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by Michael on Fisher Wallace
This device is the real deal.

After battling depression for years, I came across this device. The first thing I did was read the reviews. They were so positive, that it didn't seem like it was possible. But I had nothing to lose, so I bought the device and within a few days, I stopped having suicidal thoughts. It was like a switch went off and they were gone. I just felt better. And those morning thoughts are no longer part of my morning. The part that I don't get is that when tell people about this change they either don't believe me or attribute it a placebo effect. It's maddening, but because we live in a world where amazing claims are looked upon with skepticism, I guess that's how it is. What I would recommend is that if you're suffering from depression, give it a try and see if it works. I did and it changed my life.

by Jim McGann on Fisher Wallace
Great product that produces results!

I have been treated for depression and anxiety for 31 years prior to receiving the Fisher-Wallace stimulator. I’ve been prescribed drugs of all kinds with many different results. Psycho therapy has not worked for me. I received the stimulator three days ago and immediately had positive results for both my depression and insomnia. I will be requesting reimbursement from Medicare but would keep this stimulator regardless of their decision. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from depression or insomnia. This could put the drug companies out of work! My hat is off for this miracle device!

by Victoria Tanner on Fisher Wallace
Changed my life

I was getting to the end of trying to get better. I was very suicidal and very depressed. Once I got to a certain level of using the stimulator I felt a change immediately. I do take celexa with it but I am now able to live a normal life and the depression is gone almost 100% of the time. I tell everyone I know it saved my life and I recommend it to everyone who tells me about their depression. There are no side effects at all. It’s a must have!!

Managing depression

My depression began in my teens. I am now 67 and still managing dealing with this illness. Recently, the Fisher Wallace stimulator helped me come out of a very long depressive period. The usual methods: anti-depressants, talk therapy, daily exercise and friends were not working. I had some major life changes I knew had aggravated my depression but I usually can get myself around and out of a depressive episode. I started using the stimulator twice daily as recommended and within two weeks I started feeling better. I continued for another two weeks. I was a different person! I still use it from time to time, especially during this Covid isolation period. It has been a lifesaver.

by Glen Hannon on Fisher Wallace
It really does work.

I bought the stimulator to see if I could get off the 30 milligrams of Paxil. I took Paxil to help me deal with the very loud chronic tinnitus that started up 3 years ago. I was also on blood pressure medication. Both meds were draining my energy. I'm 67 years old and felt like I was 20 years older. When I mowed the lawn, my pulse rate would go up to 120 bmp. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. After using the stimulator for 4 days, I quit both meds. I feel great now and have tons of energy. I feel like a young man again. Another bonus is that I have only heard the tinnitus in my head 3 days since using the stimulator. Been using it for about 4 weeks. My blood pressure was 121/68 without taking the 40 milligrams of Benazapril. I'd been taking it for 20 years. I told my doctor that if it's a placebo effect, I'm good with that. But. It does work. At least it has worked for me.

by Sasha on Fisher Wallace

That product is a miracle

by susan s on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I have found this device very helpful. Initially I used it every night to assist with sleep. Now I only use it every so often, I would say every 3-4 months for a few nights. It does help me sleep better. Being a long term insomniac, I am willing to do whatever I can to sleep better. I used to use ambien every night. Now I do not need to use it at all. I would highly recommend this device

by Catherine Nicholas on Fisher Wallace

Upon my purchase and immediate usage of my device, approx 3 yrs ago; my depression lifted within an hour of my session. I've had depression since a teen, and now I have immediate relief. It's a God send to be able to sit in the comfort of my own home and know that I'm changing my life for the positive!

by Jennifer on Fisher Wallace

I have been using the Fisher Wallace device for months & have noticed an improvement- I try to use twice a day but more often than not its once a day. I definitely notice when I don’t use it. I sleep better for sure & just feel better emotionally. I finally talked my adult son into trying it for his anxiety & sleep issues & he noticed improvement right away w/sleep & anxiety.

by sharyn on Fisher Wallace

I have been using this device for over a year. The main reason I purchased it was for depression. It has helped a lot. It has also helped with anxiety in situations where I previously felt anxious.

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