by Amy Saltz on Fisher Wallace
Healed Lifelong Depression

I have experienced severe depression since adolescence. At that time, I attempted suicide—which left me seriously maimed. I was hospitalized for years and underwent many surgeries. The prognosis was that I may never be able to talk or eat by mouth and that I’d be institutionalized for the remainder of my life. I have made every effort to do the opposite and learn how to live, but have had to deal with depression for decades. I cannot take antidepressants due to the side-effects that could put me in physical danger. I have taught myself to accept the depression as part of my existence. When I got hit by a car while riding my bike, the resulting concussion exacerbated the depression. A dear friend /physician helped me research natural ways to work with depression. We were interested in the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and ordered it. After a few weeks of twice daily use at level 2, I noticed a HUGE change! For the first time in my life, I had perspective. Tough stuff could still happen, but I was able to manage without feeling as though I was in an abyss. I could feel what must be seratonin in my brain. I don’t think I ever had enough before using this device. I found myself able to do things I never before thought possible—and I can say that I’m no longer depressed. I deeply appreciate finding something that has no side-effects, is not physically invasive, and can be utilized independently. My gratitude extends to Fisher Wallace.

by Charlie on Fisher Wallace
stimulator works

I was sexually abused from 4 to 8 years of age. Emotionally abused until 17 or ......... I am 69 now . I would wake up and have a since of doom , right out of bed. This is how a lot of my time has been. I tried many different types of therapies.Relief but not resolution. After using the stimulator as suggested , 2nd light, 2 x's daily. On week 3 or so that cloud of dread that had been with me for so long had released its hold . Not that I am problem free but in a better place to live my life. Thanks Fisher Wallace , Charlie

by Chris Goldsmith on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator Cured My Insomnia

I suffered from insomnia for 30 years until using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator before bed. Almost immediately, I had less anxiety, racing thoughts and transitioned from the devices' finishing to sleep. I used it nightly to start with but now years later if insomnia returns, a simple session or two returns my brain to the relaxed state I seek. Thank you Fisher Wallace!!!

by Jacob on Fisher Wallace
Only thing that has helped with my anxiety

I began using the Wisher Wallace Stimulator about a year ago. I have struggled with anxiety for many years and have tried everything under the sun to help. Countless types of medications, therapy and other methods. I tried the stimulator as a last ditch effort and after a few weeks I noticed a difference. After a few months my anxiety was better than it had been in years. But the lingering question would be how long can this last for? Well thank God I'm thrilled to report that it has been almost a year since I began using the stimulator and my anxiety is still at the lowest levels it has been for as long as I can remember. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression I highly recommend you try this and I hope you find success as I have!Jake

by Christy Parsons on Fisher Wallace

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator has been the answer to my prayers for my son. He has tried several anti depression meds and is currently on a new one. But I saw a difference in him in just two weeks. I give all the praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for giving the knowledge to make this device!

by Walter Levinson on Fisher Wallace
Great for Anxiety Relief

The Fisher Wallace device is something that I should have tried years ago. It really has helped my sleep and anxiety. I started receiving benefits after about a month. Definitely keep up usage and stick with it as it will help your symptoms. I am blessed that I never really had depression issues but have noticed the bouts of anxiety have improved tremendously in that they are much shorter now and this seemed to help my SSRI actually do it’s job .

by Elle on Fisher Wallace
This device has improved my quality of life

I have suffered from depression and GAD, all of my life as well as Premenstrual dysphoria and now perimenapausal dysphoria. Life for me has been challenging as I am unable to take any mind altering the medication and function on my job. It isn’t that the medication didn’help, it did but in a short time it made me totally overly drowsy and non-functional or zombified and unable to engage in life. I’m overly sensitive to chemicals , some of the SSRI’s made me numb and fat then the anxiety and depression started all over again. The new SNRI’s incapacitated me and Wellbutrin overwhelmed my nervous system rendering my brain hyper excitable.I took pills to get me up in the morning and bring me down to sleep at night. I came across the fisher Wallace Stimulator and dismissed it as a farce a few years back. After many years of misery, I came back and read the reviews on the stimulator and did some research , and decided to give it a try. I have been using the device for a week twice daily on level two and I can honestly say that I have experienced a difference in my thought pattern and behavior. At first I thought it was too good to be true and that it was a Hawthorne effect. I felt better and better each time I used it and I can tell you that the device really works! I don’t want to stop using it! I have been calmer, able to think clearly and recover from any negative thought patterns or strong emotional fluctuations immediately! I’m not anxious and am able to focus and make rational decisions rather indecisive decisions resulting from a brain that hijacked by over whelming fluctuating hormones. I’m not excessively worried about anything, My moods are much better. I am sure that there is more to come and I can’t wait to have that experience!If you are considering using this device, and you have tried everything else.Do yourself a favor invest in the quality of your life and try something new that works!

by Sharkene Mullen on Fisher Wallace

I spent several months researching the Fisher Wallace Stimulator before finally purchasing the product. I am in the healthcare field and suffer from insomnia and depression. I tried medication but I felt like a "zombie" so I successfully weaned myself off of all drugs. I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for 4 days and I am trully amazed. I feel like a new person. I can actually sleep! What a joy! My mood and energy levels have increased significantly. I highly recommend this product! Thank you so much.

by Dawn Tenney on Fisher Wallace
I am having some relief!
Video Review: very helpful

I ordered the Fisher Wallace Device during the Fourth of July sale. I have been looking into other medical options for my anxiety which also causes me sleep problems and depression. I had gall bladder surgery five years ago and I have not been the same person. Even though I needed to have the gall bladder removed ( it was ready to burst) I still had issues afterward. Recovery didn't go well, I still had pain and I didn't feel like anyone in the medical field was listening to me. I felt like am experiment. About a month after the surgery I started shaking like a leaf, and I felt terrified, I hurt and I didn't want to be left alone. All this was so unlike me. After three days I knew this was more than I could handle and sought the assistance of a psychiatrist and psychologist. It was the bravest thing I ever did. Not only did I have anxiety and depression but PTSD from everything that had happened to me. My doctors worked with me to set up a plan for recovery. I understood that it would be best not to become dependent on the anti-anxiety medication and only take it when needed. Some days I waited too long to take the medication and then I would need more medication. Other times I would try to ignore my symptoms, but I was frozen to the couch, I just couldn't move. We ended up changing medications to find the right mix, but it was a very slow process and I had gotten to the point where I was ready to wave the white flag and just surrender to being on medication for the rest of my life.While doing research how to cope with anxiety which has been the biggest cause of depression I stumbled on the Fisher Wallace Device. I had spoken to my doctor asking her about the product. I just don't want to spend my life on pills. I printed up the information and gave it to my doctor. She told me this treatment was more than likely to be used in doctors offices, not for home use but would check it out, At my last visit she told me that she was planning on offering this type of treatment this Fall for treatment in her office. I was getting somewhere! Then I saw the Fisher Wallace Home Devise and it was for sale with discount on July 4th. I ordered it! After all I have nothing to lose. and everything to gain!As soon as my devise came I used it. I have not had to take any medication for sleep in two days! I am beginning to experience a small amount of improvement with the anxiety and I feel like I can cope and relax a little easier. I know it is early yet but I can actually feel I have a more positive outlook. I can hardly wait to see how I feel in another week! I have an appointment with my doctor next month and I will be bringing my Fisher Wallace Devise to the appointment. I call it my Zapper. I want to share this with my doctor. What surprises me the most is the Fisher Wallace Devise for home use has been around for 20 years, and how many doctors and their patients don't know anything about it.

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