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This site is for patients and healthcare professionals to share reviews of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®, a medical device that is cleared by the FDA to treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia. In clinical trials, the majority of patients experience relief within two weeks. Simply use the device at home for 20 minutes, once or twice a day.

Our neurostimulation technology is simpler and safer than other forms of stimulation, such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Expensive doctor visits, insurance complications, and a risk of seizures are all part and parcel of TMS treatment. The Fisher Wallace device, on the other hand, treats depression in the comfort of your home and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Return the device for a full refund within 30 days if your symptoms are not significantly reduced.

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Fisher Wallace
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 911 reviews
 by jo
F-W device for insomnia

I began using this device in October, and so far, I think it has helped me to sleep through the night without waking. The headband could be better. It’s sort of stiff and it’s too easy for the sponges to fall out. I bought a stretchy headband and am sewing a strap on each side to hold them better. I usually do this for one session while reading in bed. Haven’t tried morning sessions, which may be more helpful with anxiety.

 by Sharon

I tried Fisher Wallace by a recommendation of a friend whose husband tried it for his depression. I noticed within a few days of using it that my sleep improved and my anxiety got better. At the time I was on medication for depression and bipolar II. After about 3 mos of using it, I was able to completely wean off all of my medications. I’ve recommended to several of my friends who have all told me how it’s really helped them.

 by Pete
Sleep Benefits

I started using the device about 6 months ago. Using it twice a day, I could not immediately tell if I was getting results. Upped the level to 3 and felt like it was really helping. Still hard to pin down because I made a number of changes in my life, including eliminating drugs and alcohol entirely. I stopped using the device for a few weeks and was having a very hard time falling asleep and sleeping well through the night, so I thought I'd try the device again. I noticed immediate results with my sleep continuity and ability to fall asleep quickly. I am now using the device every evening and have no trouble falling asleep and sleeping through the night. I am convinced that the device has a profound effect on my sleep.

 by Dawn Burkhart

I bought one to help me sleep better. I've had it for several years now, and it really does help. I would very much recommend this.

 by Donna
It helped

I bought this for my husband who has been on several different medications for depression and anxiety. He fussed about the wet sponges for a few days and was pretty skeptical. After a few weeks, he started asking to use it and said he felt a lighter mood come over him. He had some energy and didn’t feel as darkly depressed. I could tell a difference in his mood and outlook as well.

 by LeslieStuart

I’m thinking this device works because I got it for my adult son who suffers from paralyzing anxiety, depression, PTSD and ADD and he’s been appearing to be a bit lighter, happier and smiling after using it for a month. I asked him if he noticed a difference and he said he wasn’t sure - but I see and feel a noticeable difference in his energy, mood and demeanor. I’m pleased and hopeful that this device is actually working.

 by Chris
Refer to everyone

This device has belped me so much without medications that doctora wanted to give me. I use it everynight before bed and it helps me sleep. I reccommed this for anyone that is trying new alternatives to meds

 by Heidi
Still Using

I’m not sure how much the device is helping. I’m only able to use the device once a day because my mornings are so hectic. I do not a slight difference when I have not used it in a few days as opposed to using it daily. But the difference is not that significant.

Using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator

It has subtle effects, but I feel different now since I have been using it regularly.

 by Tamara

I have had the FW device for a number of years now, and have definitely noticed improvement in my depressive symptoms. Along with the use of two types of antidepressant medications, I am navigating this condition using a multi- modal approach. I encourage anyone with mood disorders to try the FW system.

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