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by B Martens on Fisher Wallace
Shocked into the present.

I suffer from psychotic bipolarity, adhd, and all three anxiety disorders. I currently take six psychotropic medications. Although i am on two antidepressants, I was still stuck in a state of panic.....until I purchased this device. Now, I work in nursing, and deal specifically with behavioral patients. nothing discovered yet can erase the symptoms of depression as fast. the only way i can describe it to my collogues is its a mini ECT machine without the memory involvement. it literally shocks you into the present. Feeling great.

by D. B. Robinson on Fisher Wallace
More than satisfied

I'm a careful and somewhat skeptical person--if not meticulous, than at least careful. I'd looked at the Fisher Wallace device a number of times and finally decided to order one in December 2021. I wasn't at my lowest (by any means) then but decided that not only was the time right, but so was the price.I noted on the whiteboard in my office that I commenced using the device Wednesday, 10 December 2021 and found the sessions short and non-disruptive. I had no boundless high hopes but was willing to go through the motions, one way or the other.At roughly the two-week mark, I noticed a definite lightening of the mood that had hung over me (occupied me? possessed me?) for months and months--and which, to be honest, I'd been subject to for roughly 60 years, on and off, off and on. By 1 December I was as normally cheerful as I've ever been and now, two months in, that cheerful mood continues--despite those ol' vicissitudes of life.I wondered going in about the placebo effect, "a beneficial health outcome resulting from a person’s anticipation that an intervention will help," as it's defined. Given the slow shifting upward of my mood and, frankly, that gradual lifting of the curtain of darkness, which was quite perceptible and not sudden or earth-shattering, I don't feel that the placebo effect is involved in my situation.In any case, I'm quite satisfied--happy, in fact--with the device and would recommend it to anyone similarly situated. Recommend it highly, for that matter.

by Allison on Fisher Wallace
Device has saved my life

I was a bit skeptical I have to admit when I ordered this device. I had tried the Apollo Neuro and although it helped with my anxiety it did nothing for my depression symptoms - this bitterly cold winter with many snow storms and grey dreary skies had ramped up my depression symptoms to a near breaking point - I was stressed at work - I had daily thoughts of self harm - feeling inside that it may be better not to exist than go on feeling this way. Mental health is heavily stigmatized in our society - the go to for most practitioners is throw some meds at you and hope that it helps. I have been on nearly every well known anti-depressant - they either made me manic - severe anhedonia where I felt like a robot - increased homicidal and or suicidal ideation. There is a reason these medications have a black box warning - no medications were successful in management of my depression symptoms - my latest attempt to pharmaceutical management during the onset of the pandemic - high stress levels as I'm an RN resulted in a near 50 lb weight gain and feeling more worthless than ever. I decided to try the Fisher Wallace device as a last ditch effort to naturally manage my symptoms. It arrived on a Thursday and I had my first session that evening - I could already feel "something" changing. By the next AM after another session it was like the mental demons started to be exorcised and I could finally feel signs of life, I could think again without being continuously drowning in depressive symptoms. By the weekend, although some exacerbation of chronic insomnia was noted, I had more energy and WILLPOWER to do something - past weekends prior to its use were spent in bed doing minimal "have to in order to live" activities. I returned to work that Monday with a more positive outlook on life and noticed that even in my daily work life there had been changes - I no longer go so angry I wanted to punch someone - I no longer felt obsessive thoughts with cases stuck in my head or follow ups I needed to do - I just felt relaxed. This device is WELL WORTH the price point - if you take in cost of therapists that don't help - meds that don't work - follow up MD visits to increase dose of meds that don't work it more than pays for itself. I'm not advising to go off meds - but give this device a try it just may change and or save your life.

by Johanna on Fisher Wallace
This device is irreplaceable

This device has been irreplaceable in addressing the neurological pain of my acute inflammation of my cervical stenosis and the attendant insomnia. It has also been very helpful in dealing with the anxiety evoked by the pain and neurological symptoms from this inflammation.

