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Fisher Wallace
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 by P
Wish I had found it sooner

I wish I had found Fisher Wallace Simulator a while ago. This has been a game changer for me. I have taken various anti-depressants/anti-anxiety drugs for a while but none has been as effective as FW Simulator with symptoms of anxiety and depression. It allows me to keep calm even in tense situations where my typical reaction would be to panic or get upset/get angry. Overall I can’t recommend this product enough! Only suggestion to FW would be to find a different head band. The one which comes with the device is not effective after a while due to velcro.

 by Tom
I love it

Its mixed feeling. Because , To me its working great. But i see too many different opinions about it. So i i doubts myself that im iying to myself or what not. But i do see differences by using this device. All i can say is try it and see how it works out or bot for you. My mind fog clears , i can sleep better , I can think postive so i deal with daily situations in much differently with easier, feels lighter etc . Just check it out . See whats happens. Then tell me. LoL

 by Nick Hyman
Great results, at least so far...

So far, after 3 months, I'm very impressed with the results of FW's Stimulator. If it continues to work, it will have been an excellent investment. Aged 66, I have dealt with bouts of chronic major depression for 30+ years, and anxiety for much of the last 10. I believe my depression to be genetic, made worse by a low stress threshold. I bought the Stimulator 'on trial' mid-August - with scepticism - after reading good reviews. A lifestyle change in April 2022 caused a mental and nervous breakdown which I am still recovering from. But presently (Nov. 2022) I feel more like my true self; functional, motivated and regaining confidence. I believe the Stimulator has achieved what it claims, although after such a short period I cannot forecast the long-term benefits. I remain sceptical. Just this month an MRI brain scan, to check for other possible issues, came back clear. I have managed to drop most medications and am currently testing myself to see how well I function without them. If I can stay off medications or other expensive treatments I will be very happy.

For background, I underwent 3 series of ECT from 2005-2007 during a particularly long and extremely severe bout of depression. A horrible experience. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) in 2010 required 35 treatments, but ultimately worked for the depression. But soon after, anxiety began. I have always been regarded as 'medication resistant', and very few prescribed drug treatments have worked for more than a year or so at most. Numerous therapists and 'cognitive behavioral therapy' did almost nothing for me.

 by Frank Biasetti

Sorry to say but the stimulator did not do anything for me. I used it for two months three times a day twenty minutes at a time. I thought if I use it long enough maybe it'll kick in. Not so! I still can't sleep. Oh well! Thank you anyhow...


It works, no side effects. I have been on and off of SSRIs for depression for years. Now that I dialed it up to level 4, and consistent about doing twice daily, I have seen even more mood improvement. started to notice improvement the first time after 3 weeks. I'm telling my friends who I know have also been treating their depression, anxiety and insomnia with meds, that there really is no down side to trying this.

 by Kimiko Raheem Cornell
Absolutely Amazing

I love this device and the company who makes it.
For the device: I was uncertain about it at first but I tried it anyway. After a week or two of using it, I felt so much happier, more energetic, and blissful. Having suffered with major depression for about 6 years now, this was such a breath of fresh air and such a relief. It was like I was suddenly remembering what it felt like to feel happy and want to explore things in life.
About the company - I am so grateful for them! They seem to genuinely want to help us. There was a time when I started having issues with my first device and I contacted them for help. General resets didn't work and they mailed me a brand new one for free that is working perfectly.

 by Peter

I was on medication and I didn’t like it because if I ran out I had to see the doctor again for refills. Now I don’t have to . This device has given me control over my illness without any known side affects. Thank you.

 by Briggs D’Eliscu

My cord broke that connects to the sponge. Disappointing.

 by Edgar

Works great I have gotten better sleep and overall less depressed.

 by Kerry
This Helps

I started using the device to treat insomnia. I had been sleeping only three hours per night for several months. My doctor put me on medication to treat my insomnia. The medication didn’t work. I learned about the Fisher Wallace stimulator and decided to give it a try. I use it once a day at bedtime and now I am able to sleep through the night for about 6 to 7 hours. I’m much more rested now.

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