by Court on Fisher Wallace
Truly Surprised

Like many, I was skeptical. And my expectations were tempered by years of SSRI’s that would work for a while, then let me down. Benzo’s that only helped for a few hours at a time. Therapy that helped, but never gave me full relief.After a recent and very difficult period, I found myself in the throes of a CPTSD flair up. Shaking, nausea, boundless anxiety, profound depression. SSRI’s once kept me from slipping so deep, but I’ve tried several. I was in such acute discomfort that I was truly at a point of desperation. I went through my checklist to level out a bit and decided to try this device. I’ve completed 8 sessions and I truly feel... better. I’m a 31 year old male, and I’ve dealt with periods of deep depression and anxiety that has been incapacitating for well over a decade. I’ve long wished for a tool that I could somehow use to fix whatever it is that doesn’t make me quite normal sometimes and I think I’ve found it. I’m not paid by Fisher Wallace, I was even a little miffed that it took so long to receive my device, but the wait was worth it because maybe this is a small glimpse into normalcy. My girlfriend, family and friends have all commented favorably about my mood over the past week. It took a few sessions, but it was as if I could physically feel different parts of my brain reacting to the treatment - like strange, localized fingertip massages. After a few more treatments, the physical feelings dissipated and I started noticing that I was more physically relaxed. No more gritted teeth, no more muscle tension up my neck and back and my legs felt like noodles. I also took the first full, deep breath in longer than I can remember. I’m writing this today because a week ago, I felt hopeless. Today, I had a GREAT day. And yesterday I had a GOOD day. And the day before I had an ALRIGHT day. I haven’t had any of those in a VERY long time. I plan to recommend the device to others and make sure they give it a real shot, because no SSRI has helped this much, this quickly. I see a therapist every so often (usually during times of great crisis) and he remarked that my improvement has been pretty significant. It’s as if a long dormant switch has been flipped and things are normalizing. Maybe. But whatever it is, this device has been the only change to my regimen and my anxiety and depression have been tamed in a matter of days. I look forward to the full cumulative effects of using this thing for a while. My very sincere thanks for what I think might just be what I’ve needed.

by Tammy on Fisher Wallace
It works and I LOVE this company!❤️

I wish I could give this device and company a 100 stars! I am 60 and I have been taking 4 anti-depressants a day for over 20 years. I have been using this device for approximately 5 weeks and I am down to 1/2 pill per day. In 2 weeks I will stop taking that. You have no ideal unless you have suffered with depression And Anxiety how this feels! My medications have caused weight gain, hair loss, and I never FELT happy! For so long, I never thought I would know what it felt like to just be happy. I do now and it is because of this life changing device!!!And something Amazing about this company, they give you a 30 day window to return the device but they go beyond that! . I didn’t want to just start using the device or reduce my medications without my doctors guidance. Unfortunately, I could not get an appointment until 2 weeks after I received my device. I called their customer support team and asked if I could get an extension on my 30 day return period. I still can’t believe it they gave me a 2 week extension!! What company EVER does that? To me, that told me this company actually wants to make a difference in someone’s quality of life; they are not just about the money! I hope this company and their developers, investors and products are around for many years. I can never express my Gratitude for this device and this wonderful company! Thank you so very much!!

by Peter Chernek on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator for Anxiety

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about 5 years to help with anxiety and it has been a blessing over the years. I recommend this device to anyone with anxiety issues.

I have been using this now for 8 years so glad I found it has helped me want to be around family members and friends 😁before this came along it was difficult to really understand what or how to be a normal person ?!! I had tried medication and had issues with all of them !! Thank you Fisher Walace!

by Michael H on Fisher Wallace
It helped cure my depression. Now I'm using it to get a good night's sleep

I submitted a review a few months ago on how well the FW device helped me with my depression. Since then, I've found that if I use it right before bed, I sleep through the night. For me this is a minor miracle as I normally get up 3 to 4 times a night. The thing is simply amazing.

by Michael Rosenthal on Fisher Wallace

I had excellent first month results. Then it leveled off. I changed the setting, time, and frequency of use. It paid off big time. It is an ongoing exploration. If anyone is interested, please contact. Thank you. Michael

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